Book Your Session Today!

Hey aspiring seducers and Average Joes with issues concerning women, I’ll be adding a few extra phone coaching sessions for the remainder of the month, just to accommodate the guys who’ve been wanting to hold sessions, but haven’t been squeezed in.

I usually have the month booked in advance. But I can squeeze in about 7-10 of you guys for immediate consultation/sessions.

Relationship issues? I gotcha!

Girls standing you up and flaking? I gotcha!

Can’t get phone numbers, or unable to make dates that lead to sex? I gotcha, man!

Inner-Game and Confidence issues? I gotcha!

Or perhaps you’re just trying to get your feet wet in the Game? I gotcha there too!

Book your session today!

And to make it easier for ya, if you don’t have Skype, we can have our sessions over FB Messenger or WhatsApp Messenger, if you like.

Note: Prices are reduced and are actually half off…until I decide to hike them up again to the original prices because I’m an evil jerk!😈

After you will have booked your session, I will receive instant notification to where we can schedule to your convenience.

Book below! No roundabout. Direct links below [will need a Paypal account for now]!

Half hour session: $100 usd [link below]

1 hour session: $150 usd [link below]

What's your view?

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