Swift & Easy Online Pull Of A Super-Thin Bikini Model…Testament To My Facebook Pick-Up Model Being Superb…Bar None!

Two weeks ago on Facebook, I picked up an HB9 with who I’d created an attractive vibe from the get-go (pictured above).

I friend-requested her perhaps a month and a half ago. But I was just too busy gaming other girls on social media, to have sufficient time in order to game this one. So I had to put her on the back-burner for a later time.

In the interim, once I’ve relegated a girl to the back-burner, someone whom I’d love to bang eventually, I don’t just keep her there in absentia, never to hear from me until it’s game time.

No, No ,No; I warm the girl up to my presence and give her a taste of my killer personality by commenting on her stuff, and in turn, getting her to comment on my stuff after I would’ve baited her in.

This is an integral component of my Facebook pickup strategy (getting girls to interact on my status updates, photos and memes).

With this bikini-model chick, the process was procedural: comment back and forth on each other’s stuff, then hit her up via inbox.

The beauty of my method- when employed structurally- enables you to get the girl liking you, even before DM’ing her.

Therefore, when you will have messaged her for the first time, grabbing the # becomes purely academic at that point.

With that, by the time I messaged her, she had already gotten a taste of my high-value and attractive vibe via comments.

I opened her (below).

[My messages in blue]

I wanted to re-establish the cocky, jerk frame which is the impression I gave her via comments (I’m a cocky jerk). Hence the reason I mentioned her not having any time for a jerk like me. The smiley face neutralizes the comment of mines which would’ve otherwise been misconstrued as a needy comment.

Also, by me saying to her that she has many fans and admirers, it sets me apart from those chodes. In other words, I communicated to her that I am NOT 1 of her fan or groupie since I excluded myself from that bunch.

Learn how to be witty! It is 1 of the biggest attraction gambits in my game.

Additionally, I don’t disagree with her about hating men, but in the same token, I am not a man but an E.T. πŸ™‚ .

My angle gets set from the gate: drinks and pizza. Always try to have a clear objective early so the girl doesn’t get the impression that you’re just looking to pass some time because of boredom.

For some odd reason, she was under the impression that I live elsewhere. So I had to specify to her that I do live on island (which I thought was obvious). But I make the trek to her part of the island every other weekend.

Half of the time, this isn’t exactly true. What do I mean by that? It isn’t that I live on the other side of the island and I’m only able to commute to the other side biweekly. It is really because my schedule is already packed tight like sardines, so I use this as an excuse (living on the other side of the island) in order to buy time. Other times, I would tell the girl that I’m off island on business or something.

I gave her an indirect compliment when I asked if she’s old enough to even drink? Never compliment a hot girl directly! Hence my stealthy-indirect compliment which indirectly says that she’s young-looking. With such a compliment, a girl neither takes it as low-value, kiss-ass, weak nor generic. It shows your social intelligence.

Additionally, she laughed at my humor when I mentioned her having OJ instead of alcohol on our so-called date. This is a NEG also: very stealthy NEG. Whenever a girl laughs upon a Neg, it is great sign of a NEG perfectly delivered.

By that time, I was framing the rendezvous logistics by trying to find out her taste, what she drinks, etc. Doing this solidifies your intention (to meet up), and it also communicates to the girl that you are all business at the end of the day, and that you’re not interested in becoming her text-pal.

More humor, wits and comebacks when I responded to her message about not being a drinker. I lower her value (with a NEG) by saying if she wants a kiddie date and so forth. This puts the girl on the spot and gets her to rethink her initial position.

I doubled-down on her kiddiness by telling her to put on a tight school-girl outfit for our date. πŸ˜† πŸ™‚

Very key here guys: you know that you have major compliance whenever the girl makes fun of herself in light of something you’d said. To my comment about wearing short-tight outfit, her response was basically, “do you see how skinny I am? I can’t wear a short-tight dress”, essentially sub-communicating that she wouldn’t look sexy in something real tight when she doesn’t have the perfect curvatures to accommodate it. 

