2 Solid Openers (Indirect Game) As Your Guide In Game + How To Ask Questions

The #1 frustrating complaint from women about men (whether online or while out and about) is: “these guys are sickening with the same lame, boring approaches and conversation”!

Women frankly get the same shit (same approach, same opener, same icebreaker), every day from virtually every guy, and it typically begins with:



“How you doing today beautiful”?


“You good?


“Can I get a minute of your time”?

Those are just some of the most generic, common, lame, boring icebreakers women hear everyday upon being approached by men (on or offline). And frankly, women are fed up of hearing the same shit, and having to answer the same fucking questions each day, which is why most women don’t even waste their time replying to such lackluster stuff.

This is essentially why we in the pick-up artist community, have a major leg up on the competition: it’s because we are taught (and teach) to approach different than the rest, by saying something to the girl that she might not have ever heard in her life.

Moreover, this “different approach” should elicit laughter and giggles from the girl.

Typically, whenever I open a girl on the streets, after the opening routine, I almost always hear her say, “that was funny. That was clever. That was a good 1. That made me laugh. That made my day. I never heard that before”.

Now, you shouldn’t be (outcome) dependent on getting a good response. But it can’t hurt.

With that out the way and understood [that women are tired of hearing the same shit], here are 2 openers I used over the last few days. One I came up with on the fly (situational opener). The other is Todd Valentine’s.

While standing outside of a fast-food joint, I spotted a sexy girl inside, collecting her order. With my opener in mind (that I made up on the spot), I waited for her exit. As she exited with her food, I go [with a sly smile]:

“Hey, wouldn’t it be a great idea if we go half and half on your dinner? I’m really really really starving and haven’t eaten for the night. You seem like you have a sharing heart”?

Girl: “Sure! We can go half and half”.

She went on to chuckle about it as the convo progressed on the topic of sharing food with a random stranger.

Again guys: it is NOT about the girl’s reaction. It doesn’t matter what she says. Had she’d said “No, I don’t share”, it would not have changed the point. The point was to spark interesting conversation. Had she said no, I would’ve improvised with something like, “SMH…a pretty girl who doesn’t share her pizza. You are so greedy you know that”?

Anyway, that simple situational opener outside the fast-food joint, turned into a half-hour conversation.

Another opener I used the other day is 1 from a Todd video. I don’t remember his verbatim, but while approaching a girl who was moving quite fast, I opened:

“Didn’t expect to have to burn so many calories today just to get a conversation going”.

She stopped and seemed a bit perplexed about what I said. So I repeated it and she LOL’d.

I went on to say, “just when I started my new weight-gain diet yesterday to put on some pounds, here you come along totally ruining my plan. You’re so bad for me”

We both shared laughs and went on to having a 10-minute convo, as she was in a rush to get her nails “did”.

If you’re new to the Game or aren’t used to approaching strangers, I hope you realize the underlying mechanics at play with those 2 openers [Indirect openers] and routines.

Overall, you want to captivate a girl’s attention by bringing something novel and or interesting to her ears.

Too many fucking times while out and about, I happen to overhear guys tryna (half-assedly) pick up girls by either cat calling, or going, “hey what’s up beautiful. Hope you’re having a nice day”. Either they get no reaction and the girl keeps on moving. Or they get a pity “thank you” just because the girl doesn’t want to seem a socially violator and mean. But the girl keeps moving along anyway.

It isn’t that women are mean, antisocial, stuck-up bitches. It’s that such convo-starters don’t elicit anything much within the girl. Saying “hi beautiful, may I talk to you”(?), doesn’t register on the girl’s radar as something interesting she should care to listen to. Simply ’cause she’s heard it 20 times for the day!

Another thing: when asking a girl questions, you essentially put the work on her. That is why it’s a terrible idea to try to game or pick up a girl by asking her a ladder of interview-type questions: “what’s your name, where you live, you have kids, what kinda work you do, where are you off to, how old are you, you have a man”?

