Quick Social-Media Game Tip

Quick tip in online game and the seduction concept of Negging and False Disqualifying.

Hot chick posts “rescue me” status. What would most guys do/say? What would you do/say in fact? “I’ll rescue you baby”! You get the point: 98% of guys would comment with the Captain-save-the-girl type of stuff which almost always turn women off.

Now, what does Kenny do whenever he sees a hot chick post some shit like, “I’m bored” (!)? I treat her like my bratty little sister (with Negs and False Disqualifier), showing ZERO interest in trying to save her/validate her.

Now, I understand that this may sound ass-backwards to guys who are foreign to Game/Seduction. But the logics are pretty simple: If you want to get a hot girl’s attention, and if you want to register on her radar, you must firstly act as though you are NOT INTERESTED in her!! This is PUA 101…at least the indirect-game school of thought

As an example, you’ll see me do just that with a specific hot girl on my FB…a stranger might I add.

And take note of the other guy’s comments, and see whom gets ignored and understand why.

On a side note, I want you to also bear in mind that women are attracted to guys who take risks and guys who don’t play shit safe like a pussy!

#SocialMediaGame101 #NegHit

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