More Proof That Women Will Totally Ignore Your Kiss-Ass…Part III

A day ago, some chick on Facebook posted a status which read something along the lines of she’s in need of a teddy bear to cuddle with, so…”Who wants to cuddle with me”?

As always the case, hoards of chumps took the validation bait and quickly went, “me, me, me”, like children in class salivating at becoming teacher’s little favorites and getting a treat for it.

Essentially, the girl was seeking validating by trying to find out how many suckers would take the bait and tool themselves out for her.

For the most part, the girl completely ignores the others while deciding to reply to my comment, which led to more than 20 replies back and forth between us.

As you can see from the screenshot above, my comment sparked a 12 reply discussion which went on.

What was I doing differently from every other guy?

I wasn’t going, “me, me, me! I wanna be your teddy bear”!

I actually (false) disqualified myself by indirectly telling her that I don’t want to cuddle [in pickup, we call this a “False Disqualifier” technique].

By saying to the girl, “they sell them (teddy bears) in stores”, I essentially disqualified myself as someone kissing her ass, giving her validation and chasing her.

Our replies on the post continued.

Clearly you could see my Game in full swing, and the reactions it caused within the girl’s frame.

She was chasing me instead of me chasing her and wanting to cuddle with her.

By her saying, why didn’t I bring the teddy bear by her, was an admission of her chasing. And also an indication of 2 things:

1.) Wanting me to come over

2.) Getting attracted to me (my vibe) because of the fact that I played hard-to-get via False Disqualifying technique.

My frame got her to chase me hard!

Comments continued below.

Basically some hard flirting back and forth.

The replies went on for another 12 comments or so between us.

Why wasn’t she doing this with any of the other guys who had commented?

Why did she blatantly ignore every one of them but me?

In a nutshell: Game…which encompasses psychology and an understanding of women and humans on a whole.

I baited her in by making a comment which made me appear hard-to-get and high value since I wasn’t chasing her!

Every other guy was chasing via cheesy-ass generic compliments and over-eagerness to cuddle with her.

Those guys were quickly blown out by themselves.

Remind you: this is a hot-fucking girl virtually begging for me to come cuddle with her…indirectly so!

The attraction was set within 1 comment: my initial comment.

All of this had absolutely NADA to do with my looks! So for the “looks matter” crowd: fucking shove it!!!

Game, and one’s ability to read women, trump looks virtually all of the time!

With that girl who was obviously sold on me (my vibe), I could’ve inboxed her, secured the # and got to cuddle her and fuck her that same night! But for various reasons (meetups with other women); I chose not to. But I had that option! Those other clowns didn’t!

Before wrapping this up, I want to touch on something which I do quite often when gaming girls on Facebook.

In Facebook Bang, I talk about a nifty strategy of mines which virtually entails gaming the girl (lightly) in the comment section, charming her up (building attraction), and then inboxing her the next day or few days later.

This is a HUGE strategy of mines, particularly used whenever my proverbial cup is filled to the brim.

It is also a great way to show the girl that you aren’t desperate to close.

With that, I often times charm the hell out of the girl on her status (or mines), while she virtually ignores every other guy.

Here’s another example from last night with a Spanish girl. She posted a sexy pic, I commented in Spanish [I’m fluent in Spanish by the way].

As you can see, my comment led to 43 comments between her and me (actually over 50).

Every other guy- the chodes- was basically ignored or received a pity “thank you” from the girl. That’s the most AFC’s get if anything at all.

Now, the super interesting thing with this convo between the Latina and me, is that I had to indirectly tell her to stop commenting, that’s how much she was engaged and locked-in to me.

In the screenshot below, my comment at the top (in Spanish) translates to: “Hey flashy girl, 37 replies between us, people are probably wondering what the hell is happening? What the fuck is this, some kind of soap opera or something”!?

From that comment of mines at the top (about 37 replies between us), I was indirectly taking shots at the chodes who were being ignored by her.

This is a very powerful technique in that it forces the girl to place perceived value upon me while simultaneously lowering the value of the other guys (though they were already deemed valueless in the girl’s eye).

Additionally, I’ve naively asked myself the following: “why can’t guys generate interesting (and flirty) conversations which lead to lengthy dialogue in the way that I do”?

The answer is simple: most guys have jack shit to say! Most guys don’t even know what the fuck to say beyond a cheesy compliment!

Listen- here’s how the typical dialogue goes between 99% of guys on Facebook and the girl…on the girl’s status:

Guy: “You are so beautiful sweetheart. So lovely my darling”!

