She Hates My Putrid Guts…But I Still Managed To Pick Her Up At The Bar!

The other day, I picked up a young chick (must have been 24) at a karaoke bar, while she sat alone next to some guy who either was too afraid to strike up a conversation, or didn’t fancy this young bird’s profile (which is hard to believe since she’s quite sexy).

The signature thing though that stood out in my mind from that pickup, was how bitchy this girl was to me the entire time, but still end up exchanging numbers before she had to vacate the bar unexpectedly.

By all means I was also being a dick to her, which hearkens back to the previous post about handling bitchy girls.

Bitchy girls will eat passive nice guys alive for breakfast! Hence the reason they are so repulsed by the idea of associating themselves with passive men who are afraid to get aggressive (verbally or physically).

When dealing with a bitchy girl, it is incumbent upon you to be equally as bitchy, or bitchy enough, that you don’t run the risk of crashing her emotional state.

This is why quote-unquote “nice guys” get rejected all the time. They down girl’s emotional sate because of their lackluster, bland and non-challenging vibe. Because of this, women in turn punish them, by either snubbing them, or using them as their emotional tampon to cry on whenever they’ve been pumped and dumped by some cocky asshole douchebag! πŸ˜‰

In any case, so I met this chick at the bar sitting next to a mute, so I sat next to her and immediately got the proverbial ball rolling!

The mute who was sitting to the other side of her was shocked to see how a random stranger (moi) captivate a girl to the point that she was visibly fawning all over me.

However, the bitchiness started within seconds.

Most guys run once faced with attitude, harshness and bitchiness from women.

An Alpha stands his ground and play ball…so I did!

Here’s a caveat: when a girl acts this way towards you (bitchy), it is generally a congruence test (or shit test), to see how you (the guy) would react.

Most guys cower and fold…and flee. I stood my grounds and gave her some generous doses of my assholeness in order to match and sometimes trump her state of bitchiness!

At other points during the interaction and pickup, I had my arm around her waist (caressing her) while I chatted in her ear, ensuring that she felt my breath upon her earlobe in a sensual and sexual manner.

Before she fled, I got her digits for the sake of it.

This text exchange from a few days ago, is between me and her.

BTW, “Chupz” is equivalent of KMT.

That sort of shit storm I call hard flirting.

Some chicks just enjoy playing hard ball, and in order to grab their attention, it requires a guy who isn’t afraid to play hard ball also.

What is the grand takeaway from this post?

Always be adaptive and learn how to match the girl’s state.

Never cower or back down (during text for example) when a girl brings you shit.

Also, learn how to adapt a sweet and sour approach to gaming. Just as you seen me demonstrate in those screenshots: I went hot and cold, sweet the sour and back around again.

Confuse the girl’s logical thought pattern as I taught you in the previous 2 posts!

With this girl for instance, though I was busting her chops, calling her bipolar and getting testy with her, I made sure to neutralize this by telling her, “cute pic collage BTW”.

Therefore, at the same time, when dealing with bitchy types, be a dick yourself, but know how and when to flatter the bitchy girl in order to throw her for a loop.

Moreover, I don’t take women seriously, nor do I truly get offended by their shit.

The less seriously you take girls when they act all bitchy, the better results you’ll eventually have with them.

Quit Being A Stipid Jackass And Get Her # The Right Way!

I know I’ve said that grabbing a girl’s phone number is quite useless in an age where social media dominates communication.

However, if you’re gonna attempt to grab a girl’s number; then do it right dammit!

The chick from the previous post who’s notorious for trolling and calling out men who display lame-ass game, posted the following status.

By the way, she copied this style of mines from reading my statuses where I would post short mock conversations between a girl and a guy.

Needless to say, she makes a great point in pointing out how lame guy’s game is.

I talked about this in the past and how stupid it is to try to go for a number close without building attraction.

Most guys approach getting a girl’s # as though it’s a fucking sprint!

They virtually go from opener to attempted # close within 1 swoop!

In the “trying to meet girls” game, you have the guy who never pulls the trigger. And then you have the guy who squeezes too quickly.

Both extremes are regressive and quite stupid to be frank.

Here’s another example which the same girl had posted yesterday to Facebook.

