Best PUA Opener Routine

Guys ask me all the time, “what are some of your favorite lines and routines to use when picking up girls on the streets”?

Ok, so here’s 1 of my favorite. Feel free to steal, tweak, remix and customize to your specification.

This can be used during street game or night-game settings (at bars or standing in line at a restaurant or something).

As you spot the target and she spots you, give her a sort of weird, curious look/smile while you slow down and put your hand out (or your index finger) in order to stop her. Nine in ten times, the girl will stop. This never fails to stop them. Hardly ever.

Me: “Hey…you look soooooooo damn familiar”.

The girl usually smiles in a half-curious way as she tries to figure out if she knows you from somewhere.

Girl: “I’m not sure”

Me: “No. I’m sure. It’s coming back to me. The 8th grade. We dated. You took my virginity”.

Whenever delivered, the girl will almost always laugh. I mean ALWAYS! It never fails me to get an LOL out the girl when I run that routine about taking my virginity.

The key to this routine/opener is to play it up as if it’s true. BUT, keep a curious look on your face while giving the impression that you’re pleased to finally meet her after all those years.

It’s a funny, intriguing opener as a way to break the ice with women.

As with every routine, you don’t want to milk it by staying on the topic too long. Hence, at some point- after the punchline (hook point per se)- you want to say something like, “nah I’m just kidding. Hi…I’m Kenny”..or whatever your name is.

The rest is on you.

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