Perfect Example Of Setting The Wrong Frame With Girls Online

Now, over the past week or so, you’ve been subjected to posts after posts, examples after examples, of how to set the right frame with women.

The “Right Frame” constitutes of a “Sexual” and forward vibe.

The wrong frame would be a friendly, platonic vibe.

As if by freak coincidence and awesome timing, this morning, I received an e-mail from a fan of mines who watches my pick-up videos on Youtube.

He had a question about gaming girls on Tinder.

Here’s his e-mail with my reply below.

I instantly knew the mistake that he could’ve been committing with women over Tinder.

He replied in agreement that it could be that.

There’s no other explanation but that.

Guys fail to set the “I wanna fuck you” frame when chatting up new girls; be it on the streets, social circle or online.

Guys give off 2 distinct vibes:

1.) Platonic friends

2. Boyfriend vibe

Tinder, although I refuse to use it, simply because I get laid too often already from Facebook, it is a hook-up site.

Guys generally aren’t aware of this (that girls use Tinder to hook up).

Thus, men in general use Tinder as though the women on there are desperately trying to find friends, or boyfriend material.

Always assume that women want to hook up!

Let them prove to you otherwise: regardless of the venue or medium!

That should be your rule of thumb as it is for me!

With that in mind, this e-mailer’s failure to get laid on Tinder, is due to the fact that he’s giving off the wrong vibe by setting the wrong frame with the wrong approach.

This is the same issue encountered by guys who get friendzoned. If you’re getting friendzoned at all, it means that you’re giving off a friendly vibe.

Additionally, if you’re encountering situations where girls ultimately reject your advances, it likely boils down to the fact that you’re giving off a relationship type of vibe. And if the girl isn’t looking for that, then you are fucking history!

Therefore, whenever you check out my approaches, do I ever set a relationship or boyfriend frame?

Do I give women the impression that I’m looking for something serious, exclusive or long-term?

Fucks no!!!!

Far from it!

I wisely give off the hookup vibe!

Here’s the beauty also: you don’t exactly have to get sexual and forward with women in order to give off a “let’s hook up” vibe.

Being humorous and playful will often create a fun and carefree vibe. That’s why you’d always see me bantering, cracking jokes, making the girl laugh, teasing her, etc.

Being friendly, which sets a platonic friend frame, you will never see me do that either!!!

Being humorous isn’t the same thing as being friendly and nice!

Although I’m very humorous, I am never nice! I never give off this nice-guy vibe.

What constitutes a nice-guy friendly vibe which lands you in the friend zone?

Talking to the OYD (Object of You Desires) about her job, her career, what she wants to do in life, her kids and their schooling, her boyfriend issues, family problems, etc.

Those topics will lead you to the dreaded friendzone. And they also have the potential to give off the boyfriend vibe.

Lastly, lots of guys out there are petrified of going sexual and setting a sexual frame, because they’re under the illusion that it’ll make them come off as weird.

What this really is, is that guys are so pussified, that they cannot imagine ever getting sexually forward with a total stranger.

Hence, the thought alone of doing so, deters most guys.

It isn’t that they have empirical datum that proves through trail and error that this approach is a no no. They assert that to themselves out of fear; fear of offending.

In any case, you may like the following short post which will give you some insights into my mind and my approach to new women whom I pick up.

Here’s an awesomely insightful video from Todd Valentine on this subject.

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