What was the mistake that this guy made?

He went from opener to trying to get her phone # (asking if she has Whatsapp) within # swoop, before having built anything, let alone some attraction. Not to mention that the girl was literally blowing him off by acting like a dick with replies such as: “I’m from Earth”, “Minding my business”, “Check back next week” (in relation to getting her #). How foolish can you get by trying to get a girl’s # on a downward spiral!?

Unfortunately, most guys do this! They gun for the # as a last ditch effort before things implode. But why would a girl give you her # when she’s acting like a total bitch towards you?

She won’t! But it’s a clear sign of desperation and ineptitude on any guy’s part, when he displays such shitty game and lack of social intelligence, by asking lame interview-type questions to nowhere, then rapidly topping it off with a lame-shit effort at swapping numbers.

Here’s the other thing: the lamest and most annoying thing you could ever ask a girl (one whom you don’t know personally) is, “what you doing”?

What the girl is doing shouldn’t mean shit to you. Hence, you shouldn’t ask!

Secondly, by asking a girl, “what are you doing” as an opener, clearly shows that you have nothing much to provide the girl via conversation. You’re basically leeching off of her state, disposition and her current situation. So that is why girls get annoyed whenever a guy asks, “Sup. What u doing”?

Additionally, being asked the frikkin’ obvious is also another pet peeve of women.

Online, it isn’t that difficult to find out where someone is from, lives or have lived.

That info is usually clearly visibly on the person’s Profile. Or you could easily find that out by tapping “about”. So asking a girl the lame-ass interview-type question, “where you’re from”, will often times elicit a negative reaction within the girl’s mind, especially if this information could’ve been easily ascertained by a 2 second scan of her profile.

In any case, this sort of horrible game should be called out.

Going from opener/ice-breaker to “can I have your #”, is akin to shifting gears in a manual-transmission vehicle, straight from 1st to 5th: you just won’t get anywhere but a wrecked transmission and gear box.

In closing, I just wished to have cautioned you guys about the many follies and pitfalls in game (or having a lack of game).

In this case, it is in respect to securing a number.

This should be done wisely and strategically!

Before successfully securing a girl’s phone number, you will have had to build a sufficient amount of attraction in order to make this happen.

This varies from girl to girl (the amount of attraction material needed). But by all means, you’re going to look real stupid going for the phone number within seconds of chatting to the girl.

Not to harp on the obvious, but the reason why the vast majority of men rush for the phone number is because they do not trust themselves to not run out of things to say. So they go from, “Hi what’s your name”, to, “Can I get your #”, because they don’t have anything to say between those 2 points.

On that note, you may like this video of mines which deals with that point in detail.

How To Deal With Social-Media Darlings & Bitchy Entitled Girls

On social media, as you would know, there exist entitlement junkies who very much believe that they deserve the attention of men and women.

Interestingly enough, those girls do received such attention from scores of hapless, desperate men trying to scoop their poop in return for some vague favor.

Accompanying this entitlement attitude is some good-old bitchiness.

The other caveat here is that social-media queens, entitled and bitchy ones, are almost always HB9.5 or 10’s.

In fact, a key component to the perception of entitlement and bitchiness is a chick’s perceived hotness. The hotter she is, the more entitled and bitchy she can afford to be.

In any case, because these girls are hoisted atop the social-media ladder by AFC’s due to their hot factor, those same guys who deify and praise those entitlement whores, are the ones to get snubbed and rejected for offering validation (strangely enough).

The new trend nowadays, since the explosion of screenshots, is women publicly shaming guys by posting their conversations for the world to see how Beta, kiss-ass and lame the average guy is.

Exhibit A: 1 such social-media darling who has tons of guys pedestalizing her on my Facebook, is this 22-year old chick who posted the following (as means to shame clueless men).

However, take note that she tagged me in that same post of hers (the comment section), asking if I will accompany her in exposing and shaming some Beta-Males.

Now, why did she do this?

Why did she feel a need to tag and invite me to this?

