More Proof That Women Will Totally Ignore Your Kiss-Ass…Part III

A day ago, some chick on Facebook posted a status which read something along the lines of she’s in need of a teddy bear to cuddle with, so…”Who wants to cuddle with me”?

As always the case, hoards of chumps took the validation bait and quickly went, “me, me, me”, like children in class salivating at becoming teacher’s little favorites and getting a treat for it.

Essentially, the girl was seeking validating by trying to find out how many suckers would take the bait and tool themselves out for her.

For the most part, the girl completely ignores the others while deciding to reply to my comment, which led to more than 20 replies back and forth between us.

As you can see from the screenshot above, my comment sparked a 12 reply discussion which went on.

What was I doing differently from every other guy?

I wasn’t going, “me, me, me! I wanna be your teddy bear”!

I actually (false) disqualified myself by indirectly telling her that I don’t want to cuddle [in pickup, we call this a “False Disqualifier” technique].

By saying to the girl, “they sell them (teddy bears) in stores”, I essentially disqualified myself as someone kissing her ass, giving her validation and chasing her.

Our replies on the post continued.

Clearly you could see my Game in full swing, and the reactions it caused within the girl’s frame.

She was chasing me instead of me chasing her and wanting to cuddle with her.

By her saying, why didn’t I bring the teddy bear by her, was an admission of her chasing. And also an indication of 2 things:

1.) Wanting me to come over

2.) Getting attracted to me (my vibe) because of the fact that I played hard-to-get via False Disqualifying technique.

My frame got her to chase me hard!

Comments continued below.

Basically some hard flirting back and forth.

The replies went on for another 12 comments or so between us.

Why wasn’t she doing this with any of the other guys who had commented?

Why did she blatantly ignore every one of them but me?

In a nutshell: Game…which encompasses psychology and an understanding of women and humans on a whole.

I baited her in by making a comment which made me appear hard-to-get and high value since I wasn’t chasing her!

Every other guy was chasing via cheesy-ass generic compliments and over-eagerness to cuddle with her.

Those guys were quickly blown out by themselves.

Remind you: this is a hot-fucking girl virtually begging for me to come cuddle with her…indirectly so!

The attraction was set within 1 comment: my initial comment.

All of this had absolutely NADA to do with my looks! So for the “looks matter” crowd: fucking shove it!!!

Game, and one’s ability to read women, trump looks virtually all of the time!

With that girl who was obviously sold on me (my vibe), I could’ve inboxed her, secured the # and got to cuddle her and fuck her that same night! But for various reasons (meetups with other women); I chose not to. But I had that option! Those other clowns didn’t!

Before wrapping this up, I want to touch on something which I do quite often when gaming girls on Facebook.

In Facebook Bang, I talk about a nifty strategy of mines which virtually entails gaming the girl (lightly) in the comment section, charming her up (building attraction), and then inboxing her the next day or few days later.

This is a HUGE strategy of mines, particularly used whenever my proverbial cup is filled to the brim.

It is also a great way to show the girl that you aren’t desperate to close.

With that, I often times charm the hell out of the girl on her status (or mines), while she virtually ignores every other guy.

Here’s another example from last night with a Spanish girl. She posted a sexy pic, I commented in Spanish [I’m fluent in Spanish by the way].

As you can see, my comment led to 43 comments between her and me (actually over 50).

Every other guy- the chodes- was basically ignored or received a pity “thank you” from the girl. That’s the most AFC’s get if anything at all.

Now, the super interesting thing with this convo between the Latina and me, is that I had to indirectly tell her to stop commenting, that’s how much she was engaged and locked-in to me.

In the screenshot below, my comment at the top (in Spanish) translates to: “Hey flashy girl, 37 replies between us, people are probably wondering what the hell is happening? What the fuck is this, some kind of soap opera or something”!?

From that comment of mines at the top (about 37 replies between us), I was indirectly taking shots at the chodes who were being ignored by her.

This is a very powerful technique in that it forces the girl to place perceived value upon me while simultaneously lowering the value of the other guys (though they were already deemed valueless in the girl’s eye).

Additionally, I’ve naively asked myself the following: “why can’t guys generate interesting (and flirty) conversations which lead to lengthy dialogue in the way that I do”?

The answer is simple: most guys have jack shit to say! Most guys don’t even know what the fuck to say beyond a cheesy compliment!

Listen- here’s how the typical dialogue goes between 99% of guys on Facebook and the girl…on the girl’s status:

Guy: “You are so beautiful sweetheart. So lovely my darling”!

Girl: “thank you”

Guy: “no…thank you beautiful. How is your day my love”?

IGNORED!!!!!!!! πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

No further replies from the girl.

I mean, I see this shit play out in real time: time after time, day after day, post after post, second by second!

The same scripted conversation that leads to a dead end.

No matter how the frikkin’ guy looks: he gets ignored and rejected subsequent to such a kiss-ass piece of interaction! So when you chodes talk about look matter: matter where!? Not on fucking Facebook! Not in the club or bar when your game is generic as fuck!

Anyway, in order to sporadically spark interesting conversation that gets the girl interested, you must have interesting shit to talk about!

If you can’t manage to get a reply from the girl on her status, then you have zero shot through her inbox!

Thus the problem/sticking-point of the vast vast majority of men trying to attract women on social media.

They lack the ability to generate convo, hence attraction, so they lose the girl’s attention, notwithstanding the fact the they never had the girl’s attention to begin with.

With all that being said, I’m poised to wait a bit, charm and attract the girl with a spirited and somewhat flirty chat on her status or pic upload, and then DM her another day with a sure-shot pull as far as phone-number swap goes.

Some of you reading this will be tempted to say, “But Kenny, you’re conversation on girls’ statuses carry on because you want to prolong it. Other guys may not want to have a convo”.

Bullshit! Every guy who comments some cheesy shit on a girl’s post is looking or hoping to have conversation. They just lack the know-how of making it happen!

You can read further about this technique here:

On a final note, what I hoped to have gotten across to you here is the effortlessness and simplicity of attracting random strangers on Facebook, by posting the right kinds of comments which inspire women to have to want to engage and reply.

I wish to convey to you through such posts, the easiness of getting a girl to chase you, just by structuring your comment(s) in a way that de-validates her (robbing her of the validation she seeks) while drawing her in through various means.

You can learn more in Easy guide to picking up girls on Facebook.

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