Latest Vid: When She Asks The ‘Gotcha’ Question, And How To Handle It

Very informative video for you guys!

Upon picking up a new girl, getting her phone # and the usual shebang, at some point between the post-pickup stage and the pending date, it is fucking inevitable that the girl will have asked you the following question (which is usually a catch): 

“What do you want from me”?

“What do you expect to happen between us”?

The way in which you handle this catch question could either make or break your chances with the girl.

Admission That Most Girls Just Want To Hook Up

Here’s an admission that girls are totally fine with casual sex and hooking up for a lengthy time without ever truly wanting a relationship. 

Most men are foolishly under the impression that women on a whole, are just DYING to be in a relationship with them, upon and after hooking up.

This false impression is fostered by the fact that lots of men still hold this fairytale impression that women are these innocent little snowflakes who need to be pampered, sheltered and babied. So most guys still cannot bring themselves to believing that most women are totally fine with just hooking up for however long it lasts. 

Now here’s the little caveat of contradiction: women will still almost always hint at exclusivity and relationship upon hooking up with a new guy. But in most cases, it’s only to save face in order to not look slutty as though they enjoyed casual hookups.

Hence, they lie about wanting something serious, knowing they only want(ed) to sample your cock for however long…without the burden of being tied down (i.e. relationship) and having to answer to some guy about whom else they fuck.

Saying all that to say, and furthermore, once the guy establishes somehow that he only wants to hook up, the girl, 9 in 10 times, will fucking accept that frame/deal…because she wants the dick! And it’s better for her (in her mind) if she can have your dick without being obligated to you [the guy].

However, you as the guy must believe that women are totally okay with flings and casual sex!

Once you buy into such a frame (which is the reality); women will also buy into it since they truly just want to have fun in most cases. 

That is the key magic in how and why I’m able to hook up with tons of girls and rarely ever get them wanting something serious but to become fuck-buddies with no obligations!

Anyway, so this chick here, she and I have been hooking up for about 4-5 years now.

She’s been in and out of relationships during that time. Isn’t that ironic? She likely broke up with those other clowns because they never got the memo that most girls just want to fuck with no strings attached! So the girl ends up in relationships that she truly doesn’t want, but only goes along with it just to not appear slutty.

Whenever a girl meets a guy who gets it, she appreciates and treasures that guy out of this world!

[My txts in green]

Volleyball Chick Pull…Online

Quoted social-media post from a few days ago:

Another textbook pickup.

This time, of a 5’11 chick who’s MVP of her volleyball team here on island. 

Remind you, she’s a random stranger whom I added about 4-5 months ago to my Facebook.

We inboxed once, but I didn’t bother to game her up.

Anyway, this post here is testament to the fact that hot women are attracted to guys who are unfiltered, unstifled and opinionated…and ballsy…and rude.

You get the point?

The total opposite of guys who are scared, safe and filtered.

BTW, she never posts/comments on my stuff. Not even hit the like button.

However, she admitted to stalking my profile posts. Remember guys; women see every fucking thing you post!

Post lame shit and they lose interest (if there was ever any).

Post the type of shit that I do (my style); they become attracted…even though they may not comment (as the case with this volleyball chick here).

Anyway guys, I want you to pay close attention to my vibe (social vibing), flow and delivery: humorous, witty, ballsy, carefree, unstifled and straight to the point as far as trying to meet up with her.

Note that my convo (opener/icebreaker) isn’t some boring, lame shit that 98% of guys do…like: “Sup, WYD, good day, hi, are u okay”?

So, from observing my opener and vibe, learn to be different and unorthodox with your approach.

Stand out from the rest!

Also note how I got her digits.

I didn’t do what 98% of lames on FB do; I didn’t beg, didn’t ask, didn’t pussyfoot about it!

I assertively and confidently assumed the sale (i.e. the digits)! 

I also didn’t make the stupid mistake that every guy does on social media, by asking the girl for her # right off the bat…like a fool!

I strategically build the vibe with my Game, communicated to the girl that I would be a fun and funny guy to make plans with. So she giving me her # was an easy decision. 

Lastly, when grabbing a girl’s # over social media, ensure that she knows the deal!

You don’t want her thinking that you took her # just for the sake of it.

That’s why you will see me grab her # while telling her that we are gonna make plans to meet up next week [time- bridging]. So she knows that I’m taking her # not as a trophy, but for a purpose (meeting up).

Most guys make the mistake of getting the # without an expressed purpose, so the girl then assumes that you are indecisive, unskilled and socially inept/dumb.

Just a final note: this girl is 23 years old and could likely get any guy she wants.

She likely gets hit on online by swarms of younger guys, good guys, handsome guys, guys flashing cash, cars, etc…whom she likely ignores and blocks daily!

I am 35, graying, balding, with 2 kids…and I’m an ardent womanizer who publicly displays his whoredom and womanizing ways on social media. And she knows all this because she admits to stalking my profile in other words.

There’s no logical reason why a girl like this should give me the time of day! Not to mention she has a BF!

Either way, check it out, learn Game, and learn how to use wits in order to get a girl super interested by thinking out the box.

At the end of the day, if you want a hot girl to stalk your FB (like this volleyball MVP chick does mines); post interesting/shocking/humorous shit that gets people’s attention!

Demonstrate through your posts that you could care less if the pope is watching!

Women are drawn to guys who are edgy, ballsy and jerkish.

Read this article of mines for a great example of how to make this happen!

I hit her up on Whatsapp right after getting her # on Messenger just so she gets my #. Never worry about looking desperate, thus waiting days to hit a girl up. If you don’t give off a desperate vibe, then there’s no way the girl would think you’re desperate if you hit her up 2 minutes later upon getting her #. As usual, notice how I strategically ended the convo first…and prematurely by telling her I’ll get back to her. This shows that I’m high value and not eager for convo.

Playing Difficult

When chicks on Facebook play difficult and dish out their share of token/fake resistance in order to make themselves appear more valuable:

So I was gaming this chick the other day (total stranger) whom I added few days back to my Facebook.

As usual, the vibe was great, so I planted the idea of us having a drink rendezvous. 

Clearly she’s down for the drink date, but she felt that she had to play difficult by saying she didn’t agree to meet for drinks.

This is standardized token resistance which I usually nuke within seconds.

However, I just wasn’t up for the bullshit games that women play, by pretending that they aren’t on board when they really are.

Additionally, some women want to be chased relentlessly in order to make themselves feel important and to get their hit of validation from the guy(s) chasing.

Hence, they play hard-to-get and a bit difficult…even when they want it.

In such a case; you can either chase the girl for the date (giving her massive validation), or do what I did: leave it alone, knowing that it is her loss at the end of the day, and she’s likely to chase you eventually once she realizes she’s about to lose you because of her hard-to-get shenanigans.

Understand that all women will play difficult. That is as sure as the sun rising in the tomorrow. So don’t become rattled or give up when chicks play difficult. 

I gave up (strategically) in this situation. But since I’m high value, this chick is bound to chase me within matter of days to meet up.

It never fails me.

You can damn sure bet that she didn’t expect that reaction from me at the end of the chat.

I can play difficult too. 🙂

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