Seizing My Opportunity With A Fashion Model [Gaming Chicks With High Social value]

To set this up with a little prepper: she had posted a status with a caption quotation from Hillary Clinton. The status was confusing to me, so I commented on it (with no intention of anything further). Instead of replying to my comment on her post, I get an inbox message from her minutes later.

I actually read her status wrong, under the impression that her mobile-service provider [Flow] had sent her a text urging her family in the US to vote for Hillary Clinton. So that’s the set up here as to why she messaged me (on the surface).

I’m just going to post the screenshots without any breakdown (in the interest of time) until the bottom of the post (pic of her below).

[Her msgs in gray]

Reminder: “Flow” is the name of a cellphone-service provider in the Caribbean.

[My msgs in blue]

[Her msgs in gray]

[My msgs in blue]

[My msgs in blue]

[My msgs in blue]

[Her msgs in gray]

[My msgs in blue]

[My msgs in blue]

[My msgs in blue]

[Her msgs in gray]

[Her msgs in gray]

[Her msgs in gray]

[My msgs in blue]

[My msgs in blue]

[My msgs in blue]

[My msgs in blue]

Okay, so what were some of the main themes there of my game?

Firstly, I paid no mind to her being a fashion model for a retail-store outlet (on and off line).

Guys tend to gawk and get all overly anxious once faced with women of high-social value.

They make a big deal about the girl’s career, her work, the fact that she’s a model, etc.

I never did that! I remotely mentioned that she does modeling from what I can see.

That’s all! I didn’t kiss her ass about it!

I still maintained my higher-value position of someone who isn’t impressed by the fact that she does photoshoots for a large-retail chain on the island.

That was a mute point to me.

Secondly, I do my usual schtick: SEXUAL and forward from the gate!!!

I don’t waste fucking time talking that friendly shit!

I get forward from the gate with every woman!!!

Additionally, I got to the point about wanting to meet up for drinks.

Again guys; always get to the point of your communique!

Quit having these conversations to nowhere, texting back and forth without making your pitch for a rendezvous!

There should be zero ambiguity in the girl’s mind about meeting up.

In any case, how was my vibe overall?

Was I coming off like a low-value beggar?


Also, you should bear in mind what happened from the get-go here: she messaged me first.

That’s the grand theme here.

Women on social media, don’t initiate texting with guys.

If a girl happens to do it, for whatever reason, it is a huge IOI (Indicator of Interest).

Take it as such!

Take it that the girl wants you! Don’t just assume from face value that the girl had messaged you for the purpose stated and so forth.

For instance, this chick contacted me under the guise of clarification on a Hillary Clinton quotation she made.

That is bull had I took it as just that! Instead, I took it to mean that it was her way of finding an excuse to message me.

With that, I wisely seized the opportunity to lay my game down, sensing that she was attracted to MY VIBE, arguably from my posts/statuses.

Also, I never complimented her…at least not in a cheesy way. I complimented her sexually.

Another thing I want to point out is the somewhat uselessness of getting phone numbers nowadays, when you could text and set up plans via Facebook or any other DM method on social media.

A phone number is kind of useless in that being able to communicate with the girl via inbox, is just as good as having her #.

Guys mainly go for the # close as an ego boost. I do too. However, I’ve come to the realization that I am able to get girls to meet up, solely by communication via messenger. So having the girl’s # is pointless in that sense.

Whenever I do go for a #, it is mainly because I choose to hit up the girl on Whatsapp…in which I would need the girl’s phone number.

With this chick, I didn’t even attempt to get her # because of her lightening receptivity and quick-response time. So what I would actually do is, as next weekend draws nearer, I would hit her up on messenger about midweek just to re-confirm our plans while charming her up a bit.

You don’t need a # to do this, as long as you’re able to communicate with her by other means.

Lastly, I believe that the biggest verbal tactic utilized here on my part was at the start of the chat, when I mentioned something to the effect that I never seen her on Facebook before…though we’re friends on FB.

What this does is that it neutralizes her hot-girl blasé and high-value perception.

I mean, which guy doesn’t notice a super-hot girl? Whenever you ignore a girl who sees herself as hot (or ignore her hotness), it makes her self-conscious and doubtful of her worth, sexiness and or value.

Do the opposite- shower a super-hot girl with compliments/attention- and she will blow you off.

Hence, always try to downplay a hot girl’s value or hotness, by doing/saying something that does just that…as I did by telling her that I never seen her on FB before.

This is very subtle and powerful!

That is how you get a hot girl’s attention, and get her to want to meet up with you.

Treat models and girls of other so-called high-value categories, as though they are average Janes.

You also successfully do this by either not mentioning her job at all. Or mention it in passing and glancing fashion while continuing to game her up.

All in all guys, I hope that you’d taken note of my overall vibe, which isn’t different at all from my style with other women.

I charm the girl up while getting her attracted by giving off a carefree, “I say what I wanna” vibe. I then throw my pitch as in “let’s meet up”. And then I go for the number exchange if the situation warrants it.

That in a nutshell is my game/approach.

Now, it is way more complex than that since there are tons of psychological tricks and tactics embedded into my dialogue. But a solid pickup of any girl on social media, doesn’t take me any great deal of time.

One of the plethora of problems that most guys have (on and off line), is that they either try to close too fast, or they fail to close at all by having these conversations to nowhere.

You want to find that sweet post after the hook point as we’d say in the seduction community.

Once you got the girl hooked on your vibe or game, you should look to make plans, or at least secure a # ASAP…in order to make plans!

This has to be done after the hook point. To prematurely try to close [set plans or exchange #’s) before reaching the hook point, the girl will reject you!!!!

That is the mistake that 97% of guys make; whether over the internet or during street approaches: they try to seal the deal [get # or set plans] before the girl is significantly attracted/hooked.

Rushing to close before reaching the hook point will make you look desperate and socially inept.

In the same token, taking too long to close, will also make you look stupid and socially inept.

Now, if you follow my method, I am not telling you that it is incumbent upon you to pick up the girl during the initial chat.

I often game girls online in intervals and short spurts over the course of days and weeks before actually establishing plans or getting a #.

However, I would’ve already had the girl so bought in, that the eventual pickup would’ve been academic.

Lastly, I just want to end by touching on the sexual vibe.

I was sexual from the get-go.

Chunks of the interaction was laced with sexual innuendos and blatant-sexual come ons, as when I mentioned dancing, stripping, etc.

Always drop sexual hints and statements into your conversations!

You may say, “But Kenny, whenever I do that, girls get offended, creeped out, scold and reject me”!

The reasons for this are bad calibration and in-congruence in your vibe.

For instance: if you tell a girl “I want to fuck you”, but then she browses your profile and sees posts, shares and memes which read, “Jesus is my lord and savior”,for example, then that is a HORRIBLE example of congruence and good calibration!

There’s a huge disconnect there between “guy who wants to fuck me”, and what she reads in your profile which isn’t forthcoming of a guy who should be telling girls he wants to fuck them.

This is why you should be giving off a bad boy, rebellious vibe from the get-go. So whenever you say something forward to the girl, she wouldn’t dare take it as something truly offensive. But that’s a topic for another day.

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