This in a nutshell shows that my statement made her self-conscious, thus lowering her value, but instead of turning her off, it made her look towards me as someone of authority to whom she must seek approval.

I played with her insecurities (about her weight and size) by telling her to wear a flowing dress in order to cover up her bones. Now: which guy makes fun of a slender, sexy hot girl? No guy in his right mind…but a man who’s valuable, full of options and doesn’t give a shit! Here is a sexy fucking girl that any ordinary guy would go bonkers over, compliment her out the wazoo. Yet I derisively comment and neg her on her thinness. Very powerful frame!

Now here is another key in calibration: never overdo it! Had I continued about her thinness, she would’ve really felt insecure, and my jokes would’ve then come off as extremely insensitive, thus showing that I lack social intelligence. So that’s why I phase-shifted by changing subjects while complimenting her on being a good sport and having humor. Very key! This technique in seduction is called “Reward & Punishment”. Always reward the girl (with a compliment) after you would’ve negged her, made her feel a bit insecure and so forth. You then redeem her self-esteem by making her feel good with a compliment. This technique is rooted deeply in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). It is very sneaky and evil yet effective in getting a girl hooked on seeking your approval.

Note: my compliment wasn’t on her physical attributes and facial beauty, but her sense of humor! Again- never compliment a (hot) girl on her looks and hotness!

I then strategically gave her an incentive to further want to met up: “you would make for an interesting time chilling together”.

She’s a shy girl- something that caught me off guard since she does bikini modeling on the side- but I then again counter this by telling her I would tone down my alphaness just to not intimidate her. What does this do? It shows my social intelligence, and it also puts me in the frame of her superior and someone of higher value. Take note of this: women historically look to men as their superiors. Also, a woman will always look to submit to a man she deems is of high value than she is. If you were to really study the interaction closely here, you would clearly see that I am operating as her superior, rewarding her with a treat here and there, punishing her with a NEG here and there, while she’s being the submissive damsel, indicative of the fact that she said “I’m shy”.

Anyway, I was supposed to commute to her side of the twin island, but we had a category 1 hurricane which rendered traveling by sea and air impossible.

Excuse me! I thought she was a nurse as far as her full-time employment goes. But she does work at a medical institution as far as I gathered from her photo uploads and statuses.

Anyway, perfect for logistics that she doesn’t work on weekends! This totally compliments my schedule.

Again, at every chance you get, use it to mention something that has to do with the pending rendezvous. Thus the reason I told her I’ll hit her up next week so we can decide on a shy date. This has a 2 prong effect: apart from solidifying my intentions to meet up, by me winding things down in telling her I’ll hit her up next week, it sets the impression that I am the one of value, I’m the one with shit going on for him and I’m the one who operates on a tight schedule. I call this the boss’ frame. A boss has shit to do so he’ll have to get back to you. A guy who sets this sort of high-status vibe, will make women submit to his will, whim and fancy! Therefore, always wind things down first and end the conversation before the girl does it!

“There’s no such thing as a girl being single”!! This has been 1 of my talking-points for years now, and I operate by it and live by it! So much so that the women who follow me on social media, are very much acquainted with this position of mine. Again, this is testament to the fact of what I’ve been preaching to you guys over the months, that the women in your friend list, see/read everything you post on Facebook! Therefore, whenever you post lame chode shit, women associate you with lame-ass chode shit. This chick here never even commented on any of my statuses about women not being single. Yet she damn sure seen it! With that: learn to have your own set of opinions! Guys make the mistake of doing nothing but post and share memes all day. Sharing memes does not give the girl a glimpse into your personality. It only says that you’re lazy and don’t have an opinion of your own.

Strategically, I pull the brakes and made it about our pending meetup when I humorously told her let’s not talk about everything now. Which guy says something like that to a hot girl? Either a crazy one, or a super-confident guy who’s of higher value.

The reason she said, “well I’m living in ***** lol”, is because I went for the # close by firstly putting the area code (1268). So I briefly explained to her that the reason I do this is because I go back and forth to New York City, so whenever I call outside of the U.S., I have to put the area code before dialing.

