Quest To Bang A GILF

[Originally posted to my social media]

​In my quest to bang a sexy GILF (granny) in her 50’s, as if the gods of Pick-Up were rolling with me, back on the 8th of this month, I picked up a lady who seemingly fit the prototype of what I was looking for: a GILF…particularly one in her 50’s.
I spotted the sexy lady in my neighborhood sitting at a bus stop, so I cold approached her, charmed her up, got her phone # and got the ball rolling ASAP!
My plan/intention/mission was pretty clear: “bang this hot GILF”! That mantra kept pumping inside of my head!
I hit her up on Whatsapp Messenger and went straight for the jugular as far as meeting…ASAP (“what are you up to later”?)! 
Long story short: she kinda blew me off the Saturday when I was trying to ask her where she lives. 
The next day: the Sunday evening, she hits me up asking where am I, and that she still wanted the beers that I offered to grab if we were to hang out.
“Yes”! I exclaimed! Just when I thought she was trying to ignore me, she seems down as fuck! She tried video calling me like 10 times, but I was in the shower at the moment. But she did manage to reach me, and we were set to meet up about 10:30 that night…the Sunday night @ a bar/lounge.
However, she flaked on me! In other words; she stood me up. 😦
I honestly couldn’t tell you what happened and why she flaked. The only good thing was, I was already at the lounge anyway, and was planning to go there anyway, so regardless if she flaked or not, my initial plans weren’t ruined. 
So…if it’s 1 lesson to take away here for you guys is: never make plans around a woman. Incorporate her into the plans you already made independently. So if she flakes, it doesn’t derail your plans nor your night.
Anyway, we’ll see how this pans out. Perhaps she’ll hit me up in a day or so. The quest to bang a hot lady in her 50’s continues.

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