Girl: “thank you”

Guy: “no…thank you beautiful. How is your day my love”?

IGNORED!!!!!!!! 😆 😆

No further replies from the girl.

I mean, I see this shit play out in real time: time after time, day after day, post after post, second by second!

The same scripted conversation that leads to a dead end.

No matter how the frikkin’ guy looks: he gets ignored and rejected subsequent to such a kiss-ass piece of interaction! So when you chodes talk about look matter: matter where!? Not on fucking Facebook! Not in the club or bar when your game is generic as fuck!

Anyway, in order to sporadically spark interesting conversation that gets the girl interested, you must have interesting shit to talk about!

If you can’t manage to get a reply from the girl on her status, then you have zero shot through her inbox!

Thus the problem/sticking-point of the vast vast majority of men trying to attract women on social media.

They lack the ability to generate convo, hence attraction, so they lose the girl’s attention, notwithstanding the fact the they never had the girl’s attention to begin with.

With all that being said, I’m poised to wait a bit, charm and attract the girl with a spirited and somewhat flirty chat on her status or pic upload, and then DM her another day with a sure-shot pull as far as phone-number swap goes.

Some of you reading this will be tempted to say, “But Kenny, you’re conversation on girls’ statuses carry on because you want to prolong it. Other guys may not want to have a convo”.

Bullshit! Every guy who comments some cheesy shit on a girl’s post is looking or hoping to have conversation. They just lack the know-how of making it happen!

You can read further about this technique here:

On a final note, what I hoped to have gotten across to you here is the effortlessness and simplicity of attracting random strangers on Facebook, by posting the right kinds of comments which inspire women to have to want to engage and reply.

I wish to convey to you through such posts, the easiness of getting a girl to chase you, just by structuring your comment(s) in a way that de-validates her (robbing her of the validation she seeks) while drawing her in through various means.

You can learn more in Easy guide to picking up girls on Facebook.

I Set Boundaries When It Comes To Sex-pectations

Days ago, a fuck-buddy of mines stood me up after we had a sex and ice cream rendezvous planned at my place.

Below: her texts in white. Mines in green.

Following morning.

That same night, she did come by, but I refused to bring her to a climax (I usually make her cum via cunnilingus). My texts in green below.

That is what I call setting boundaries by being a dick.

This girl gives an amazing fucking blowjob, but she always complains about 2 minutes in, about being tired and that her jaws hurt.

“FACK that pisses me off”!

Hence, she’s never managed to make me climax to date (which is very disappointing).

Usually, I would let it slide, not complain about it, while going down on her for like 45 minutes until she orgasms.

That night, I refused to do it, so she was left to having to make herself cum.

Yesterday evening, she hits me up with the following proposal [her txts in white].

She knew I meant business about her being a lazy ass and needed to step her shit up as far as pleasuring me to a climax.

Honestly guys, I prefer getting a blowjob to having full-on intercourse…half of the time.

Anyway, she did stop by my PUA-pad and she toiled away at blowing me for a good 40 minutes with a fair amount of breakage and stoppages.

Nevertheless, she persisted upon my insistence.

After she left (I kicked her out), I did thank her at least [my texts in green].

What I’ve come to learn is that during sex and cases where girls flake on guys, guys tend to always allow themselves to be shortchanged for the exchange of sex or promise of the girl finally coming through.

What I mean is, there are no boundaries or conditions being set by the guy…generally.

He’s just elated and feels a sense of lucky that he has a girl in his company. So the girl gets to set all rules and conditions while the guy get his sidelined.

I don’t play that!

This is part of my Alpha mindset. An Alpha-Male sets boundaries and put things and people in check whenever he feels a sense of disadvantage.

I set boundaries quite often with women whom I’m sleeping with.

I let them know that if they flake or stand me up, I’ll become an incredible asshole.

Some guys see this as reactive. Sure! But it doesn’t DLV me by ratcheting up the asshole when need be.

Women will respect you for having boundaries and balls, just as the case with this chick.

Stay Alpha!

Fake Profiles

I posted the following status to Facebook days ago, upon receiving a friend request from an obvious fake-Facebook profile.

Now, if you can’t tell this is a fake ass generic profile then you’re either crazy or stupid…or both. Fake profiles like these are usually ran by some unattractive low-self esteem chiclkwho has to make a fake profile in order to get male attention, or some gay dude somewhere looking to trick/catfish clueless thirsty men, or some straight dude in an internet cafe in Nigeria looking to scam men out of $$. Funny thing is, most guys can’t tell a fake profile. All they look at is a cute face and they’re sprung,not even taking into consideration that the chick only has like 10 friends. Which normal chick on FB has just 10 fucking friends!

