Optimal Distancing In Day-Game

Kenny infield

When approaching and chatting up women on the streets (or anywhere), there’s an ideal distance in which you should aim to stand in relation to the girl.

Stand too far, or outside of this distance; you risk losing the girl’s attention.

Standing too closely (too soon) than where you see I’m positioned in this pic; then you run the risk of creeping the girl out.

Learn this sweet spot in distancing between yourself and strangers whom you approach.

You should be able to put out your hand and touch the girl.

If you can’t then you’re standing way too far!

This all seems like a no-brainer, but lots of guys make this mistake by either standing too far or too closely. 

You may very well be making this mistake outside of consciousness. So every now and then, you’ll have to give yourself a little reminder.

Kenny infield

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