Beta-Male Buffoonery Series: These Guys Just Don’t Understand What Confident And Direct Means

Okay fellaz, it’s been long-overdue since I put together the “Beta-Male Buffoonery Series”, which are series of short posts, exposing Beta-Male-ism coming from the average male online.

Let’s get right into it.

On Facebook, a female friend of mine posted the following status about confident and direct men.

The men who commented, have not 1 clue of what it means to be direct and confident with women (online).

Now, where did these buffoons go egregiously wrong?

Telling a girl she’s sexy in such a context (online), doesn’t classify as “direct”, rather cheesy, lame, generic, socially un-savvy and desperate.

The idiot Marcus tooled himself out when he made the ultimate faux-pas of “asking” the girl if he could inbox her. On top of that, he referred to her as “queen”. No wonder he never got a reply from the girl. That was chode city type of shit right there. Asking a girl for her permission to message her is an instant deflation to the guy’s perception of confidence in the girl’s eyes.

Every other guy made similar mistakes. Bill only got a reply because he used flattery, and the girl was compelled to reply out of social norms…and just to be friendly. But Bill stood no chance either.

Fernando was the worst! Giving a girl your # is so far from confident and direct, that you could probably see the North Pole from South America before this buffoonery would ever be deemed confident and direct!

What these guys are missing ultimately, apart from the fact that they were supplicating and qualifying to the highest degree, is that directly trying to communicate that you are confident and direct, is the opposite of confidence and direct.

If I were to comment, my comment(s) would’ve been very neutral and witty, steering clear of anything that would inadvertently give off the vibe that I’m trying to be/look confident and direct.

What's your view?

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