#Denied #Rejected #Blocked

The screenshots of the fakery below.

Now, if you can’t spot all the markings of a fake profile from the screenshots above, then I don’t think you should be reading blogs like mines.

I would go out on a limb to say that most guys on Facebook receive such catfishing friend requests (not just me).

I’d also go out on a limb to say that most guys simply accept and either go on about their business, or they actually try to game these fake-account holders, oblivious to the reality that those are dummy accounts.

Additionally, I’ve come to the realization that most guys can’t spot a fake girl on social media.

No real girl posts statuses to social media saying that she wants to fuck unless she’s a prostitute of some sort. And not even they post stuff so blatant.

That is the 1st tell-tale sign of a fake.

I don’t entertain such things by accepting such requests…at all!

Per day, I get about 3 such friend requests from these fake accounts.

I’m curious to know how you guys go about handling these; do y’all accept or reject?

More Proof That Women Will Totally Ignore Your Kiss-Ass While Being Drawn To Men Who Challenge Them

The other day, as is the case with lots of women on Facebook, this chick posted a status saying, “I’m bored. Who wants to inbox me”?

I call this the validation tester in order to weed out the Beta-Males, where girls post such statuses, hoping to catch guys rushing at the opportunity to kiss their behinds by saying, “me, me, me! I wanna text you”!

As expected: 99% of guys take the bait: hook, line and sinker, like mindless drones. And the girl quickly eliminates them as potential suitors.

Anyway, so the chick went on further to specify that she only wants single men inboxing her. This in turn caused lots of guys to indirectly offer more validation by qualifying themselves to her by making it known that they are single.

If you check the screenshot above where I’d censored the girl’s profile, the 7 replies were her responses to my comment(s). This actually turned into more than 20 replies back and forth between her and me.

Below, other AFC guys (Average Frustrated Chumps) went on further to reply on the post, ass-kissing and qualifying themselves with lame-ass generic compliments and such.

What is the common theme here from previous posts similar to this?

The girl totally ignores every other guy while only paying attention to me (my comments).

“It must be by looks”!!! 😆

“Hahahaha! Kidding”! Just poking fun at the “looks matter” crowd.

Anyway, so you’ve seen this time after time, post after post where girls blow off 99% of guys while electing to interact with me.

Why did this girl choose to do just that?

1.) I challenged her frame by telling her that there’s no such thing as a single male (which isn’t true…of course). So in essence, I showed her that I wasn’t about to kiss her ass and adopt her frame just to win her favor.

2.) Because I never qualified myself by screaming, “me, me, me, I am single”, thus catching her attention as I stood out from the pack.

Additionally, I didn’t do what every other guy did, which is to dish out some kiss-ass cheesy compliment.

My comments in the thread were off-topic for the most part, in that I completely ignored the fact that she was hot, and I also ignored the fact that she was bored and wanted someone to inbox her.

With that, she was likely saying to herself (if not conscious, subconsciously), “this guy must be high value. Why isn’t he throwing himself at me like every other guy does? Didn’t he notice I made a plea for someone to talk to”!?

The fact that I refrained from taking the validating bait, it opened the gate for dialogue and the possibility of attraction.

This is all psychology.

Were they my stunning looks which made the girl decide to converse, or was it my vibe because I’d challenged her frame while simultaneously demonstrating high value [DHV]?

The answer is crystal clear: it had absolutely nothing to do with looks! So again, this crushes “the looks matter” school of thought to which most of you guys are so fucking attached!

While the average guy ardently continues to latch onto the belief that looks matter, I keep drawing girls in because I know looks don’t matter.

Looks- more so on social media- do NOT save the day and compensate for a lack of game and the ability to read women!

Game will get an ugly laid far far more than a guy with stunning looks but no game, and no understanding of how women and attraction work!

With that, although this chick wanted some cool guy to message her privately, she and I went on to have an interesting conversation- in public- right there on the post’s thread, demonstrating, not only was I a cool guy, but someone of high value (for not taking the bait, not qualifying myself to her and not complimenting her about beauty and looks).

With such dynamics, I could’ve easily inboxed her (days ago, or tomorrow), set up plans for a rendezvous while subsequently grabbing her number.

The attraction has already been set (attraction to my vibe from the back and forth conversation we had on her post). So everything else from here would’ve purely been academic (the pickup).

