Playing The Numbers

It’s a Number’s Game. Play it or get left behind.

It’s funny how in the pickup community, especially few years back, lots of guys were bashing RSD’s style of game, saying that it’s heavily based on number’s game, as if that’s a bad thing.


Getting laid is best played by the number’s game concept! Every facet of life is best played by numbers!

In theory, the more girls one hits on, approaches, hits up, etc. the odds of getting laid, and getting laid more frequently, should and would increase!

It behooves me why some guys don’t seem to grasp such an elementary point.

I mean, even if you’re not like Kenny, looking to conquer about 1,000,000 vaginas before he kicks the bucket, and even if you just want to land yourself a girlfriend or a wife, the best way to go about that is still to play the fucking number’s game by picking up lots of girls!

I don’t have to tell you this, but the worst feeling in the world, has to be chasing JUST 1 girl for 9 months, and then she ends up rejecting you after putting in so much work, time and effort…even money!

Hence, if you’re smart in the least, you’d chase numerous women at the same time in order to maximize your chances.

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