Firstly, just as every other woman on Facebook knows, she knows that I’m a self-professed pickup artist who generally posts statuses shaming Beta-Males and nice guys for kissing hot girl’s asses! And I also have a knack for being an asshole on Facebook. πŸ™‚

Secondly, without her having ever said this to me [we never DM’d before], I clearly sensed that she respects my Alpha-Male persona, hence the reason she tagged me, and asked if I would accompany her.

In essence, she sees me as the Alpha-Male: the dominant guy who isn’t stifled and bashful about saying what he wants to say.

Hence, in her eyes: I have massive amounts of Social Value.

Would she have tagged an AFC Beta in a positive light?

Of course not!

Bitchy-entitlement girls only cater positively to men who are in their league (or above): rockstars, Alphas, jocks, athletes, celebs, bad boys, etc.

In any case, I had let her know that I already started my tirade of being a little asshole on social media (shaming Betas for Beta-Male activities such as ass-kissing women).

By doing that, I communicate to her that I am NOT following her lead, but she’s in fact following mines.

Here’s where it got mighty interesting because I called her out.

I inboxed her for the first time.

I called her out, blatantly telling her that I can’t fuck with her. Who does/says this to a social-media darling who has thousands of friends and followers? Only an Alpha who recognizes that he’s the prize and not the girl!

Additionally, she tried to say that her public shaming backfired. The thing is too, just like every so-called hot girl, she’s jaded because of the inundation of messages she gets on a second-by-second basis from desperate losers. So she’d hoped that by outing some guys publicly on Facebook for their lame game, it would’ve dissuaded other guys from inboxing her.

πŸ˜† That explained it all: though she publicly shamed a handful of guys, those same guys would turn around and inbox her, thinking that she was joking.

I mean, I don’t know how a guy can misconstrue an obvious shaming session for something humorous that would give him the okay to resume sending lame messages to the girl’s inbox.

What this chick didn’t realize actually, is that guys who put women on pedestals, are so deeply enamored and enraptured by them, that no amount of shaming could successfully get rid of them.

By the way, I routine stacked a bit by changing the subject and telling her to send me some food since she said she was cooking.

To top it off, I told her to go on (“gawaaaannnn”)! Essentially, I was chasing her away.

By that, I was doing the complete opposite of every other guy who’s ever messaged her! Instead of chasing her, I was telling her to go on, essentially cutting our convo short, ending the conversation on her.

That is how you treat an entitlement junkie: you withhold any sort of endearing comment or compliment.

I’ll address this at the bottom of the post.

Additionally, she qualified herself to me (because of the frame I strategically set), when she gave me a rundown on what she’s cooking.

An entitled princess wouldn’t in the least, dare to qualify herself to a guy whom she deems is beneath her standards and social status. So she wouldn’t have given a rundown of anything (positively that is) to such a guy.

Now, let’s see how she reacts to me telling her to share a pic of her cooking when she’s done.

If I have compliance over her; she should by all means share a pic of her cooking with me.


She sends me a pic of her cooking!

Compliance test passed!

Before that, I playfully told her to go on (“gwaaaaannnn”) again, displaying my dominance and unwillingness to chase her for her time and conversation.

From these little things, I knew for certain that she was full-on attracted to me (my vibe).

A bit later, I received more confirmation that she was indeed full-on attracted to me, and was trying to please me (qualify) when she posted and tagged me in the following.

She outs another guy by publicly posting their chat, while ensuring that I get to see the post by tagging me. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

All of this is very instructive on how to handle bitchy girls and social-media darlings, all of which go hand-in-hand by the way.

Most importantly though, and here is the strategic aspects to this brief post, is my vibe, and the fact that I completely steered clear of hitting on her.

The hottest girls are too accustomed to being praised, complimented and hit on.

Therefore, your approach ought to be different!

The way you handle and act towards these types, ought to be different.

How different?

You have to use more pun, humor and (playful) dominance while gaming her.

With this girl as an example, if you check back the aforementioned screenshots of our inbox messaging, you would’ve gotten yourself a perfect example of how to deal with these types.

When dealing with a girl who has high social value, you must double down on giving off the impression that you aren’t desperate, aren’t lonely, but from the contrary, you are pre-selected with lots of women in your life already.

How do you pull this off? Simply refrain from outright hitting on the entitled bitchy girl from the get-go.

