Quick Sunday-Afternoon Online Pull Of A Big-Boobed Hottie: Girls Want To Be Taken By A Pick-Up Artist [NSFW]

Just another Facebook pull of a total stranger, albeit to my liking.

This chick here, I’d added her on Facebook about 3 days ago, never really had any intention to pursue her any time soon.

She’s definitely fuckable! But way too much is on my plate already, so I merely added her as formality with the intention to game her later down the line (months later).

However- and this happens from time to time- she’d posted a sexy-ass cleavage shot today which really captivated the attention of my Johnson. So I decided to open her earlier today.

Brief note: she lives in an island town just south of me (20 minutes away), so that’s close enough, which is why I will have pursed the pickup. Before gaming a girl, I ensure to find out that she lives within fuck-distance. Hence, I do not waste my time gaming girls who live overseas or out of reach.

Anyway, so upon seeing her pic which was posted this morning, I hit her inbox ASAP!

[My messages in blue]

Needless to say, she wants to full-on sext with me later on tonight (Sunday)….which I don’t mine by the way.

The thing is, with about 15% of the girls I game and pull online, I end up sexting with, and go on to bang within days or perhaps 2 weeks the longest.

In any case, what I wanted to highlight here is just what I spoke to you guys about in the previous article with the nerd girl: girls want to be gamed, seduced and taken by a lady’s man.

Here’s also the thing that gets me, and it’s kind of comical: girls always claim that game doesn’t and cannot work on them, when it actually does.

The ones who claim that they’re impervious to game, are always the easiest to get gamed and to fall…such as this chick.

This is why I could openly tell girls that I’m a pick-up artist, they would assume that I’m using some sort of trick, yet they still end up being pulled.

Why so? Because women want to be gamed!

They want to be led by a guy who knows what he’s fucking doing!

Also, I strategically told her that I had to go (shower). Why did I do this? This goes back to what I told you a few weeks back: always end the conversation on the girl! It will keep her from thinking that you’re some desperate chode. So you want to push-pull: attack then retreat.

As for the #-close (grabbing her #), I strategically passed up on going for her phone number, simply because it isn’t necessary.

I briefly touched on this the other week where I talked about the uselessness of getting a girl’s phone number when you already have means of communication with her via social media DM. So having access to her inbox or DM is just as good as having her phone number; especially since you have the option to ring her though apps such as Messenger. A phone-number exchange is becoming obsolete in my book; though I still opt for the phone number 95% of the time.

Be as it may, with this chick, given the fact that she’s so DTF, my ultimate game plane is to set up a rendezvous with her sometime next week, granted my schedule allows me to do so.

With a chick who’s ultra-DTF, it is best to try to seal the deal ASAP, or else you run the risk of losing the girl once her DTF status wears off with the passing of time.

Anyway guys, feel free to drop your questions in the comment section, or e-mail me as usual with any online-game question.

More pulls to come!

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