You Don’t “Need” The Girl!

​Whenever guys contacts me through Master Seducers or my personal FB, seeking game-related advice on how to get a specific girl, their mindset is almost always the same: “I ‘NEED’ the girl.

“NEED” the girl.

“NEED” being the operative word, and also the reason why most guys fail to ever get the girl. 

You don’t fucking NEED the girl! 

You don’t NEED it to work! 

The verb to “NEED” is the reason why the vast majority of men can’t get laid. They approach the girl (and the situation) as though she’s a trophy whom they must ardently fight to win…because they NEED the trophy (i.e. the girl). So whenever I give guys game-related advice in relation to a question asked, I first ensure to break the disappointing news to them that their approach is already fucked by saying “I NEED the girl”. 

Thinking/saying that you NEED the girl will ultimately screw with your game and your results. 

You don’t NEED the girl! 

You ‘WANT’ the girl!

Here’s a guy who had contacted me this morning via my Facebook page.

I enjoy advising guys who are just getting into the fray of pickup.  But they must first have their minds in the right place and not view any 1 girl as a trophy.

What's your view?

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