If for instance now, that you follow such particular girl on social media, or are friends on Facebook with such a girl, your vibe must also be congruent and consistent with a guy who gets laid.

Again, I keep having to reference this girl here, and the way in which I structure my online (Facebook) persona as a guy who’s carefree, reckless, capricious, opinionated, controversial, sexist, chauvinistic, bad-ass, etc, etc, etc. So, you want to give off the right vibe before even DM’ing the girl.

Thus, it all still comes down to a holistic approach.

Your Facebook (for instance) cannot read like a children’s novel, while expecting to catch the eyes of any woman worthy of fucking.

You have to play ball in the entitlement girl’s league (or she being in your league)!

What do bitchy girls do on Facebook? They call out chodery and Beta-ism.

They call out guys who act like giant pussies!

Social-media princesses (bitchy girls) are forward and opinionated. They are only attracted to their equal counterparts, or guys whom they see as even more rugged and brash…ala Social Kenny in relation to this girl.

As I constantly point out: I court and embody this assholish, “do and say what I wanna” vibe on social media!

By no means am I an asshole. It is just an act, but a necessary one that I master well in order to facilitate the attraction and seduction of women online (and offline).

Now, as advice for you guys out there, am I advising you to become an asshole with women online?

Not quite. Just that in order to attract girls who happen to get greater amounts of attention than the usual chick, you have to demonstrate more of an IDGAF attitude. And while messaging them, your approach should be more indirect at the start (via humor) before going for a phone number or anything of the sort.

Speaking of phone numbers, the subsequent post will definitely interest you.

Unintended Consequences Of Being A Ladies’ Man

​This chick whom I’d hooked up with about 5 month ago, posted the following status.

What had happened was, I was standing by a post office, and then I noticed this chick saying hi to me as she passed by. But I didn’t think much of it since I didn’t recognize the person. So…I didn’t say hi back.

All of a sudden, I come across the status posted above. I hit like/love on the post anyways since I’m a nice guy. πŸ™‚

By the way, this girl and I are friends on Facebook, indicative of the fact that a large number of girls I sleep with, are from Facebook.

In any case, I’m always a good sport when things get icy with women.

Just Another Girlfriend With Boyfriend Online Pickup

Hey guys, just another online pull of a girl who has a boyfriend.

Nothing much that you haven’t seen before. But as to adhere to my quasi promise to post nearly every pickup I have online, I’m obliged to sharing this one.

As always the case, this was a random stranger whom I friend requested.

Oh- before we get into the chat, I just want to make point out that your opener (ice-breaker) doesn’t have to be elaborate or magical, just as mines wasn’t. And as expected, sensitive information was redacted.

Whenever a girl seeks to make rapport with you (ask about work, where you live, etc), it is generally a sign of interest, just as the case with this chick.

Long story short; she and I never managed to meet up as yet because of her work schedule (having 2 jobs), and also the fact that I have tons of other girls in the pipeline.

Also, as for her BF, never take it as a rejection when the girl mentions having a boyfriend.

Best her and 1-up her just as I did when I said to her, “I have a GF too”. Also, whenever a girl mentions the “BF”, it is usually a congruence test, and a way to cover ass in the event that you two hook up.

Nevertheless, I want you guys to realize that a girl having a BF means nothing!

With this girl here, she mentioned having a BF who gets on her nerves sometimes, yet she still coughed up her digits willingly.

In addition to that, she sent me 2 pics of herself. Whenever a girl voluntarily sends you pics without you asking her, it is a sure sign of her interest in you.

Anyway, this pickup all took place on November 1st.

I messaged her 2 days ago for the first time since. It’s ironic since I have her #, but refuse to use it. This goes back to what I was saying days ago, that grabbing a girl’s # is quite useless since you could always hit them up on social media DM (that’s if you’d picked them up online). So I messaged her Tuesday about meeting up over the weekend when I would’ve hit up her side of the island for 3 days.

What a bummer that she injured her leg. 😦

This chick is highly fuckable with boobs to die for!

I would’ve loved to meet up with her over the weekend. But there’s always a next time.

With abundance, you never put all of your eggs into 1 basket. And my blog is here for the explicit purpose of helping to empower you guys with abundance.

