Picking Up Hot Latina…Part II

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Okay, so here’s the continuation of my. interaction with the Latina chick from the previous post, when I decided to inbox her back on Wednesday. 

Here’s virtually the entire chat from start to finish. 

If you don’t speak Spanish; ignore the things I say in Spanish (slang). 

The overall attraction factor here, during the chat, was my VIBE!

I wasn’t coming off as someone of lesser value, lower value than her.

After all; she’s a fucking bartender…a hot one at that. But I’m the one of higher value. Hence, I gave off that vibe. Thus the reason why you’ll see her qualifying numerous times.

You’ll also note that I never complimented her once, wasn’t ass-kissing, wasn’t begging for shit.

Overall, ensure that you check out the caption with each screenshot, because I’ll explain the game psychology behind what’s taking place. 

Remind you; this is our 1st ever chat since she enabled her inbox setting right after she and I had that comment exchange on her pic-post. 


Translation: I told her she looks Columbian, and asked if she’s Dominican. This was just a bit of cold read, and to set the table by opening with something other than a cheesy fucking compliment that every chump comes with.

She accused me of using Google translate LOL.

You always want to appear to be cultured and worldly. Don Miguelo is huge on the Dominican Reggaeton scene. So the fact that I would know of him, creates a good impression in the girl’s mind. It shows that you’re worldly and that you get around.
Another reason why I ALWAYS tell you guys to post the kind of stuff that I post, and quit fucking posting about lame, guy-centric stuff like sports and shit! So clearly she likes that I’m direct and straight up because of the stuff I post. Now, this chick has never posted on anything I post, nor even hit like. But as you can see; she clearly sees my stats and they created an attractive impression on her.

Anytime a girl volunteers info about her work, or where she works, it’s almost always an ioi (a plus).

Again, she further makes fun of herself for not being able to mix drinks. Hot girls would never do this with guys whom they see as having less value/importance. So this was a key indication that she’s attracted to me (my vibe).
I told her I guess I can call you a bottle opener (abrebottellas) since all she does is open beers at the bar. But I added that she’s a bottle opener (abrebotellas) with curves and a fat ass. Why did I mention her having curves and ass? Because I wanted her to know that I’m a SEXUAL dude who’s checking her out! Now, the reason why hot girls reject and block 98% of guys who mention their body, is because those guys are seen as LESSERS in her eyes! Guys of lesser value has no business commenting on a hot girls body! Since this girl sees me as the shit (because of the vibe I created), I am then granted immunity to get sexual with her.
I indirectly negged her by giving her the impression that I only fuck with girls with big asses. Don’t get it twisted; she has a nice ass! She’s only trying to downplay it. But since I’m a tit-man, I did tell her that I prefer big boobs.
Again, if a guy whom she perceived was of lesser value, were to tell her that (that her boobs got bigger since having a kid), she would instantly block him. But, she laughs when I said that, all indicating that I’m an Alpha Male in her eyes.
Since she tried to steer the convo into a direction about tits and ass, I put the brakes on it but telling her we should change the subject. A powerful move in disarming a hot girl.
Also, by me telling her I don’t go through chick’s profiles (which is a lie), it creates an impression of me being a non-stalker.
Who would dare say that to such a girl (about punishing her if I don’t see any sexy pic), but a guy who doesn’t give a fuck, and a guy who’s high-value? So, that’s the vibe I kept creating; that I’m the prize! I’m the man! I’m the chooser! I do the punishing!
I negged her by saying we should hang out even though she doesn’t have a big as. What did that comment do? It makes the girl realize that I’m the chooser, and I’m the one giving her a chance, even though she isn’t my idea type.
Clearly coughs up the digits without a bit of resistance, and without me asking for her # directly.
Now, what did I do here that’s so powerful that I do with every single girl I chat up? I ENDED THE CONVO FIRST! Always be the one to end the chat on the girl as you seen me do by telling her we’ll catch up a bit later. Doing so, makes the girl realize that you have shit to do, you have shit going on and that you aren’t some desperate loser who’s gonna waste his entire day chatting to her. So…always end the convo on her!
Additionally, the one who ends the convo first, leaves with the most value, most leverage, most power and the upper hand and the initiative…which is me.
The fact that she sends me a kiss and heart is just a mute point that she’s into me.
Quick reminder: the whole time before I messaged her, you weren’t able to message her because the message thing on her profile was grayed out. She disabled it because she had tons of lame guys flooding her inbox with bullshit.

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  1. I like all the psychological nuggets in this Kenny….you could see how you fucked her head up….i don’t think another guy as ever spoken to her like that….that’s what I always do be the (chooser)

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