Beta-Male Buffoonery Series: These Guys Just Don’t Understand What Confident And Direct Means

Okay fellaz, it’s been long-overdue since I put together the “Beta-Male Buffoonery Series”, which are series of short posts, exposing Beta-Male-ism coming from the average male online.

Let’s get right into it.

On Facebook, a female friend of mine posted the following status about confident and direct men.

The men who commented, have not 1 clue of what it means to be direct and confident with women (online).

Now, where did these buffoons go egregiously wrong?

Telling a girl she’s sexy in such a context (online), doesn’t classify as “direct”, rather cheesy, lame, generic, socially un-savvy and desperate.

The idiot Marcus tooled himself out when he made the ultimate faux-pas of “asking” the girl if he could inbox her. On top of that, he referred to her as “queen”. No wonder he never got a reply from the girl. That was chode city type of shit right there. Asking a girl for her permission to message her is an instant deflation to the guy’s perception of confidence in the girl’s eyes.

Every other guy made similar mistakes. Bill only got a reply because he used flattery, and the girl was compelled to reply out of social norms…and just to be friendly. But Bill stood no chance either.

Fernando was the worst! Giving a girl your # is so far from confident and direct, that you could probably see the North Pole from South America before this buffoonery would ever be deemed confident and direct!

What these guys are missing ultimately, apart from the fact that they were supplicating and qualifying to the highest degree, is that directly trying to communicate that you are confident and direct, is the opposite of confidence and direct.

If I were to comment, my comment(s) would’ve been very neutral and witty, steering clear of anything that would inadvertently give off the vibe that I’m trying to be/look confident and direct.

When Grabbing A Girl’s Phone #…

When grabbing a girl’s phone #, does she even know the reason why you’re getting her #?

What I mean is, most guys would grab a girl’s # without stating a purpose (a tangible one).

This has the potential of inadvertently giving the girl the impression that you’re just grabbing the # for the sake of it…or worst; just to text.

Before I swap #’s or grab the girl’s, I always ensure to communicate to her my intentions, like, “we should go grab a drink next week”.

Try not to leave it up to the girl to figure and guess what your intentions are. She will almost always choose the most unfavorable ones: “he just wants to text”, for example.

Well, I’m not interested in merely texting, so I always try to ensure that upon the pickup, the girl knows the deal.

I adhere to this online and off line.

Cute 18-Year Old High-School Girl Picked Up On Her Way From School + My Masterful DHV Strategy Of Adding Girls On Facebook

18 year old school girl

Few weeks back, I went into the city primarily to run some light day-game sessions. I picked up 7 girls out of 9 approached (securing phone numbers).

Of the 7 girls picked up, one of them was an 18-year old high-schooler with a knapsack on her back.

Now, typically, I am allergic to girls under the age of 30 since I’m HUGE on sexual experience (which generally comes with age).

This high-schooler however, had such a sexy walk, I was totally mesmerized and captivated to the point of being propelled to approach.

First off, I had no clue of her age, nor did I know she was a school girl. Because I was walking behind her trying to catch up to her, I wasn’t able to see her face to get an idea of her youthfulness.

Here are few still-shots from a video I was to take of the approach. I wasn’t able to capture the entire pickup (not even the approach 😦 ). The most I got were these shots.

It actually took me a great while to catch up with her. Not that she was walking that fast. But I was so far behind that it took me some minutes to catch up.

Since this was a few weeks back, details of the pickup are sketchy.

However, I do recall opening her about her knapsack as I got closer:

Me: “Do girls usually venture into the city with knapsacks on their back”?

She looked back at me with a shyish smile, and that’s when she said something to the effect of, “I was coming from school”.

I thought she meant college until she mentioned the name of the high school she attends.

I shortly afterwards confirmed that she was 18 (although the legal and recognized age of sexual consent in the Caribbean is 16).

In any case, we chatted a bit more until she reached the entrance of a photography place, so I knew I had to pull right now.

I quickly grabbed her # while clearly stating the purpose of the # exchange, which is to meet back up in the city over the weekend, or in another 2 weeks or so.

She was down (at least verbally), but I knew I had my work cut out for me, since I wasn’t able to build a prerequisite amount of attraction due to the briefness of the interaction.

Later that Friday, I hit her up on Whatsapp as means of proverbially showing my face so she doesn’t think I’d only grabbed her # for the fuck of it.

We chatted a bit on Messenger also, after I’d added her.

The question you may have is: “why did you add her on Facebook? What was the logics”?

I talked about this sparingly in the past, that Facebook is my DHV palace (Demonstration of High Value).