Any question about my game, method or approach to women?

Leave them in the comment section.

New Neighbor Pull…Fortune Favors The Bold

Hey guys, I’m just going to post this post verbatim as I did 3 nights ago to Facebook. Afterwards, I’ll give an additional take on the matter.

So, I have a new neighbor, a chick who moved in yesterday to the house next to my apartment. As expected from a master pickup artist; I approached her last evening, chatted her up real quick and got her phone #. I haven’t called a chick’s phone in years, but I decided to ring her instead of texting last night. After about 2 minutes of small talk, she mentioned that she’s afraid to sleep alone since she’s new to the area and no one lives with her. I was like, “Ding, Ding, Ding”!!! I took the hint/cue and said to her, ” Well I live alone too. You can come upstairs to my apartment and sleep, or I come down to your house and sleep with you”. She’s like, “Fine! That would be great because I’m scared shit plus it’s dark in this area”! She then threw out a disclaimer (as expected) when she said to me, “Oh! There’s only 1 bed. So we’ll have to sleep in in together. But no sex though”. As a master seducer, I knew this was all standardized game and plausible deniability at work. So I’m like, “Sure! No sex. I’ll keep my distance on the bed”. I grabbed her a water from my fridge and went downstrairs to her yard next door. She lets me into her crib, we sat on the bed and then she began what was a 3 hour ramble about her boyfriend kicking her out, how they spent all day @ the precinct arguing over rights of certain appliances and shit. She also mentioned how her BF (ex) is likely to stalk her while we sleep. That made me a bit uneasy.Β 

But anyway, after 3 plus hours of ranting and blabbering, I told her to cut the damn bedroom light out because it’s blinding me. That was my cue to her that intimacy was about to go down. We got more comfortable on the bed and I told her to lie down; so we did. She kept chatting away so I playfully said, “Hush”, with my finger to her lips. All this time, my hands were resting on her hips while caressing her thighs. I slowly and gradually escalated (KINO) to sliding my hands under her shirt in order to fondle her tits…to which she didn’t resist…to my surprise. I toyed with her huge-ass nipples for a good 10 minutes. This chick literally has some of the biggest and longest nipples I’ve ever touched in my life! I’m a tit-man, so this really excited the shit out of me! While I played with her breasts with 1 hand, the free hand was rubbing her booty like R. Kelly. My dick began to get that feeling within; an erection had developed. I knew she felt that shit since I was grinding on her ass through the thin fabric of my jogging pants. Long story short- after a while- there came LMR (as expected): she began to show signs of resistance by telling me that it tickles when I breath on her neck. In other words, she was telling me that I’m too close. I backed off by discontinuing to toy with her neck. After a while, and I’m guessing this is when she got really turned on (apparent from her slight moans): she removed my hand from her tits. Remind you guys; this is totally normal(during LMR) with a girl whom you’re laying down with for the first time. She’s bound to stop you at some point from rubbing on her tits or attempting to fondle her vagina. So, I took my hand from beneath her shirt while continuing to rub her thighs with the other hand…which she allowed. Minutes later, back to her tits. She allowed then resisted by removing my hand again. At that point, I felt like saying, “Girl! You’re about to sleep alone! I’m leaving”! But I decided not to go into full-blown savage mode at that moment. In any case, Β after the tug of war, I fell asleep just as she did. Woke up around 4:30 AM this morning, attempted a last-ditch effort to fuck her, but it didn’t go down, so I told her I had to get going since it was early/late and the sun was about to break soon, so she had nothing to fear since it was almost sunrise. She walked me out and that was that.Β 
At the end of the day, what I wish for you guys to take away from this long-ass Facebook post is pretty much 1 theme, ABA: “Always Be Approaching”! Fortune favors the bold! Surely I didn’t get to fuck this total stranger last night, but I took my chances for sure like a real man!!! So, that hot girl who lives next door to you, instead of gawking, stalking and being a pussy-ass chode of a man by not approaching her; be a real man and approach that girl!! It didn’t take 10 seconds for me to make my move once I spotted this girl from upstairs and realized how fuckable she is. I approached immediately! Went to her door, welcomed her to the neighborhood, spat a little game, got her digits and got to sleep in her bed…the same night in less than 3 hours of meeting her. “ABA”: Always Be Approaching!! No need to waste time trying to figure out the girl, trying to find out if she’s single, etc. Make a move and deal with those matters afterwards!Β 