In addition to that, though she said that she didn’t want any guy in a relationship to try to hit her up via inbox, that would not have applied to me at all!

How so?

I wisely (and this is psychological and strategic) said to her in other words, that all men have girlfriends (which is far from the truth). So in essence, I imposed the frame upon her that if I were to hit her up privately, I would be exempted from her quasi-rule of not wanting to talk to any guy in a relationship.

Do you see how that works?

Any other guy was likely rejected, and would’ve gotten rejected, once the girl inquires about a GF, or browses his profile and reads “in a relationship”.

My profile does say “in a relationship” (and I am in a relationship as most long-time subscribers would know). But again, I would not have gotten rejected since I set the frame in a way which granted me immunity and a status of exception/exemption.

For example, this is no different from a girl saying, “I never have sex on the first date”!

To such a girl, I would say, or convey somehow [setting the frame], that sex on the first date is normal, acceptable, cool and what most sane people do!

She doesn’t have to believe that shit! But it doesn’t matter! As long as I believe it, and as long as I convey this unequivocally! She will in turn believe it also, or grant me exception status by fucking me on the 1st date!

I mean, situations like these in Game are what I encounter and finagle and on a daily basis.

In seduction, this is called Frame Control.

Whenever you capitulate to a woman in such a case as cited above, you hand the frame over to her! Well- in all actuality- she had the frame control to begin with. But once you agree with the premise of the shit women say, such as, “don’t contact me unless you’re single”, your capitulation and submission on the matter, gives the girl control of the frame (which she already had) while killing your chances in 1-giant swoop!

By saying to the girl, “I’m single”, upon her setting the frame that she only wants to talk to guys who are single, you are essentially capitulating and submitting to her frame/will by fitting her mold in such a case!

In pickup, we call this all-too-familiar mistake, “Qualifying”.

Women don’t find guys who can’t hold a frame (guys who qualify to them), attractive!

Even if you’re single, you don’t fucking say it in such a situation like when a girl is seeking validating and trying to weed out weak men who submit to her POV!

Women aren’t attracted to men who either submit to them, who try to fit their ideal mold, or those who cannot hold a frame (i.e. nice guys and Beta Males)!

This is essentially why stereotypical nice guys don’t get laid.

They inherently are turnoffs for women because they cannot and do not even attempt to hold/control a frame with, and over women.

They agree with most things women agree with, they fight women’s causes and battles (white knights), women are never wrong in their eyes, they validate women on every issue under the sun, etc, etc, etc.

Their frame is the antithesis/opposite of a challenge…which is pure submission.

Therefore, do you now see why women on social media often ignore these guys, while instead being drawn into my frame by engaging me? While your stupid ass is there thinking it’s about fucking looks, you really have not 1 smidgen of a clue about attraction and its workings (speaking of, and to the vast majority of adult males on the globe)!

Here’s another great example which I’d randomly dug up in the archives, of ass-kissing and qualifying at its best.

Now, chances would have it that since this status was posted by a woman, it’s likely that she’s of the opinion that Long-Distant Relationships work. The guys clearly sense that also (that the chick’s position is “yes: they do work), hence the guy’s comment in support.

I mean, let’s get real here guys: do you really believe that these guys actually believe that LDR’s (Long-Distant Relationships) work? Or are they only saying that LDR’s can work, in hopes of getting the girl to like them because they agreed with her position/frame?

Clearly to a prudent person who knows how to read social dynamics; these guys are all full of shit!

“Yes, Yes, Yes”!!!

I was the only guy willing to take an opposing position! I didn’t just take that position to be a disagreeable dick. I really believe so (that LDR’s can’t work)! But it is really telling when you have guys co-signing a position which they truly don’t buy into! And that is what most guys do, under the impression that if they agree with the woman’s position, she will fuck them for it!

I went as far as calling their asses out on their bullshit when I said in my comment that both parties won’t commit to it. Surely 1 or both will commit in words. But in deed; they won’t stay the course without infidelity on some level!

Furthermore, why don’t guys disagree with the positions of hot women, and the women whom they’re trying to get with?

Fear of losing her!

Fear of getting on the girl’s bad side and being tabulated onto her shit list!

Instead of risking that occurring, “I need to play it safe”, is what AFC’s say to themselves in an attempt at rationalization and justification for their chodery and not having an opinion or voice.

Interestingly enough- but not surprising- the girl who posted that status flat-out ignored the other guys while tackling my comment, thus getting drawn into a deeper dialogue which sparks interest.