Asking someone questions is like forcing them to have to talk and to have to invest. Nothing wrong with having the girl invest by asking her things. However, upon the opener, whereas you enter the set with zero value in the girl’s eyes, asking her a slew of generic, convo-filling questions, will only turn her off and get you rejected.

If you noticed from the 2 opener examples I shared above, no question was asked of the girl. Hence, I wasn’t forcing her to talk. She replied without pressure. So what you want to do, is to make more assumptions, make more comments than to ask a ton of questions…until you’ve hooked the girl into conversing.

Furthermore, there’s nothing inherently bad about asking questions during the initial pickup. It is the type of questions, timing and how you set up the question.

For instance, and this is classic PUA 101, if I wanted to know what work a girl does (which I never do), even just for conversational purposes, I would make a bold assumption [setting up the question], then end the assumption with the generic question.

Here’s an example:

“By the way, from the looks of your sexy getup, it seems like you do something really creative or high energy for a living. What kind of work you do”?

So…did you see how I set up that otherwise generic question, by leading into it with an intriguing lead-in (the assumption)?

That’s how you ask a question during Game. The girl wouldn’t feel forced, nor as though she’s filling out a tedious job resumé.

If you watch any of my pick-up videos, I never just ask a question. Nor do I ever fall into the spiraling pattern of 21 questions, where I ask, ask, ask.

Another example of how to ask a question by tying it into a comment that is bold, intriguing, funny or even controversial.

“How old are you? I hope you’re not jail bait. I’m gonna have to see some ID young lady”!

Clearly such a statement-question will elicit laughter in the girl. The added bonus is that it flatters the girl in that by asking if she’s jail-bait, you’re essentially saying she looks very youthful. A very nifty compliment without actually complimenting her.

I hope you get the basic points here guys, about opening, breaking the ice and carrying conversation (by not outright asking lame questions, but mixing them with bold assumptions).

Best PUA Opener Routine

Guys ask me all the time, “what are some of your favorite lines and routines to use when picking up girls on the streets”?

Ok, so here’s 1 of my favorite. Feel free to steal, tweak, remix and customize to your specification.

This can be used during street game or night-game settings (at bars or standing in line at a restaurant or something).

As you spot the target and she spots you, give her a sort of weird, curious look/smile while you slow down and put your hand out (or your index finger) in order to stop her. Nine in ten times, the girl will stop. This never fails to stop them. Hardly ever.

Me: “Hey…you look soooooooo damn familiar”.

The girl usually smiles in a half-curious way as she tries to figure out if she knows you from somewhere.

Girl: “I’m not sure”

Me: “No. I’m sure. It’s coming back to me. The 8th grade. We dated. You took my virginity”.

Whenever delivered, the girl will almost always laugh. I mean ALWAYS! It never fails me to get an LOL out the girl when I run that routine about taking my virginity.

The key to this routine/opener is to play it up as if it’s true. BUT, keep a curious look on your face while giving the impression that you’re pleased to finally meet her after all those years.

It’s a funny, intriguing opener as a way to break the ice with women.

As with every routine, you don’t want to milk it by staying on the topic too long. Hence, at some point- after the punchline (hook point per se)- you want to say something like, “nah I’m just kidding. Hi…I’m Kenny”..or whatever your name is.

The rest is on you.

Friday Night Field Report: Mission Same-Night Lay

Hey guys, been a while since I knocked up a field report. So here’s one.

Quick note: my smartphone had crashed about a week and a half ago, so I’m currently phone-less and depressed until I find time to invest in another. In the meantime, I’m trying to make the best of this, by gaming without getting phone numbers.

So, on my 1st. night of gaming without getting numbers [Friday night], but solely trying to pull a girl home, it was rather eventful although I didn’t get to pull for the Same-Night Lay.

As my night started around 7 PM on the super busy downtown streets, I proceeded to run some street game [my favorite].

I found myself in a state of gun-shy. I was basically out of state as we’d say in the Game.

I desperately needed that 1 set to warm up and get me in the groove.

Girls passed and passed, but I elected not to open.