Lastly, learn how to read women and the subtle cues and signs they give off (verbally and nonverbally). Surely this won’t come over night, but with vast amounts of experience with dealing with lots of women (as I have), you’ll gradually develope an acuity and 6th sense for reading women.Β 

Oh- lastly- as for this girl whom I met last night (my new neighbor), sure I would’ve loved to smash last night since we slept in the same bed! But sometimes, it takes time! It may take a day or 2 before the girl gets comfortable enough to want to accept your dick inside of her. So this wasn’t a failed attempt in my book. This is where Mystery’s “7 hour before the lay” principle comes into effect. A girl whom you’d just met, a sober one, is unlikely to sleep with you before spending at least 5-7 hours with you first. I had only spent 3 hours with the chick before trying to smash. So go figure. The more time spent, the more comfort built. I’m not a man who likes to waste time. If I get a girl’s # today, I’m expecting to fuck her…today! This clearly doesn’t always work out, but it is the thought, mindset and frame that counts (rapid escalation theory).Β 

Lastly, there are tons of reasons why a girl may not sleep with you at a given time. Perhaps she’s on her period, and she’s feeling all yucky and dirty. Hence, never think that the girl is resisting because of anything on your part.Β 







Interesting stuff huh?

The lessons here are many, and very instrumental for those who desire to become masters at this.

I however want to briefly tackle the subject of proactivity and rapid escalation, otherwise known as KINO.

There’s nothing to lose in moving swift as a lizard-hawk on its prey. In fact, you should move swiftly.

This is why in pickup we aggressively harp on the 3-second rule, and that you should approach the girl as soon as you spot her!

The more time you allow to just sail by, the greater the chance of losing the girl.

As for rapid-sexual escalation, that should also become your rule of thumb.

When in the company of a girl, being a pussy about putting your hands on her, will ultimately cause you to lose the girl.

I have a theory which I’d been peddling for ages: it is best to be perceived by the girl as a guy who goes after what he wants (sex), than someone who’s afraid to go for it. Even though you may have a failed attempt just as I seemingly did with this girl; a the end of the day, she will respect my game and willingness to gun for what I want unabashedly!

On that note, you will enjoy the follow-up post to this one.

New Neighbor Pull…Part II [It’s Not You; It’s The Girl]


Last night now, the chick who lives in the house beside my apartment, hits me up.

The initial message is mines, from 3 days ago, when I shot her a message after getting her #. That was the same night I slept with her…in her bed that is.

Now, here is a subsequent status I posted minutes after having that text exchange with her.

With that; it’s never you!

When the chick gave me massive LMR the first night I slept in her bed (which was the same night I got her #), I didn’t freak out and beat myself up about it.

Sure I was disappointed. But not distraught nor befuddled.

I knew there was something going on beneath the surface, outside of my control (as it always is): which was her menstrual cycle.

Here’s the deal: when a girl is on her period, she feels yucky, nasty and dirty! She will NOT fuck you, unless you are someone such as her long-term boyfriend, or you convey to her (in some way) that you are totally fine with shagging down while she’s bleeding.

Now, because of that (her yucky feeling), if y’all 2 were to be lying in bed, she will resist your sexual advances by all means! And she’s not going to tell you that it is because of her period as to why she cannot or doesn’t want to have sex. You have to be smart enough to figure this out on your own.

Anyway, she was clearly open to having me come over last night and sleep with her again.

Why though!?

I refuse to visit and lie in bed with a girl who’s on her period. Not because it’s yucky. Shit- I’ve banged girls on their period quite a number of times before. So it isn’t something I find to be a deal-breaker. But if I know ahead of time that the girl is menstruating, I will NOT meet up with her.

Hence, I flaked on the neighbor last night.

All in all guys, I just want to remind you that this is a total stranger whom I’d cold approached 3 nights ago upon the realization that I had a new neighbor in the yard next to my apartment.

I spotted her outside doing some cleaning on the porch, so I approached within 2 seconds (not even thinking), go her digits and was able to sleep in her…that same night!

