“Ask Me Politely”!

Another social-media [Facebook] post of mines from about a week ago:

So last night, I lazily hit this chick up who WAS on my friend list (until I deleted her last night).

I lazily tried to get her #. And the reason I keep stressing “Lazily” is because I didn’t use much Game nor my usual finesse whenever I attempt to # close [get a girl’s digits]. So basically, it was a dry attempt. 

Nevertheless, what irked me was the girl’s response to me trying to get her #.

She used the adverb “POLITELY”.

Politely is a synonymous with Nicely. 

Essentially, this chick was trying to say that in order for me to get her digits, I had to ask Politely. 

I then told her what I told her on that note (as you’ll see). 

Fact is, I take real offense to women attempting to Beta-ize me, i.e. getting me to conform to their idea of how a man should go about doing things. 

Now, if a girl tells me, “Kenny, you’re not going to get my # because you didn’t ask nicely”, last thing on my mind is to then “ask” her politely. 

That is definitely an attempt by a woman to essentially neuter me. Now, you may not see it that way, and you may very well be under the impression that I’m overreacting here, but I just don’t take light to women and demands, commands and anything that threatens my freedom to say what I wanna.

At the end of the day, you never want to put yourself in a situation where you lose major dominance points while tryna court women.

Also bear in mind that women aren’t attracted to men who cave and submit. And I don’t mean this in a sense of ordering pizza and you cave to the girl’s suggestion of getting pepperoni instead of anchovies.

I’m speaking to much significant cases which have the potential to ruin your chances with women, such as a girl telling you to apologize for telling her that she has a nice ass or something among that line.

You don’t want to cave at such moments, or else the chick will surely lose interest.

With the girl above, had I caved and asked her politely for her digits, 2 things might have happened:

1.) She gives me her # by loses attraction and respect for me

2.) She refuses to cough up her # for the simple fact that I submitted to a woman (to her) and that made me appear weak as fuck!

By all means, this set was winable for me even though I didn’t apologize and asked nicely.

I could’ve simply continued the chat and went for the phone # again (without asking politely). But I was so ticked off that I really didn’t want to bother.

On a final note; polite and nice kill attraction!

That is the ultimate takeaway here.

Women love men who are untamed, rude/rudish who don’t conform to what they (women) claim they want!

You Have Nothing To Lose…But Time Itself!

Every now and then, I find it of paramount importance to revisit the topic of escalation and its rationale in seduction.

If you aren’t privy to PUA parlance: “Escalation” simple means (as the word implies) to make sexual advances upon the target/girl.


There you go!

Simple as ever! 🙂

The thing is that most guys outside of the seduction/pickup arena dread mostly about escalation, is the fear of possible backlash of getting shut and shot down.

This ‘fear’ keeps most guys paralyzed in check. Thus they never attempt to escalate. Or they do so (escalate) way too late in the game, after having wasted weeks, months and often times YEARS, pining away at that 1 fetishized girl!

Perhaps since I’ve attained master-seducer status, it is easy for me to say and do [“escalate fast”].

However, I’ve been there also, to where I would spend months on end, hanging out and hoping to get into this 1 girl’s panties, but I was just too afraid to pull the trigger; afraid of rejection…essentially!

During those 9 months worth of time wasted on 1 girl- in theory- I could’ve been shagging 9+ other girls.

It is for this reason [saving valuable time] the seduction community, myself included, strongly advocate a “no waste of time approach” towards getting laid.

The only thing you have to lose by manning up and attempting to make a move on women (be it on the date, Netflix and Chillin’, etc.), is time itself!

You want to do this early as possible (risking it)!

The sooner a girl genuinely rejects you; the better (time saved)!

You can move on to someone else who’ll possibly be down with your program.

However, it is totally illogical to spend a month in a girl’s company (without going for it), to then get rejected…after 2 months of anticipation of making a move (physical escalation) on her.

You could’ve saved yourself the frikkin’ time by going for it on the 1st. date!

If she rejects your advances, you can always try again on follow-up dates or rendezvous.

On that note: get rejected early. Not late(r)!

Women Are Sexually Frustrated Too!

I get girls all the time who randomly send me nudes without me asking.

This chick right here is a Jamaican girl whom I hooked up with a while back. It was a 1-off and the sex sucked ass!

She’s now back in Jamaica for a while and is sexually frustrated and “horny as a tied dog” [as they would say in the Caribbean]!!!

What does this goes to show? Although women LOVE sex; they aren’t getting cock on a regular basis as you may want to think!

You may think this is contradictive…but it’s not!

Guys out there are NOT trying to get laid!

They are satisfied with playing the “I’m your friend” role, while girls just want to fuck!

This girl here is a perfect example.

She’s horny as hell, but doesn’t have in mind any guy whom she sees worthy of fucking.

Hence, she sends me nudes and wants to sext…even though she’s across waters in another country/island.

[My texts in green]

On 1 hand as I regularly preach to you guys:

•Women have gazillions of options in guys in whom to fuck!

On the other hand:

•Women hardly utilize those options by fucking them!

Hypothetically speaking- albeit realistic as this is for most women- let us say that Tiffany, an average Jane, knows 10 guys who would want to shag her.

Of those 10 guys, Tiff would realistically only sleep with a minuscule 1-2%: which means 1 or 2 of the 10 guys.

It is for this reason why most girls are sexually frustrated and pent-up. They have all the options in the world, but they will only develop a fuck-buddy type of situation with guys whom they deem are sex-worthy. And those guys are generally hard to come by.

With that, tons of women are faced with a contradicting quagmire: tons of guys want to fuck them. But they (women) only want to fuck a selected few. If those guys- the few- are out of reach (as I am to this girl), women will generally boycott sex altogether while opting out for masturbation, sexting and trading nudes.

Backwards Rationalization By Women In Seduction

Hey guys, been real real busy over the past 2 weeks, but I’ve not yet fallen off the planet. 🙂

Here’s a quick post (to my social-media account) which dates back a week or so.

So I’m finally meeting up with the Spanish chick (Puerto Rican) tonight (at her place) whom I’d picked up about a week ago on Facebook.

What’s interesting about this chat exchange is how just as the vast majority of women would, she hits me with “don’t come with any expectation”…i.e. expecting sex.

This is typical in seduction where the girl says/done something ahead of ti me to where she can claim backwards rationalization as her way of escaping culpability and blame.

In simpler terms; because she tells me in essence that we’re not having sex. Let’s say sex does happen (which it usually does in such cases), she can then claim that she wasn’t guilty of pushing for sex- because after all- she said “don’t expect sex”.

Just 1 of those psychological games women play.
[Her txts in white]

Whenever a girl tells you, “don’t think we’re doing anything if you come over”, or, “I don’t have sex before the 10th. date”, it isn’t for you to get flustered, discombobulated and thrown off of your game.

It is standard-operational procedures in the minds of women.

Therefore, just hear it, ignore it and proceed as though she never uttered those words…or typed those texts.

On a final note, a girl will almost always seek to escape blame for her sexual desires (which speaks to Backward Rationalization in her mind). So when or if it goes down, she can always say, “I played a passive role in things since I didn’t even want to have sex in the first place”…although such assertion on her part would’ve been disingenuous.