I somewhat felt like a newbie chode, rationalizing to myself why I shouldn’t open: “She’s with someone”, “she looks too old”, “that guy trailing her is probably the boyfriend”, she’s walking too fast”, “looks like she’s in a rush”.

I rationalized those bullshit to myself.

An hour passed of me just roaming and standing on corners looking aimless.

I no longer had my phone as a crutch. So I felt like a fish out of water, forced to just stand there anticipating sets for me to open. I felt totally awkward and out of place…without a smartphone in hand just to keep my eyes and fingers occupied.

Walking to the ATM machine, I locked eyes with an HB7 who seemed like she was waiting on a cab. We locked eyes and she gave me an inviting smile as though she was saying, “hey handsome! Come talk to me”.

As I passed her, I beat myself up internally for being a pussy! All my faculties were screaming at me, “Kenny, stop! Go back and talk to her! She wants you”! So I paused in my tracks for just a nanosecond, looked back at the girl who was now about 25 yards behind, but then I said “nah…she’s too far”. Another bullshit rationalization to talk myself out of the approach.

Was this a classic case of Approach Anxiety that I felt?

I wouldn’t say so, per se.

It was more a combination of feeling weird without having my phone as a crutchy wing. The pressure of knowing that I can no longer settle for a number since it was pointless. And the fact that I wasn’t in state (I needed to warm up).
Nevertheless, I beat myself up hard for passing up on a girl who gave me strong ioi and an AI (Approach Invitation).

Feeling so cowardly and looking to redeem my pride, I jetted out of the ATM booth, heading back to see if I spot the 7 still standing on the corner.

“Damn! She’s gone”!

One of the #1 rules in game: “Never put off an approach. The girl will NOT be there when you return. It’s either now or never”!

I chuckled, because as a master Pick-Up Artist, who no longer falls prey to these newbie blunders, it was funny to see me fuck up like this.

I felt good, because at least I wasn’t down on myself, nor feeling dejected.

I was in good spirits for seeing myself fuck up like a noob.

Walking up the bloc, I spotted a cute-ish Slim Jim in white tights, but she was walking ahead of me on the other side of the street (on her phone).

I tried to traverse my way through the crowd so I could cross the street. As I made it across: I lost her.


“There she is”!

I sat on the corner waiting for her to get near. “You look like you know where the party at”, I said to her. She jolted, a bit confused as to whether I was talking to her or someone else. She smiled, mumbled something, then kept walking off slowly.

Proper thing (in game) was to get up off my ass and walk with her. But I let her go.

Another rookie mistake from a master seducer.

Had I been standing, it would’ve been easier for me to pursue. Sitting made it seem that much more effort-inducing.

Remind you: my mission was to take a girl home (or anywhere for that matter) and fuck her…that same night.

This wasn’t “mission impossible”. More like “mission that I haven’t embarked upon in a great while”.

Back on the prowl, I came across a sexy-looking security guard. As I opened, she said hi but kept walking and talking on her phone. “Probably going to work anyway”, I rationalized.

I then made my way to a square and stumbled upon a Cougar drinking a pina colada with her legs cocked up in the air.

I opened her, “Alone with a glass of pina colada? What’s your story? You got stood up”?

She laughed and went into a story about why she’s on a bench alone drinking pina colada.

She went further to say she’s waiting on her husband who’s nearby, to finish work. I was basically gauging the logistics for the insta-date pull.

Long story short, after about a 15 minute chat-and-flirt, she went on to say that she has to meet her husband.

We parted ways.

I was tempted to exchange numbers, but I knew it was pointless and defeats the purpose of a One-Night Stand pull. So I reluctantly let her go without grabbing her digits.

I was now in the groove.

One good set tends to make that happen when you’re desperately in need of getting in state.

Up and down the active streets like an approach machine, I targeted the hottest girls.

One such girl was tall and slender in mini denim shorts.

I quickly approached her, “you look like you know how to party. Where the party at”?

She smiled and told me about a concert nearby. But she was headed to a bar.

We parted ways.

I circled the bloc a few times and came across a woman in a sexy flower-printed dress: a dress that should effectively be dubbed boner-popper.