Surely I didn’t get the lay, but that is a mute point to the bigger picture.

ABA!!! “Always Be Approaching”!

Married Girl Is Now Getting Emotionally Invested…Part III [+ More Curiosity-Loop Game]

Remember this hot little newlywed from some weeks back?

Here’s the 3rd installment of the ongoing gaming and seduction of the sexy 24-year old married chick whom I’d picked up few weeks back on Facebook.

To get you up to speed on what’s going on, including my aim, here’s a quick rundown of just that.

She lives in Canada but returns “home” to the islands very frequent.

Her next visit is slated for January.

Typically, and as you would know; I never waste valuable time pursuing a girl who lives in another city, island, let alone country.

With this chick however, because of the fact that I knew she travels often, and since I have a mean thing for banging disgruntled wives; I decided to pursue the girl, seduce her in absentia until she returns in January where we can seal the deal…physically.

Now, there was no guarantee that any of this would’ve materialized (the online pickup, etc.), but as expected, because of my potent Game, I got her #, gamed her like a wizard, now she’s all enthralled, clingy and sold.

In light of that, just as a little fun assignment, I told you guys that I would update y’all periodically on this situation.

Additionally, I outlined a clear stratagem on how I would proceed with this, which is that I would hold about 1 texting session per week with her, until January comes around when she will have returned from Canada. So, here is the 3rd text session between me and her.

Ironically, she was the one who initiated the latest round of texting (over the weekend), after she seen me posted to Facebook about hitting up the bar.

Bear in mind: everything is strategic on my part! At the end of the interaction, I will clearly point out the aspect of getting her to chase. So, she messaged me on Whatsapp Messenger over the weekend.

Also bear in mind; none of the outlandish things I said were true (being stood up, etc.)

[Her txts in white]

Above: when she mentioned that I always have some funny/hilarious story! She was referring to my usual weekend debauchery and real-time night-game field reports that I would post on Facebook.

Also, I always talk about setting the frame and the girl will follow, mimic and mirror your frame and ideals. Here the theme is (which I set): “Kenny has epic adventures on the weekends”. Because it’s such an interesting theme; she mirrors it by saying “when I grow up I wanna be like you some day…with epic adventures”. In essence, she’s following my frame/lead. This little tidbit was so powerful that she rebels in saying that she needs to start having epic and adventurous weekends too. As a wife- a newlywed- she shouldn’t be saying this. But she is, because she’s so attracted to my vibe and the frame I set.

Again; BE ILLOGICAL!! have you ever heard me say that before? Well here’s a reminder: when seeking to have a woman chase you, say illogical shit! Say shit that doesn’t make sense! Case in point when I told her that if she has adventurous weekends without me (with another guy), it’ll be cheating. That totally didn’t make any sense at all since she isn’t my wife! But it doesn’t fucking matter! Saying shit that doesn’t make sense, will work to attract the girl even more, by confusing her logical-thought pattern, thus forcing her brain to want to make sense of the statement in order to gain closure! So- tell girls dumb shit, illogical shit, and shit that will make them go, “But that doesn’t make sense”! I’ll talk more about that at the end of the post.

Lastly (on the previous points): no mater how hot a girl is, always set ground rules, always put things into perspective, and always be ballsy! This girl is 10 years younger than me, hence I am the superior here. Don’t let her beauty and age (being younger than you) discourage your sense of value.

How did she react to my stern yet humorous comment?

[Her messages in white]

Basically, what I wanted to establish with that previous messages were 2 points:

1.) I cherish women, so they would never have to worry about me pumping and dumping them like some heartless asshole (though I pump and dump all the time like a heartless asshole).

2.) I am a highly sexual and forward guy, and I am also a womanizer. I said that, knowing that it would only serve to attracted her even more with my rebellious and carefree vibe.

Now, here is where I get into the technique aspect of having her chase me as she’s beginning to become emotionally invested. Note: always end the conversation first! And do so abruptly when she least expects it! I had told her to call me, knowing that I would make a U turn by telling her we’ll talk another time. I’ll explain this powerful technique afterwards.