I can go on and on with screenshots after screenshots, dating back to 3 years ago, demonstrating the same thing with girl after girl: guys agreeing and getting ignored and rejected, while I hold my frame in disagreement, to subsequently picking up the girl.

On that note: want to learn from the best there is [myself] in pulling random ass on any social media or dating site?

Reserve your Skype session pronto!

Grab your copy of Facebook Bang for more real-life examples of how to easily attract women and bed women from Facebook!

PUA Street-Game Approach 101: Advanced Guide To Day-Game On The Streets [+Infield Clips]

Hey guys, back by popular demand with a new video which I’d recorded and put together 2 days ago.

In this video, I share 3 of my personal tips for picking up women on the streets, a process which is otherwise known as street game to us PUA’s.

The video also includes 4 real snippets of me putting these concepts into action on the streets while picking up total strangers during Day Game.

Aditionally, the last 3 minutes of the video concludes with a full pickup from the start to finish where I cold approached a girl (all while walking with 2 other guys) before she gets into her car, squashing the myth that you have to get the girl to stop in order to have a solid pull/pickup.

Simple Yet Effective: More Examples Of The Types Of Comments That Grab The Attention Of Hot Girls

In keeping with the previous theme, here’s another pertinent example of what not to say/comment, and how to comment.
This morning, a chick uploaded the following photo.

It didn’t long before the pack of drooling Beta-Males showed up to offer their validation in various ways.

I commented at the end.

Whose comment got noticed out of all the guy?

Mines only. Not failing to mention that my comment was the last of many. So from that standpoint of priority, my comment should’ve been ignored.

This is a very comment theme as I’ve shown you guys time after time with almost real-time examples.

Ninety-eight percent of guys and their comments get ignored on social media.

Ninety-nine percent of the time, my comment receives a reply from the girl almost immediately! While the average guy has his comment ignored more than 75% of the time.

What do I do right? And what did I actually do right with this sexy girl here?

Here’s the thing: on a strategic level, I looked at the previous comments and just to get a better sense of the type of comments that these guys were making.

As expect: 99% of them were chody, generic and downright stupid.

With that, I decided to position myself as the only guy who wasn’t scooping her poop.

The best way for me to have done that, was to make a comment as an outsider by tooling the other guys in a slick way.

Hence the reason I said, “I think it’s eatable guys”. From that comment alone, I separated myself from the pack of desperate guys.

I didn’t comment, “I want to eat you”. Had I done that, I would’ve gotten ignored for being desperate.

Instead, by me saying it looks eatable (“guys”), it made the girl (on a subconscious level) think to herself, “why didn’t he throw himself at me like the others”?

That deflection alone of my innocuous comment, forced the girl to have to reply to my comment (and mines alone).

Whenever you defer from commenting on a girl’s sexiness, she becomes a bit self-conscious as I clearly cited in the previous 2 posts.

You may say to yourself at this point, “But Kenny, you didn’t ignore the girl’s body. You said it was eatable”!


However, context makes the difference as I explained above.

I was essentially tooling the other guys by telling them that her ass is eatable.

From that context, I become that 1 guy who isn’t all fazed by her body.

It is very subtle yet powerful! And this is indicative of the fact that she chose my comment to reply to while blowing off the rest. So even though I made reference to her body/booty, it was done in a way that didn’t get me blown off.

It’s all subtle psychology guys.

This may all seem complex to you at this juncture, but I don’t expect you to grasp this overnight, just as I didn’t grasp the concepts of pickup overnight.

Your greatest sticking-point in game will originate from yourself: your lack of patience and unwillingness to fail before you see positive changes.

I mean, I’ve coached guys online in regards to online game, and within their first attempt at commenting on a girl’s photo, they completely throw in the towel on trying to attract women and get laid online, just because they didn’t manage to get a reply from the girl!

I mean, it is fucking mind-blowing how guys who’ve failed their entire lives, don’t expect to keep failing before they get good at what I teach them!!!

I understand guy’s frustration with slow to no progress, simply because I’ve been there. But it takes time!

Another question you may ask is, “But Kenny, you speak about not caring about what you say to women, yet you chide these guys out for saying things without caring about the girl’s reception”!

Listen, sure I preach that you should say whatever you like and not give 2 shits about what the girl thinks! But dammit, that is not a green light for you to tool yourself out by saying lame-ass shit!

Lastly, I just want to briefly touch on looks again for the umpteen time.

Out of all the guys who commented, I would be hard-pressed to believe that I am the most handsome, and that the girl only replied to my comment because of my handsomeness, while she ignored all the ugly guys.

Again- this smashes the “looks matter” bullshit!