As I caught up to her, “You’re looking to turn some heads tonight in that sexy piece of thing”, I said to her.

She blushed and laughed.

We went on to walk and talk for 2 or so minutes.

When we got to the stoplight, she said she was going to a bar across the street to meet some friends and have fun. Not seeing that as decent logistics for me to get her home; I let her go. Before you knew it, she was coming back my way, so I used my finger to motion to her to come to me.

She pranced across the street laughing and goes, “you wouldn’t believe this. No one’s at the bar”.

Whether she was lying or not, wasn’t my concern. I looked at it as a godsend.

We started walking and she suggested grabbing drinks at a bar named Tico’s.

Boy oh boy! This was the breakthrough I needed, fairly early in the night at that!

The sexiest girl I approached for the night, and she’s free to hang out.

She kept saying that her boyfriend is super jealous and he doesn’t allow her to go out. But she basically snuck out. Not my concern. Plus, what are the odds of him knowing where she’s at?

However, she said some shit that kinda had me worried there. She kept saying that her boyfriend is very violent and if he were to see us together, he would surely try to do me harm.

Now, I’m definitely not looking to get into any shit with some jealous boyfriend over his girl.

She went on to recount incidents of her boyfriend violently smashing in her male cousin’s face after he seen them hugging.

The BF never knew that they were related.

I kept saying to myself, “this bitch wants me to hang out with her, yet she’s telling me all this shit about her violent boyfriend, as if this’ supposed to make me feel comfortable”.

As we walked and walked to the bar, she told me that her boyfriend usually hangs out in the area, so it’s best we walk the alleys and side streets instead of the main roads.

Now I started to get real uneasy inside: “Is this bitch tryna get me mugged or some shit”?

Part of me was like, “just be a gangsta about it”. Another part of me was saying, “tell her goodbye…and leave”.

I went along anyway on some macho-man shit.

My biggest fear wasn’t the rage-filled boyfriend running into us. But being set up was. Although it crossed my mind, I went along anyway.

As we got closer to the bar, she kept lamenting about how she’s young and that her boyfriend is trying to control her and shit, and that she just wants to be free to do whatever she pleases.

All fine and dandy in my book, since I’m just here trying to fuck her the same night then adios.

We approached the bar and there were tons of people outside. So I paused and asked myself, “do I really want to risk getting into some shit over potential pussy”?

Sensing my trepidation and iffiness, she asked, “what’s wrong”. I replied, “nothing. Just gotta make a phone call”. I’ll meet you over there just now”.

She walked into the bar then I hauled ass.


“Her number”!

I turned back and hurried into the bar, spotted her dancing alone and shouted in her ear, “hey, I’m gonna run to a nearby ATM. But if for some reason I can’t make it back, gimme your number and I’ll ring you tomorrow”.

There I went violating the mission’s rule of “no phone numbers! Strictly same-night lay attempt”.

Thankfully, the girl said she doesn’t think that’d be a good idea since her boyfriend would kill her if he found out she’s talking to some guy.

Generally I would plow pass this faux-objection and get the digits anyway. But I accepted the “rejection” since it keep me on track. So I bounced with no intention of returning.

Looking at the time, it was about 12AM, Saturday morning: very early when it comes to pull time.

Be as it may, I stood outside of a Burger King, half-assedly hitting on girls as they pass.

This one girl, shrouded in a white, skin-tight dress with black stripes, captivated my attention HARD!

As we locked eyes, I put my hand out [the hand of God that RSD guys do] and went “stop! You look like you know how to party”!

She smiled and then the chat commenced.

After about 3 minutes, she said she isn’t up to much and is headed up the bloc.

“Bingo”, I said to myself!

“Cool! I was going that way anyway. Let’s go”, I said to her.

The sexual chemistry was heavy as I walked behind of her, playfully commenting on her round ass while she kept saying her ass is flat compared to other girls walking by.

She was low-key pointing at other girls and going “See! See! She has a bigger ass”!

This was just the vibe I needed in hopes of sleeping with a random girl the same night of meeting her.

The (sexual) chemistry between us was off the chain!

