You’ll Attract The Hot Ones & The Not-So-Hot Ones: The Unintended Consequence Of Having High-Value Game

This is pretty much how I handle girls to whom I’m not attracted.
[Her messages in gray]

I wouldn’t say I was being a total dick.

One thing that kept irking me though is when she insisted on calling me Joseph, after I told her I don’t like being called that.

I was also wary of the catfish factor since she only had like 4 generic pic in her profile. But I knew she couldn’t have been a catfish- because who in their right minds- would use an unattractive girl as a catfish?

Anyway, so how often or infrequently do I attract these sorts of girls whom I don’t deem attractive? Once per day I would get such a girl ardently chasing via inbox.

I hardly ever block or delete them. I just tolerate them and ignore them for the most part…and hope they’ll go away.

What's your view?

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