I am NOT the most attractive guy who had commented on this chick’s sexy photo! Yet, she didn’t factor in looks into her decision-making as to whose comment she should reply.

Vibe matters! Looks don’t!

Have the right vibe and women will constantly ignore the super-attractive guys while fawning all over you!

I keep proving to you guys- day after day- that looks don’t matter.

When will you actually begin to believe that women could care less about your looks!?

Be Outlandish In The Game [Free Yourself From The Outcome]

In sticking with the theme left off from the previous post, I want to continue for a bit here on “freedom from outcome”.

I know we preach this semi-esoteric shit a lot in pickup: “Free yourself from external results”, but it is quite simple yet complex…yet simple…yet contradicting.

The truth is: no one can really free himself from an outcome when he’s actually seeking an outcome.

In other words; if you’re trying to sleep with a girl, you cannot really not want the girl yet get the girl to fuck you. So there must be some sort of attachment to the outcome.

However, what we teach you in pickup is that you should give off the impression that you aren’t attached to the outcome, and that you aren’t bounded by your expectations. Hence, you freely do what you want and say whatever you want, without fear of losing something (i.e. the girl).

Freeing yourself from the outcome is more of a mental hack than a tangible one.

Surely you want the girl, but you don’t need the girl!

That in essence is freedom from outcome (the outcome being getting the girl).

Interestingly enough, it is when you begin to play the part of someone free and detached from the outcome, that you will have realized and materialized your outcome into results.

Sounds zen-like and woo-woo! I agree! But it is sort of like the Law of Pareto, which basically states that the more work and effort you put into something, the less results you’ll see. The less work; the more results.

For instance, who gets the lofty pay raise and promotion on the job? Is he or she the person who busted his or her ass day after day, toiling for the company, striving to get shit done? Or is he/she the person who hardly does a thing on the job, doesn’t care less if the business fails or succeeds? Which one of these individuals is likely to get the pay raise and the promotion? The guy or gal who put in the least amount of effort/work.

That is the Pareto Law in a nutshell. And you can clearly see how applicable it is in Game and dating.


For example (in relation to Pareto’s Laws in dating): if you have to spend 10 minutes trying to craft and perfect the “perfect” text to send to the girl, then you’re essentially putting way too much effort into 1 text (and the girl)…which means that you are highly attached to an outcome.

Although you may believe that the more work and effort you put into the crafting of this text message will yield a better result- chances are- it won’t!

Contrarily, if you were a pick-up artist like myself who understands the law of least effort, you wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about perfecting a text message. Least effort and go!

Least effort will yield the most results most of the time.

The more convincing you are in giving women the impression that you are carefree, unattached and not giving 2 shits about her opinion of you, the greater your results will become in attracting women!

Conversely, if you give off the vibe (through text for example) that you need it to work, you need her response, or that you need the girl, then you are fucked!

This all flies in the face of logics: I know. But if you’re new to this genre of dating advice, then you are in for a rude awakening upon learning that the illogical is often times the logical approach in dating.

With that being said, freeing yourself from the external results by harboring a carefree vibe, will undoubtedly grab the attention of women.

A huge part of this freeing involves saying outlandish stuff to women that you would otherwise imagine to be an instant rejection.

I leave you with 3 random examples of recent interactions I had with 3 different chicks whom I recently picked up on social media.

This is just to give you a pertinent example of what freedom from outcome (with women) looks like.

With the following 2 screenshots, I was telling this chick that I’ve been storing up all this cum so that I could cum inside of her when we meet. We weren’t even sexting. But it didn’t matter. I didn’t care because I’m free from giving a shit!
[My messages in blue]

Following screenshot, I had messaged this married chick whom I thought resided on island, but was in Canada at the time. Again- married? Doesn’t matter! Be outlandish!

Remaining 2 screenshots were from last year where I’d messaged this 18-year old hottie.

Below, this chat was with another 18 year old whom I met months prior but never got to meet up again since she’s left for school.

Free from outcome!

I say what I want, do what I want, and women hardly ever get offended because they love a guy who’s untamed and wild.

Ever wondered why women fall so hard and easily for bad boy types? It isn’t their propensity to criminality. It is their unhindered vibe and inclination to say and do whatever they want in relation to the courtship of women.

Here’s the psychology in the form of a question: if you really wanted the girl, would you say such things to her?

Of course not!

Therein lies the magic of why this approach is so effective (saying outlandish shit to women).

This approach works just as great in person as I demonstrated in a recent video of mine (with cold approaches).