Nothing odd stood out to me about this set…until a bit later on.

Our walk-and-flirt continued as I told her if I had my way, I would cock her legs up on my shoulders and do all sorts of crazy shit to her.

She LOL’d.

At another juncture, while walking about a foot in front of me, she abruptly bent over (as if her shoe had come off) and I bumped my cock into her backside and kept it there for about a second while I held her around the hip.

I knew she’d done this on purpose just to tease me.

Again, not thinking of how unusual this was, that I was getting so many IOS (Indication Of Sex) out the gate, but something began to dawn on me as we walked.

We made our way to the red-light district and grabbed 2 wine coolers from a Lebanese fast-food joint.

I knew it was kinda odd that a girl would want to hang out alone in that area which was bustling with prostitution.

Anyway, my plan at that very moment was to get her back to my pad. Luckily for me, the red-light district is within walking distance from my pad, so we were right on track.

As we stood on the corner drinking our wine coolers, she said to me, “You know, since you’re a straight-up kinda guy, I’m gonna be straight with you”.

I didn’t think anything, so I figured she was going to tell me that she has a boyfriend or some other unimportant fact. No big deal to me if she does, I said to myself.

She sounded somewhat hesitant to share with me what was on her mind that she wanted to be straight up about.

My mind began to wonder, “does this bitch have AIDS and is afraid to tell me”?

After a while, she finally broke the news to me when I told her I live nearby [hinted at the suggestion of us going back to my pad].

This was definitely not what I was pondering when she said to me “I’m gonna be real with you: I’m out here tryna make $$$”.

I was somewhat confused. In my naiveté, I asked myself, “does she mean she’s a drug dealer”?

She went on further to say that she usually hits the red-light district on weekends…to prostitute. But not in those exact words. She said she hits the strip for about an hour to show her face, then try to pull potential customers.

I was flabbergasted!

Can’t believe I invested over an hour’s time with this chick. Now come to find out, she’s a hooker!!! Shit, I wished she had told me this from jump street so I could save myself the time wasted!

At that moment, I regretted every bit of conversation we had. I wanted to ask her back for the $$ I spent on her for the wine cooler.

I felt tricked!


It’s not that I never gamed hookers before in an attempt to try to fuck them without paying. But I knew those girls were hookers!

This girl gave me no clear indication [not that she’s obligated to].

In hindsight, her behavior did seem a bit too ON to be true.

She was too DTF, way too early.

All that being said, I was faced with 2 options:

1.) Take her home, pay for the pussy and fuck.

2y Take her home and try to fuck for free.

There’s just 1 problem with option 1: I never pay for pussy since I always fuck for free. And I wasn’t about to start buying pussy that night! Hence that left me with 2 recourse: abort the mission or try to get her home. Or even try to trick her into free sex [I’ll talk more about that shortly].

I decided to gamble: “here’s the deal; let’s go back by me”, I said to her.

She replied, “I just told you what I’m about”.

I replied, “I know! I understand. You do business. Let’s go back to my place…and do business”.

“I’ll pay you”.

She seemed skeptical as if she smelled a load of shit, as if she sensed that I was trying to pull a fast 1 on her…which I was.

My on-the-fly plan was to take her home, bang her, then sell her some bullshit story about forgetting that I had no cash home, so we’ll have to go to the ATM. But then I would dodge her out.

The only problem with that move is that hookers are inclined to asking for the moola first, before any fucky fucky. And I was NOT going to pay this chick (or any chick) for sex!

She said to me, “how much you have at home”? I said “enough”. She rebutted with “nah. That’s not good enough”. So I’m like, “here’s a deal. We go back to my spot, do our thing then drive to the ATM afterwards and get you your $$”. “Nope”! She wasn’t falling for it.

At that point, I knew that the jig was up, and I wasn’t gonna get a random lay that night.

I gave her my phone # as a formality then bounced.

“Was so close”!

Had this chick not been a hooker, I could already see that my Friday night would’ve concluded with a Same-Night Lay or One-Night Stand: my objective over the weekend of July 27th.

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