Giving Her Bursts Of Attraction Over Time While Being Patient With The Process [the right kind of patience is a virtue in the game]

In this post, I will talk about how being patient (while being active) will have set you apart from damn near every other guy out there on social media.

Not only that, but you’ll see me employ my infamous roll-off strategy which does something to the girl psychologically.

This online pickup here kicked off back in May with its culmination days ago on December 28th. So that’s virtually 8 months.

Now, I just want to make it clear here that I did NOT spend 8 months, every day, chatting to this girl, hoping to get her number and a rendezvous proposed.

That would be a travesty and a gross waste of time.

What actually happened was I first opened her (via inbox) 8 months ago, then hit her up intermittently (on 3 different occasions) over the course of 8 months.

[My messages in blue]

Screenshot 1 above: by telling the girl that I intended to message her earlier but I was too busy checking out her sexy pic, it does 2 things: 1.) It shows that I am not desperate to reach her. 2.) It shows that I have sexual interest in her.

Also, if you check the time stamp, you will have noticed that she virtually ignored the first 3 messages of mines. Did I get all desperate and beg her to reply to me? Nope. I made an observation that she seems busy. I knew eventually that she would come around. 🙂

She then replied over a month later, saying sorry if I felt that she’s ignoring me. Of course she was ignoring my messages! But women do this at times just to see how the guy would react.

By the way, in order to create some urgency, as I do with almost every girl I pick up, I told her that I come to her city/town every other weekend, when I actually live in the same town. This creates a bit of intrigue as girls always wonder why I’m in their town so frequently( every other weekend).

[My messages in blue]

Screenshot 2 (above): She shit tests me by calling me a whore for saying that I have a GF, but whenever I’m in her part of town, I am virtually single and dating. You noticed how I never backed down from the charge of being a whore, rather I justify it? Key, key play on my part which deepens the attraction.

I strategically employed my roll-off strategy by telling her my battery is dying so I’ll have to hit her up another time. Surely this wasn’t true (it never is). But the reason I do this is to: 1.) Demonstrate that I have other shit to do besides making her the focal point of my day. 2.) I am not desperate, hence I am patient enough to put off gunning for her phone number. 3.) It gives the girl a sense of loss. Those 3 things will have driven your stock way up in the eyes of women…and get their panties wett! So every now and then, you want to do this (roll off).

Additionally, I plant the seed early about netflix and chill @ my hostel or hotel on the balcony. Never lose sight of what your goal should be: to meet up. So you always want to communicate that early so that the girl doesn’t get the impression that you’re trying to become her text-buddy.

Lastly, I always test women for independence. No one likes to admit that they aren’t independent. So by putting the girl in a corner by assuming that she’s NOT independent, she will likely rebut in defiance of any man trying to lock her down by rebutting with, “I’m an independent girl…and unruly”. On that note, I got sexual. Again- always look to make a sexual declaration early as possible so the girl gets no idea that you’re merely looking to become friends.

[My messages in blue]

Screenshot 3 (above): I baited her into a challenge frame to where she said I can’t handle her. Key note there guys: by following what you seen me do with the previous lines about independent, it would’ve led the girl into the direction of saying something like, “you can’t handle me”.

Again I hit her with “my battery’s dying” line, so we’ll have to catch up. This’ my 2nd time pulling such a stunt with her.

I then hit her back on July 1st with some sexual humor, making her laugh. Note: when getting sexual with a girl over text, always try to do so by mixing humor and sexual. Humor will keep the girl from getting offended.

All throughout, you keep seeing me mixing humorous and sexual.

Again: I hit her with “I’m gonna message you back when free”… By appearing busy, it gives the girl the impression (a good impression) that you’re someone whose time is needed elsewhere. In other words; you’re important. Subcommunicating to the girl that you’re willing to stay on the phone, or talk with her indefinitely, gives off the impression that you’re lonely, desperate and have nothing else going on for you.

[My messages in blue]

Screenshot 4 (above): challenge frame again. What I love about sexually challenging girls is that it’s essentially flirting. Also, you should make assumptions in the negative as I did when I said to her, “boring guys just don’t seem to do it for you”. By framing my line in such a way, it forces the girl to say that she doesn’t like boring guys. And since I mentioned it, I couldn’t possibly be one of those boring guy.

[My messages in blue]

Screenshot 5 (above): Okay, so now I hit her back up about 5 months later on Christmas day (as you see in the time stamp of the screenshot above). So that was days ago. Honestly, I had completely forgotten about her since I’m so used to gaming tons of girls per week on Facebook! She only came to mind once I seen her posted a sexy-ass pic on Christmas. So I messaged her upon that.

Once I sensed that she was still open for meeting up, I threw my ultimate pitch of Netflix & Chill at my hotel when I’m back in her town on the weekend (which I am in her town, but I strategically say I’m not in order to build intrigue).

The fact that she knew where the hotel is, made things (logistics) much easier.

[Her messages in gray]

Screenshot above (the 6th): she said “of course”, in response to knowing where the hotel is located since it’s a centralized location in the city anyway.

Here’s th thing also that you should take note of that I mentioned in screenshot #5: I almost always leave things open by telling the girl I’ll be available between Thursday-Sunday for us to meet up.

In the pick-up community, that is generally considered a faux pas (a huge blunder), since the time of a so-called date should be defined and agreed upon. Surely I agree! However, by giving the girl a wider window between Thursday and Sunday instead of 1 day/night, it creates a situation to where the girl has flexibility also, in the event that she’s busy on the night that you chose to purpose the rendezvous.

Hence, by me saying “Thursday to Sunday”, if she’s busy Thursday night, she will immediately say so and suggest Friday, Saturday or Sunday. By pinning her down to 1 day and 1 day only, it increases the chances of flaking on you. Because if she had prior plans for that same night, she will decline…or stand you up. So I find it a more prudent strategy to give the girl 3 nights from which to choose.

Anyway, I tried securing her # on the 25, but I didn’t get a response from her until the 28th.

Did I panic? Of course not!

I was patient with the process.

Overall guys, this is what I call spiking attraction over time.

When a girl isn’t quite biting, or she’s replying infrequently (albeit with good vibing), you don’t have to rush the brush and press the issue.

That is why I strategically decided on 3-4 different occasions to discontinue the chat (while on great note) in order allow the attraction to grow with each instance of me falling back.

Also, by chatting up loads of other girls, it actually keeps me occupied to where I don’t feel any sort of urgency to look back on a girl whom I strategically put on the back burner in order to build intrigue and attraction.

Lastly, when you could show a woman that you don’t have to go for it right away, it sets you apart in her eyes as someone of value and importance.

More online pickups to come.

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