Online Game And Text-Game Tip Of The Day

A good online and text-game tip for you guys: Shorten that shit!

Very general advice in the pickup community, is that you should shorten your messages when hitting up girls.

Why so? Women have short-attention spans. Secondly, chicks get hit up so often that it’s to your benefit to keep your msgs short(er).

I’ll leave you with an example (through omitting words).

“Hey Cindy, I was thinking about going to the club tomorrow and get my dancing on. Feel free to join me if you can dance. If you can’t dance, then I can show you a few moves or 2”.

Decent text! But it could be shortened somehow.

“Cindy, gonna hit the club tomorrow. Join me if u can dance. If u can’t, I’ll show u some moves”

4 lines shortened to 2 lines. The girl would be more willing to read the 2 line message than a 4-5 liner.

So, 1 of the reasons why you’re having issues getting replies, could very well come down to that mistake: your messages are too long, and it takes too much mental energy out of the girl to want to tackle that shit and reply.

Other example: “I want to see you later”. This can be shortened by saying, “wanna see u later”. The pronoun [I] isn’t necessary. And “you” can always be changed to “u”.


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