Also, videos from Julien and Todd on freedom from outcome.

Any question on the topic discussed?

Feel free to leave a comment.

How Not To Comment On An Entitled Girl’s Photos

Most girls who register above a 5 on the proverbial HB-looks scale, do feel a sense of entitlement, and expect to be lauded with praises of fondness from hoards of men drooling at their feet.

Every girl on social media expects this, and does get this royalty treatment.

A huge component of my pick-up method is equipping you guys with the tools necessary to flip this script and rob entitlement junkies (women) of their fix!

Now, I’m not saying to be mean to women. Just don’t inflate their egos and sense of entitlement larger than that they already are.

Anyway, I’ve dealt with this subject various times in the past. But an encore as a quick reminder is always welcoming.

Whenever I leave a comment on a girl’s status or photo, I expect a reply. I think it’s safe to say we all do!

It isn’t that I “need” a reply, nor that I’m sitting around anticipating a girl’s reply to a comment I made on her stuff. That is what most guys do. They wait for reciprocation from the girl.

Whenever I message a girl, or leave a comment on her pics, I don’t even remember commenting.

I call this the “shoot and go”; I send my message and go!

Saying that bit to say, though I expect a reply whenever I post a comment, I’m no attached to that outcome. In pickup we call this outcome independence. It is where you detach yourself (emotionally and psychologically) from a result/outcome.

Girl tells you to fuck off; don’t get all reactive besides yourself.

Certainly there’s nothing wrong with defending yourself and cussing a bitch out when the situation warrants it. But avoid acting all needy and invested about things.

Okay, I’ve been digressing much, so let’s get back to the topic at hand.

Most guy’s comments get flat-out ignored. If you’re lucky, your comment would get a like from the recipient (the girl). At best, she’ll reply with a “thank you”, but as a way to placate your fragile heart while appearing non-bitchy as possible.

My comments rarely ever get ignored by the girl. Nor do I get a brush off “thanks” in reply. 99% of the time, my comment forces the girl to reply. Not because I do anything extraordinary or awesome. I largely use humor, wits and banter.

The other day, this chicks posted a set of photos. Note: this is a very entitled chicks from what I’d observed on her other posts.

Notice how the girl flat-out ignored every guy’s comment while only replying to mines.

Her reply in laughter led to a deeper threaded dialogue which I didn’t include here.

Why did she take notice of my comment while ignoring the rest (not to mention every other guy had commented before I did)?

Well clearly my comment was the only one that didn’t come off as ass-kissing, gawking and praising.

In conjunction with the fact that I ignored the girl’s looks, my comment was ballsy yet humorous.

Whenever you ignore a girl’s attempt at getting validation (as this girl did), you immediate get her attention as someone who stands out from the pack of Beta-Males.

The girl says to herself (subconsciously so), “why isn’t this guy kissing my ass like the other low-value tools”?

Learn how to not take the validation bait whenever a girl posts pics (namely sexy or seductive photos)!

Now that you know how not to comment on a girl’s pictures, instinctively, you should know how to comment on her photos by taking note of my comment.

Lastly, why don’t guys ever rock the boat with women (as in making witty comments)? Guys don’t want to offend. They don’t want to risk losing the girl! They don’t want to jeopardize a so-called good thing. Hence they choose to play it safe by leaving kiss-ass comments on a girl’s photos.

Again- this is done because 99% of guys are attached to the outcome. They are outcome-dependent. Hence they don’t ever want to make a comment which remotely comes close to offending the girl.

This safe sort of timid frame comes off as super needy and turns women off.

Be willing to risk it!

Be willing to offend!

Quit playing it safe!

Become detached from the outcome! Free yourself from this urge of needing it to work!

When you would have done that, you’ll quickly become amazed to discover that risking it gets the girl’s attention, while playing it safe gets you ignored.

More Chode Shit

So this morning, a guy who’s a fan of mines, friend requested me on Facebook.

As usual, I screen the profile just to ensure that it’s legit, then I accept the request.

The guy then hits me up via Messenger, and the exchange went as follows.

😡 😡 😡

I got so frikkin’ frustrated that I posted the following status with the above screenshots.

This the type of chode shit that makes me want to close my Facebook account. After explaining to this guy that race means shit in picking up women, and that if you’re good with 1 set of women, you’ll be equally as good with another, he goes on to pry about me picking up Indian girls, totally missing the points I made prior. He wants to know how many East Indian girls I’ve slept with. I mean, really!? What the fuck does that prove if I were to say 2 or 200!!? That’s that chode mentality.

