Sexy GILF Attempts To Seduce Kenny(?)

Ever watched 1 of those films, or even a porn flick, where the older woman gets a young hunk to come over to fix a broken pipe, change a tire, or any other such manual labor?

Well, I’ve actually never had that happen to me in my entire life.

Being that I’m a MILF-hunter, I sometimes dream and salivate at the thought of banging a granny (albeit hot).

Monday afternoon: finally a breakthrough after 34 years of walking the Earth (?) ❓

While taking a stroll in my neighborhood, an elderly lady (someone unfamiliar) calls me over to her yard:

“Young man, can you give me a hand moving these sofas around? I’m there alone so no one to give me a hand”.

Me: “Sure”!

At that time, I couldn’t assess her sexy figure because of all the clothes she had on. I never intended to see her with less clothes on anyway.

As I entered the gate to the yard, she hurried inside and told me to wait a sec while she move some things around. So I waited on the porch while she was in the house.

From inside, she yells “come inside”!

I softy jarred the door open a bit and peeked inside just to make sure I heard her correctly:

Me: “What was that”?

GILF: “Come inside”

She emerges out of the bedroom with a negligee type of thingy on, completely stunning the shit out of me!

Her boobs were basically bare and hanging out of her negligee top.

No bullshit, it was something very similar to the photo below, but the thingy was much shorter to her upper thighs.

GILF (Granny I would Love to Fuck)

Her breasts were also much bigger, so they literally dangled out of the top.

For crying out loud, I can’t believe I didn’t catch an instant erection as she came out of the bedroom.

I was in shock!!!

Not only was I not expecting this, but I didn’t expect this lady to look that fuckable with less on.

Furthermore, I was even more befuddled at the blatant move when she went to change from being fully garbed, to wearing something see-through and short. 😯

I have dreamt of this moment ever since a lad (fucking a GILF). It was 1 of those crazy boyish fetishes such as banging your junior-high school teacher.

“Will this actually be the moment it goes down”, I asked myself.

If she could make such an overt move, what else will she do?

She directed me on which sofa to move where, so I dragged things around, lifted a chair here, moved the TV stand, had to relocate the refrigerator too.

All the while, she was sitting while making small talk, then she would stand and move around, seemingly as an effort to put herself in my way.

I didn’t think much of it (as far as to make a physical/sexual move on her).

It was just so surreal, blatant yet subtle!

It all took about 25 minutes I believe.

I was offered some juice and we sat and chatted for a bit.

Damn she’s fuckable!

Her crotch was fully exposed to say the least!

Eventually, someone else came. I’m guessing it was someone who lives there with her.

She introduced me to her son.


Dude was in his 40’s I recalled her telling me earlier.

I’m only 34, and her son is older than me!?

Holy fuck! Then that means she’s in her 60’s.

For a 60-something year old: she was well shapely and on the youngish side as far as facial structure and body go.

As I was saying farewell, she then made an innocuous pitch to me about red wine.

She said she’s about to buy a bottle later on, and if I want to, I could stop by for a thank-you drink.

“Why the heck not”, I exclaimed to myself!

This lady has a plan and I am definitely down for it.

Remind you guys: this was yesterday afternoon [Monday].

I accepted the offer…but I wasn’t sure about the whole thing.

Call me pussy! But I wasn’t quite sure how to approach this.

What did I eventually do?

I swung by her road (on foot) about 7:45 pm since we agreed on 7-8.

I stood outside of her gate, contemplating the next move: “should I go in or abort the mission altogether”?

I beat myself up viciously for acting like a giant pussy!

I stood outside for what must have been 40 minutes, vacillated and unsure of how and when to proceed.

Here it is, I’m a master seducer who doesn’t feel an ounce of fear when it comes to going after what I want.

Here it is also that a woman was literally throwing the vaj at me, yet I had trepidation and second thoughts.

Thumbing away at my smartphone outside of her gate; I then walked away. 😦 😦

As I walked off, I beat myself up royally!

“What the fuck are you doing man!? Here it is you finally get to live out your childhood fantasy of shagging a hot granny, yet you blew it”!!!

My inner voice yelled at me in anger!

As the night progressed and I made my way back home (which was in the same area), the self-beating became battery in the 1st degree…upon myself…proverbially!

“How could I have punked the fuck out”! I said to myself!

I tucked myself into bed and dozed off. Needless to say, a fuck-buddy hit me up (woke me actually) exactly 12 am this morning. So I jumped out of bed, washed my face, brushed my teeth and head over to her apartment for the now customary hookup.

It wasn’t at all satisfying since I wanted to shag the sexy GILF (GRANNY I would LOVE to FUCK) so bad! Despite having sex this morning with the fuck-buddy; I still felt incomplete.

As I woke up this morning, I had to fucking redeem myself for bitching out last night on the GILF rendezvous!

That’s all I could think about!

I felt less of a man, less of a seductionist. I felt like my former-self: a Beta-Male.

I was NOT going to go out like this!

Hence, this morning on my way to work, I stopped by the GILF’s house.

It was even more scary now that it’s 8 AM, and I didn’t know how my visit was going to be received.

For all I know, her son might answer the door and wonder WTF am I doing here; especially this early!

Shit- he may even surmise that I’m looking to hit on her mom, thus get offended and drive me away.

All this bullshit inner-thoughts floating through my head.

“I cannot back out now…again”!

I opened the gate to the yard and walked around to the side of the house.

Lo and behold: I got startled by the GILF who was coming around the house at the very same time.

She was elated to see me.

This encounter turned into a 40 minute chat, where I apologized for not showing up last night for red wine.

More importantly, I number closed her just to be on the safer side. We exchanged #’s and I texted her this morning on Whatsapp.


Keep you posted.

3 thoughts on “Sexy GILF Attempts To Seduce Kenny(?)

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  1. Dude!! You totally HAVE TO fuck this woman!! Remember your words…she will not “jump on your dick”! She’s being obvious and yet covert and the same time. Make us proud…lol!


  2. If the story is true at all.. Thanx for admitting you are nothing of a PUA. You behaved lika virgin teen dork. She appears virtually naked and you proceed to move tha sofa instead of bring her onto it?! Cuckest move ever! I can see how dissappointed this woman was..


  3. I actually feel for her. She bought a sexy night dress, invites over a virile-looking stranger, strips down to it and.. gets ignored.
    And bc of YOU her ‘son’ will have to move all that furniture back to its place. Lol


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