I Set Boundaries When It Comes To Sex-pectations

Days ago, a fuck-buddy of mines stood me up after we had a sex and ice cream rendezvous planned at my place.

Below: her texts in white. Mines in green.

Following morning.

That same night, she did come by, but I refused to bring her to a climax (I usually make her cum via cunnilingus). My texts in green below.

That is what I call setting boundaries by being a dick.

This girl gives an amazing fucking blowjob, but she always complains about 2 minutes in, about being tired and that her jaws hurt.

“FACK that pisses me off”!

Hence, she’s never managed to make me climax to date (which is very disappointing).

Usually, I would let it slide, not complain about it, while going down on her for like 45 minutes until she orgasms.

That night, I refused to do it, so she was left to having to make herself cum.

Yesterday evening, she hits me up with the following proposal [her txts in white].

She knew I meant business about her being a lazy ass and needed to step her shit up as far as pleasuring me to a climax.

Honestly guys, I prefer getting a blowjob to having full-on intercourse…half of the time.

Anyway, she did stop by my PUA-pad and she toiled away at blowing me for a good 40 minutes with a fair amount of breakage and stoppages.

Nevertheless, she persisted upon my insistence.

After she left (I kicked her out), I did thank her at least [my texts in green].

What I’ve come to learn is that during sex and cases where girls flake on guys, guys tend to always allow themselves to be shortchanged for the exchange of sex or promise of the girl finally coming through.

What I mean is, there are no boundaries or conditions being set by the guy…generally.

He’s just elated and feels a sense of lucky that he has a girl in his company. So the girl gets to set all rules and conditions while the guy get his sidelined.

I don’t play that!

This is part of my Alpha mindset. An Alpha-Male sets boundaries and put things and people in check whenever he feels a sense of disadvantage.

I set boundaries quite often with women whom I’m sleeping with.

I let them know that if they flake or stand me up, I’ll become an incredible asshole.

Some guys see this as reactive. Sure! But it doesn’t DLV me by ratcheting up the asshole when need be.

Women will respect you for having boundaries and balls, just as the case with this chick.

Stay Alpha!

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