Anyway, she didn’t quite get that I was angling for her phone #, so I cockily and confidently told her that I won’t ask twice for her #. Again- which guy does/says this to a very hot girl? No guy would! But here I am treating a hot girl as if she has zero value, giving her chances and shots at giving me her #.

She claimed I’d never asked for the #…which I never did…technically. She then coughed it up. I call this getting a girl’s # without even asking. Very powerful on a sub-conscious level!

Whenever a girl asks your name upon the # exchange, it is a surefire IOI (Indicator of Interest). If she weren’t interested, and were just giving you her # in order to get rid of you, she wouldn’t care for your name: whether it’s correct or incorrect. So, a very telling sign to look for.

Whenever women comment on my stuff, I always abbreviate their names. Same thing I did with this girl by calling her ****. She then claimed that **** is her pet’s name.

She prefers me to call her by her given name. I prefer not to do so! Hence I said to her, “**** [her pet’s name] sounds best…so I’ll stick with that”.

She then send me a voicenote of her name, which I couldn’t pronounce just by reading it.

End the conversation before the girl does! The one who ends it first has the most perceived value and the upper hand!

Just a little humor to end things off when I made mention of her style being similar to mines. Clearly she didn’t buy that since she’s well aware of the opinionated, scandalous and attention-grabbing stuff that I’m accustomed to posting. 😈

Anyway guys, that was just another textbook Facebook pickup.

I saved her digits to my Whatsapp, and dubbed her as “Slim HB”.

As far as following up, I can’t say when I will.

Literally too much on my plate. There are girls whom I’d picked up as far back as May, but haven’t been able to squeeze them in as yet. So based on that projection, since I’d only picked up this bikini-model 2 weeks ago, I may end up actually only having time to meet her in December or January of next year. 😯

The only thing I “may” risk by waiting that long is that the attraction could fizzle out. But there’s only a -10% chance of that happening since I am masterful at keeping chemistry alive.

Also bear in mind that I generally operate on a first-come-first-serve basis. I generally prioritize based on the order in which I meet the girl. The only how I break this rule of mines is if I met the girl outside of the internet (i.e. on cold approach), if she lives nearby (as in the same neighborhood, if she’s extremely DTF, if she’s a tourist of sorts and is set to leave in the matter of days, or if my other leads flake out on me.

I would’ve loved to meet up with this girl this weekend or the next, bang the shit out of her and add her to my proverbial fuck-list. But I’ll have to see how that materializes.

Remember: as you become good in the field of attracting hot women, no 1 girl becomes more important than another!

Presently, operating from a scarcity frame as you do, you only put hot girls on a pedestal because you lack options, you don’t have variety and choice and you cannot pick up other women at will. Hence, operating from this scarcity mentality, you tend to push all aside just to accommodate a certain girl based on her outer beauty and hotness.

When you begin to operate from an abundance mentality, and getting lots of women, a girl’s hotness: banging body and beautiful face, no longer impresses you. You require more from a girl than just her hotness! And women sense this, so they act accordingly.

Lastly- and you well know what I’m about to say- Looks don’t fucking matter 1 bit! I’m going to put this out there right now: any guy who comments on this blog from now on, saying, or even remotely insinuating, that looks matter, will be blocked and barred from commenting on this blog from now on. I will NOT harbor chodish and AFC guys with their Omega mindset around this place, to hamper all the good works that I’ve managed to accomplish thus far in making guys believe that looks don’t matter! I’ve since cracked down on such Beta comments left on my Facebook page [Master Seducers], by deleting the comments and blocking the guilty individuals, just to show that I mean fucking business!


It is always the guys who buy into the “looks matter” bullshit, who are the ones not visiting poon-town regularly (or at all)!

Guys like myself who can give 2 fucks about looks, are the ones getting all the hot girls! So if you want to spend your time pontificating on why looks matter; take that shit elsewhere because I will no longer entertain that sort of low-value rubbish around here; whether in the form of a question or comment!

Day after day I keep showing you guys how looks don’t matter, yet I’m still being bombarded with emails from chodes saying: “Perhaps it’s my looks why I can’t get girls. Only if I were taller, didn’t have pimples, and didn’t have this fat nose”!

