When She Objects To Giving You The Digits

So you see guys: Kenny does get shot down!!!

Reality is; I don’t get every phone # I go after.

I get 98% of them. But that’s another point.

Here’s the difference though, and what I wish for you to take away from this post: when a girl doesn’t give me her digits, I don’t throw tantrums, nor do in get all butt-hurt. 

That is key, because women will often test you that way, just to see your reaction: “Will he cry and cuss me out, or will he nonchalantly accept it, and try another time”?

That’s how you handle a so-called number rejection: you gracefully act indifferent, or you playfully banter with it then try again (the same time, or another occasion). 

On a different note, this chick and I have history. History in the sense that we were to hang out almost a year ago, but plans fell through. She also has a knack for being ultra-sarcastic, so I never take her shit seriously. 
But anyway guys: Never show a negative reaction whenever the girl objects to giving you her digits. 60% of the time, it is only a test.

8 thoughts on “When She Objects To Giving You The Digits

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  1. Yo Kenny i really appreciate all thrme free content you post! I know this is random but i cant help but think about the hurricane that recently came thru the islands. I hope you and your fam is in good health and wasnt affected by the devastation. Just want you to be able to keep on helping me and community like you do. Maybe im overreacting but I just wanted to say that. Peace brother.


  2. Not to be off topic too much. Bluepill ideas come from family members and society. I think all or at least 97 percent of men came out the womb somewhat redpill (ie granddad and dad genes with picking up women) The goal is to tap into that part of your mind before society and parents corrupted you when you was very very young. That’s the answer I believe.


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