Okay, if you want to get me real upset, make insinuations that looks and race are impediments in the game.

With this guy, his insistence on seeing me pick up more East Indian women was hair-pulling!

I mean, what part of me saying to you that game works on every woman, don’t you understand!?

What part of me telling you that on an intrinsic and biological level, all women are the same, don’t you understand!?

Since you know that I can (and do) pick up East Indian girls, why the heck would you want to know how many I’ve picked up!?

Why should the quantity matter?

Why even ask that?

What the fuck does it prove if I were to say 2 or 200!?

I feel that this guy is indirectly calling me out, but in a slick way.

I am very much attuned to this sort of trickery and psychological ploy, where guys try to call other guys out, but by not actually doing it directly, instead through insinuations.

Furthermore, this guy’s fractured frame is deeper than that. And it goes back to what I told him initially, that game works straight across the board, transcending racial, ethnic and national lines.

If you’ve been following my blog for a good while now, you would’ve known that I have a quasi-fetish for East Indian women.

Additionally, you would’ve also known that following black girls, East Indians are 2nd of my proverbial hit-list (or fuck-list).

I’ve picked up and banged lots of East Indian women here in the Caribbean islands.

They are no different than black girls in that I don’t get a more difficult time gaming East Indians than I do black chicks, Orientals or any other woman for that matter.

The race of the girl doesn’t mean shit to me!

My approach remains the same with a few minor adjustments and tweaks here and there.

For instance, if I’m chatting up and picking up a French chick, I will tweak my game in the sense that my conversational thread would be based more on geography, asking the girl about France, etc.

Those aren’t game-specific tweaks. Hence, my game remains the same, no matter the girl standing before me!

These AFC chodes, and I’m quite sure you reading this post are one [sorry for being so harsh], are always under the impression that girl A is harder to game because she’s white, Asian, black, Russian, Martian, whatever!

They fail to realize that game is game, and women are women! What works on a British-white chick will work on a British-black chick, or a British-Pakistani chick!

This sort of low-value mindset harbored by guys new to the game (that race matters), is equivalent to guys who peddle the looks matter bullshit.

Both ideologies are flawed and incorrect!

If you’re entering the game with “race matters”, then of course it will matter!

I don’t!

Whenever I approach a girl, be it online or in person, I don’t see race! I only see vagina!

My game and lay percentage with white and East-Indian girls are higher than that of black girls [“percentage”-wise].

It is just that I have a preference for black and Indian women why I game them more. But I find white girls no harder to game than blacks or Indians.

It is all in your fucking head!

That chode mentality has to be rooted the hell out if you ever wish to get a solid grip on your dating life as it relates to variety in women!

You shouldn’t have to see me game and pick up a Hawaiian girl to know that I’m capable of doing it. You shouldn’t have to know how many Canadian women I’d slept with to know that I can bed Canadian women!

Why not? To reiterate: Game works across the board!

The only how your game would somewhat struggle is if there’s a language barrier. But that’s not even a big deal since your verbals are less important than your nonverbals.

Anyway guys, I have less tolerance for chode shit as of later.

How would you like to be bombarded with dozens of emails and social-media DM’s per day, where the subject line reads: “I’m not good looking enough to attract women. Help me”!

You would go nuts too!

Listen, before learning about pickup when I sucked ass at getting a woman to even look at me, the very last thing that I factored into the equation of why women weren’t giving me the time of day, was my looks!

Even as a fucking Beta-Male, AFC, low-value frame chode, I still didn’t attribute my inability to get laid to my lack of good looks!

I didn’t believe that women were repulsed by my big nose, elongated face, bulging eyes or irregular-looking smile!

My looks were far from the reason I thought as to why I sucked!

Do you know to what I attributed my lack of success with women before discovering pickup by a chance Google search?

A lack of game!

I didn’t even know there was such a thing as game in the sense of one can learn how to become good with women!

I literally thought that you were either born with game or without game, and that dictated your entire life until death!

I wanted fucking Game!

Not better looks! Because something inside of me told me that even if I were blessed with better looks, a lack of game will still render my good looks null and void! And that is very much true!

Hence, it sorta weirds me out whenever I hear guys attribute lack of success with women to lack of good looks, when even as a guy who couldn’t get laid, looks didn’t even factor into the picture for me.

Anyway guys, you may very well think that I’m being a giant dick as of late by harping on the looks stuff. But bear with me.

I’m just trying to show you that unless you resemble that ugly character from the Goonies, then looks are the least of your problems when it comes to getting poon!