[My txts in green]

Basically, I told her to call me, but then I told her to get some rest. She took that conflicting/confusing message to mean that I was likely laid up with another chick, so I was unable to take her call. In other words, she tried to insinuate that I couldn’t take her call because I was in the presence of another woman, which is why I said (as a rebuttal), “I run my own show”. Therefore, I answer the phone if please.

At that point, she really wanted to talk to me for the first time (voice to voice).

I then deepen the attraction factor by dropping a vague curiosity loop into the mix by saying to her, “you just won’t understand certain things”.

Recall what I spoke to you about in the previous article: get the girl chasing you by telling her something that would make her curious to want to know more…and to also confuse her brain. And be vague!!!

She then went into a tirade about how I always brush her off and I’d done just that on 3 or so occasions.

She’s correct! And it’s all strategic! Guys, I can’t stress this salient point any further than I have already: Always end the chat on the girl, instead of having her end it on you!!!

As for when she made mention about me seeming to have moments where I drive her away, this is in reference to the hot and cold vibe which I employ periodically. In conjunction with “ending it first”, you don’t have to do so on a great note. You can be a bit frosty and cold about it, making her believe that she’d done something to cause your frostiness, and to cause you to want to flee.

I employed the technique of mines dubbed “The Jesus Effect”, when I told her (again), “certain things u aren’t able to grasp yet”.

Frankly, I am not a religious guy (an Agnostic Atheist actually). But the Jesus Effect is 1 of the most potent tricks in my seduction repertoire. If you’re familiar with the Bible, Jesus’ vibe was always a vague and ambiguous one. He spoke in parables. He said things like, “What I have to tell you would be too much for you to bear now…”.

That vague statement left his followers intrigued, puzzled, enthralled and hooked!

Likewise, whenever you’re aiming to seducing a girl, vague, ambiguous and parable-like comments will create this Jesus Effect, and cause the girl to become hooked and wanting to decipher your message for the sake of psychological closure.

Tell the girl, “in due time”!

She wants to know why you have to go, or why you’re telling her “we’ll catch up”, tell her, “you won’t understand”.

You get the message, right?

Allow me to conclude this post by summarizing the technique of hot and cold and confusing the girl’s brain in order to deepen her attraction to you.

Here’s the deal: confusion begets attraction.

When done right, and consciously, you can get a girl hooked on you by making vague and confusing statements.

Just as I mentioned earlier that you ought to say illogical, irrational shit to women whom you’re trying to bed, incorporate into that the confusing and vague comments that throw the girl off.

On the surface, this game concept of mines sounds all crazy and nonsensical. But I’m quite sure you seen me do just that with the married chick, and countless other women.

To make this even more simpler for you: remember that time that someone said something to you fleetingly, that was either vague, or you misunderstood what was said, probably because you couldn’t hear him or her properly because they were on the go?

What immediate effect did this cause within your being?

You were left there trying to piece things together, trying to decipher what he or she could’ve meant or said.

Even throughout your day as your brain spontaneously emits visual signals and recounts things that occurred throughout your day. Those vague instances will likely pop up even if you don’t want them to, and had totally forgotten about the vague and confusing thing that the person had said to you.

Furthermore, an even greater example: think of a vague text message that you received. Perhaps bad grammar or few typos rendered the message unreadable. Whatever it was, you’re likely to ponder and try to decipher the message. You’re even likely to text the person back saying, “I didn’t quite get that”.

Saying all that to say, you want your messages to have such an effect on the girl’s mind: confusing her while simultaneously deepening the attraction for you.

You do this by being vague, sending vague and ambiguous texts, purposely inject typos into your messages, say something to her (via text or verbally) that doesn’t compute as logical.

Additionally, do something that’s unconventional and illogical!

For instance, tell her bye at a point during the conversation where things are at the apex of interest.

Do it when she least expects!

Tell her to call you, then immediately afterwards, tell her “never mind”…”something came up”.

Create fucking CONFUSION!

That’s the point!

As I always say: your game should never be structured linearly or rationally.

Predictability is 1 of the main killers of attraction, thus your chances of getting or keeping the girl.

Confuse her thought pattern and you’ll get her chasing, clinging and falling!

I implore you to re-read and take notes for future references!

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