My Facebook [my posts] is set up in a way that attracts women to my style, through my status updates.

It is my virtual wingman. So whenever I add a girl to my Facebook, it is an attempt to reel her into my world as a way to generate, build and solidify attraction.

For instance, if I hurriedly pick up a girl because of stringent timing (she has to catch a bus, etc), thus I wasn’t able to build any or much attraction, to then try to get the girl out (with minimal attraction), would’ve been an uphill battle.

With that, the more prudent strategy was to add the girl on Facebook, and allow Facebook (via my kick-ass forward posts) to work for me as a tool of attraction.

In fact, almost every girl I pick up, I add her on Facebook as a way to give her some killer insights into my lifestyle, ideals and personality.

I wouldn’t advise you to do this if your Facebook, Instagram, etc. suck donkey balls.

I’d promised a while back to publish a product entitled, “Pimping out your Facebook”, which will have guided you on how to post the type of stuff that attracts and hooks women.

Unfortunately, completion of “Pimping your Facebook”, have stalled, simply because I just can’t find the spare time to work on the document. I may have to consciously decide to abstain from pickup, dating, sex and internet, for at least 2 weeks just to get the time to work on products that have been shoved on the back burner.

Just some of the names and numbers entered into my 9 year olf Blackberry of the girls I picked up that day.

Perfect Example Of Setting The Wrong Frame With Girls Online

Now, over the past week or so, you’ve been subjected to posts after posts, examples after examples, of how to set the right frame with women.

The “Right Frame” constitutes of a “Sexual” and forward vibe.

The wrong frame would be a friendly, platonic vibe.

As if by freak coincidence and awesome timing, this morning, I received an e-mail from a fan of mines who watches my pick-up videos on Youtube.

He had a question about gaming girls on Tinder.

Here’s his e-mail with my reply below.

I instantly knew the mistake that he could’ve been committing with women over Tinder.

He replied in agreement that it could be that.

There’s no other explanation but that.

Guys fail to set the “I wanna fuck you” frame when chatting up new girls; be it on the streets, social circle or online.

Guys give off 2 distinct vibes:

1.) Platonic friends

2. Boyfriend vibe

Tinder, although I refuse to use it, simply because I get laid too often already from Facebook, it is a hook-up site.

Guys generally aren’t aware of this (that girls use Tinder to hook up).

Thus, men in general use Tinder as though the women on there are desperately trying to find friends, or boyfriend material.

Always assume that women want to hook up!

Let them prove to you otherwise: regardless of the venue or medium!

That should be your rule of thumb as it is for me!

With that in mind, this e-mailer’s failure to get laid on Tinder, is due to the fact that he’s giving off the wrong vibe by setting the wrong frame with the wrong approach.

This is the same issue encountered by guys who get friendzoned. If you’re getting friendzoned at all, it means that you’re giving off a friendly vibe.

Additionally, if you’re encountering situations where girls ultimately reject your advances, it likely boils down to the fact that you’re giving off a relationship type of vibe. And if the girl isn’t looking for that, then you are fucking history!

Therefore, whenever you check out my approaches, do I ever set a relationship or boyfriend frame?

Do I give women the impression that I’m looking for something serious, exclusive or long-term?

Fucks no!!!!

Far from it!

I wisely give off the hookup vibe!

Here’s the beauty also: you don’t exactly have to get sexual and forward with women in order to give off a “let’s hook up” vibe.

Being humorous and playful will often create a fun and carefree vibe. That’s why you’d always see me bantering, cracking jokes, making the girl laugh, teasing her, etc.

Being friendly, which sets a platonic friend frame, you will never see me do that either!!!

Being humorous isn’t the same thing as being friendly and nice!

Although I’m very humorous, I am never nice! I never give off this nice-guy vibe.

What constitutes a nice-guy friendly vibe which lands you in the friend zone?

Talking to the OYD (Object of You Desires) about her job, her career, what she wants to do in life, her kids and their schooling, her boyfriend issues, family problems, etc.

Those topics will lead you to the dreaded friendzone. And they also have the potential to give off the boyfriend vibe.

Lastly, lots of guys out there are petrified of going sexual and setting a sexual frame, because they’re under the illusion that it’ll make them come off as weird.

What this really is, is that guys are so pussified, that they cannot imagine ever getting sexually forward with a total stranger.

Hence, the thought alone of doing so, deters most guys.

It isn’t that they have empirical datum that proves through trail and error that this approach is a no no. They assert that to themselves out of fear; fear of offending.

In any case, you may like the following short post which will give you some insights into my mind and my approach to new women whom I pick up.

Here’s an awesomely insightful video from Todd Valentine on this subject.

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