Was This An Elaborate Plot All Along? You Be The Judge

[Originally posted to social media on August 4th]

Women Are Slick: When a young sexy MILF unexpectedly throws her # at you. 

Okay, so 1 of those odd situations that occur every now and then. 

This chick here whom I know for a while now (donkey years actually). I had no clue that she likes me. So she hits me up on Messenger over a week ago, asking if I knew this guy name so and so.

I figured that she knew that I know the guy (because of mutual friends and so on), so she asking me that was kinda odd.

Anyway, long story short, she claimed that a friend of hers was trying to reach the guy, so she wanted to know if I had, or could get the guy’s #.  I did manage to get the guy’s # days later, so I inboxed it to her so she could give it to her friend.

All the while, I never thought it was a plot on this girl’s part; a plot to get to me.  

Perhaps it wasn’t! But I think it was. 
Anyway, so she hits me up yesterday and thanked me for getting the guy’s # for her friend. And then…she sends me a phone #. I’m like, “what’s this # for”? She’s like…”for you Kenny”.

I concluded it was either 2 things:

1.) She liked me all along (all these years), but clearly never indicated it to me (or I was too blind or busy to see it)

2.) She got attracted to me via my bad boy, unstifled, unbridled ways, due to the stuff I post on Facebook
After all, she did say that she loves men with beard. Either way, I didn’t get @ her yet through her # since I have so many other chicks on my plate. 

Here’s how it went down: she hitting me up about the dude, me getting dude’s # for her friend, she throwing her # at me, continued to chat about how she likes men with beards, etc.

Will keep y’all updated.

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