The Skinny On Calling Girls Through Messenger

When should you Messenger call and video call a chick? NEVER! Unless she gives indication of wanting to talk or hear your voice.

Three examples of when a girl is giving you signs (Indirect), or the okay to Messenger call her:

1.) When She asks for your phone #

2.) When she Messenger calls you herself

3.) When she voice notes you instead of texting

Those are 3 good indications.

Additionally, hot chicks Messenger call me all the time! To death! Drive me crazy! Why is that? It isn’t because I’m so attractive or anything special. It’s because I know how to lead women and make then chase me.

One way to make girls chase you online, is by NOT being predictable, and by NOT playing by the rules by begging girls for the #, and begging them to talk.

I absolutely NEVER ever Messenger call chicks! I personally HATE talking on the phone, so that makes it super easy for me to not want to call these broads. I would watch my phone ring and not even answer it…no matter who’s calling.

Girls on the other hand, once they come across that 1 guy who isn’t begging them for their #, and who isn’t Messenger calling them out the fucking blue at 2 AM, they (women) can’t help but to think that that guy is the shit! He is different! He is the prize! He is worthy of her time!

Because I give off that high-value vibe whenever I message or inbox girls, women often times will Messenger call and video call me…and beg for my phone number without me even asking for theirs.

You know how many women I fucking block on a monthly basis for calling me to death on Messenger, like how these guys be calling chicks to death!? Has nothing to do with the fact that I have a 6-pac stomach. But it all has to do with the vibe I give off, by not acting like 98% of these men in women’s DM’s.

So again: do NOT call a chick via Messenger unless she asks you to, she asks for your #, she voice notes you, or if she Messenger calls you first.

Also, if you want to get girls to call you to death on Messenger [I don’t know why you would want that]: act a bit aloof, hard to reach, very busy, and when she messages you, purposely take a long time to reply to her. This will make her eager, over anxious and forces her to call you. However, that will only happen if you’re good at text game, leading and reading women.

You can’t have shitty conversational skills and expect women to chase and call you just because you ignore their messages.

Some examples below of me getting women to chase me by implementing my online-game method.

Online Game And Text-Game Tip Of The Day

A good online and text-game tip for you guys: Shorten that shit!

Very general advice in the pickup community, is that you should shorten your messages when hitting up girls.

Why so? Women have short-attention spans. Secondly, chicks get hit up so often that it’s to your benefit to keep your msgs short(er).

I’ll leave you with an example (through omitting words).

“Hey Cindy, I was thinking about going to the club tomorrow and get my dancing on. Feel free to join me if you can dance. If you can’t dance, then I can show you a few moves or 2”.

Decent text! But it could be shortened somehow.

“Cindy, gonna hit the club tomorrow. Join me if u can dance. If u can’t, I’ll show u some moves”

4 lines shortened to 2 lines. The girl would be more willing to read the 2 line message than a 4-5 liner.

So, 1 of the reasons why you’re having issues getting replies, could very well come down to that mistake: your messages are too long, and it takes too much mental energy out of the girl to want to tackle that shit and reply.

Other example: “I want to see you later”. This can be shortened by saying, “wanna see u later”. The pronoun [I] isn’t necessary. And “you” can always be changed to “u”.


Quick Social-Media Game Tip

Quick tip in online game and the seduction concept of Negging and False Disqualifying.

Hot chick posts “rescue me” status. What would most guys do/say? What would you do/say in fact? “I’ll rescue you baby”! You get the point: 98% of guys would comment with the Captain-save-the-girl type of stuff which almost always turn women off.

Now, what does Kenny do whenever he sees a hot chick post some shit like, “I’m bored” (!)? I treat her like my bratty little sister (with Negs and False Disqualifier), showing ZERO interest in trying to save her/validate her.

Now, I understand that this may sound ass-backwards to guys who are foreign to Game/Seduction. But the logics are pretty simple: If you want to get a hot girl’s attention, and if you want to register on her radar, you must firstly act as though you are NOT INTERESTED in her!! This is PUA 101…at least the indirect-game school of thought

As an example, you’ll see me do just that with a specific hot girl on my FB…a stranger might I add.

And take note of the other guy’s comments, and see whom gets ignored and understand why.

On a side note, I want you to also bear in mind that women are attracted to guys who take risks and guys who don’t play shit safe like a pussy!

#SocialMediaGame101 #NegHit

She Will Resist

It’s a woman’s job to resist your advances. It’s your job (the man’s) to try to break through that shit. You even see that daily in the animal kingdom: the feline resists the male cat by hiding and fighting. The mare horse (female) kicks, bites and runs from the stallion [so as donkeys]. The bitch puts up resistance against the male dog.

This is seen all throughout the animal kingdom. Humans, as advanced beings (mammals), we exhibit the same behaviors as other animals. Hence, the female resists us, she runs from us (physically and otherwise), she fights our advances and she does whatever she can to ward off potential mates (males).

With that understanding, it behooves the shit out of me why men seem to think that a woman playing hard to get is a sign of disinterest. SHE HAS TO PLAY HARD-TO-GET! IT’S IN HER GENDER ROLE AND HER NATURE!

Once you understand that a woman has to resist, you either adapt and tweak your approach (via Game, etc.), or you continue to bitch and complain about women being difficult to get.

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