For crying out fucking loud: I am balding in my hairline area!!!! And I don’t hide this because I rarely wear hats or anything covering my head! I don’t give a fuck! The women whom I game and pick up on social media (and in person), clearly see my thinning hairline, but they don’t give 2 fucks since I don’t give 2 fucks, because I know it isn’t about that, but it’s all about the vibe and sex-worthiness I create!

No matter how hot a girl is, what she does for a living or sport, nor what she thinks of herself as far as she being the shit, my frame remains the same: I am the shit! I am the prize! not her!!!

I carry and exude such a mindset whenever chatting with the hot ones and the not-so-hot ones.

Also, did I pay 1 iota of attention to this girl’s attractiveness (pictured below)?

Nope! Not a mention of it!

Did I get carried away and besides myself, knowing that she’s a part-time bikini-model, and guys go bonkers over women like these?

Nope! Didn’t even mention it!

Everything I do is to prevent giving the girl the impression that her beauty fazes me in the least.

The hotter she is, the more icy I become in that I withhold compliments as if I were guarding a fucking pot of gold!

When you see me interact with women whom I pick up on Facebook for instance, do you ever see me make my shortcomings factors!?

Do I come off as a guy who seems unsure of himself, his worth, hampered by his lack of good looks? Or do I come off entitled to getting the girl! And do I ultimately get the girl who every other guy fails to even get a reply from?

The answers to those questions are crystal clear: I get the girl 98% of the time, while the so-called attractive guys get blown out 90% of the time!

Once you act the part; women will buy into it!

On a final note, if you look back at the previous post where I spoke about “10 things I never care to ask women”, from the interaction with this bikini-model, you would’ve realized how religiously I adhere to my 10 points.

I never asked this HB9 any of the following:

“Do you have a boyfriend”?

“Do you like me”?

“How old are you”?

“What’s your religion”?

“Do you have kids”?

“How’s your day”?

“What work do you do”?

Never had I asked her any of those questions, simply because they are not important and not helpful to ask/know! So I don’t just preach this shit. I adhere to it!

I don’t care whether she has a boyfriend or not! I know she does because all women have some guy in their life whom they hide their activities from (such as a boyfriend)! But that has nothing to do with moi, so I never ask women about their relationship status!

If you have any question on how to instantly attract and pick up hot girls on social media, drop me a line in the comment section of this post, or email me @ kjsocialkenny@gmail.com .

If you’d like to learn my method, step-by-step, then grab your copy of any of my Facebook game method, which you could find in the sidebar or directly below this article.

With that, I leave you with this video of mines on why you suck at picking up girls on Facebook.

Here’s a video from the throwback Julien on the mindset of being entitled to getting the hot girls. This hearkens back to the point I made throughout this post, that my approach to hot women is as if they weren’t hot at all. So no matter how unattractive you are, if you carry an air of entitlement and actually own that shit by operating accordingly; women will respond to it (as I prove time after time)!

3 thoughts on “Swift & Easy Online Pull Of A Super-Thin Bikini Model…Testament To My Facebook Pick-Up Model Being Superb…Bar None!

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  1. Hi Kenny I like the fact you understand women very well. When texting a women you know the way to get a women attracted to you. I am a 61 year old man. I date beautiful young women.
    I am well aware what I am doing when texting a women. It does not matter what a man looks like or a mans age. He must just have confident Alpha male attitude and a good understanding of women. Well done Kenny.


  2. Hi Kenny I have a pet name for a girlfriend. My pet name for her is Bunny because she is hot in bed. Her pet name for me is also Bunny. For the same reason. This morning while texting another girlfriend I used the name Bunny by mistake. I had to think quickly on my feet she had shown me a picture of her in a woolly hat and a fur lined coat. I said she looked like a Rabbit in it. I expect this has happened to you before when texting your girlfriends. How do you deal with your mistake in using a wrong name for another women?


    1. LMBAO I know the feeling. I don’t nake the same mistake with names, but I do at times with texting the wrong girl until I catch myself. But hilarious story though with the bunny recovery of yours lol


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