Picked Up Big-Boobed Canadian Girl @ The Airport [08-29-2016]

I picked up a big-boobed Canadian girl at the airport yesterday morning while seeing off my mother back to NYC.

Interestingly, she’s a preacher’s daughter from what I can see on her FB and from what she told me. So strict ass parents.

Anyway, we are set to meet up this afternoon
[Chat from last night. My messages in blue]

Will let you maggots know how it goes!

Peace, Love and Pickup!

Kenny Flakes On Another Horny Girl Over The WeekendWeekend

Two nights ago, I posted the following status to Facebook.

Who’s carrot girl? A chick whom I’d hooked up with about a week ago, in which she wanted some extra fun, so she took a huge carrot out of her refrigerator and let me fuck her with it. 😯 Hence the name “Carrot Girl”.

In any case, I stood her up Sunday night as I was actually bamging another girl at the time that she wanted to come over for encore.

At least I came up with a decent excuse the following day: ” my phone died”. 🙂 😉

[My texts in green]

Here are the texts which led up to it [the Sunday night flake. My texts in green]

Kenny Flakes On Horny-Hot Girl Over The Weekend

This chick I met on Facebook few months back was really dying to finally hang out with me over the weekend.

Unfortunately, I had to brush her off ’cause I was just too busy with other chicks.

There are lots of horny women out there going to bed lonely @ night…or stroking themselves to bed.
[My messages in blue]

Chick Decided To Google Me…”Oh Nooooooo”!!!!!

I sometimes get chicks who Google me.

Do I ever panic?

Not at all.

However, with this chick; I did get a bit panicky because I never anticipated her googling me.

Usually, the occasional girl who
admits to googling me, had always led on to it. So I expected it. But this chick here caught me by surprise! But all in all- it is a HUGE DHV to have women google you- especially if something eyebrow raising pops up…anything short of heinous of course.

By the way, this is a girl whom
I’m currently gaming via Facebook, so it’s crazy ironic that she’s been reading my blog, essentially learning my moves and shit. But again guys; this is a plus!

I want to end this off by asking you this: why isn’t she appalled and royally turned off by this discovery?

Why does she find it interesting opposed from sleazy and awful?

I mean- after all- I write about the sexual exploitation of women [this wouldn’t be my definition, but often that of outside observers].

The thing is, women secretly love the idea of being talked about; whether good or bad.

I posed a status to Facebook the other day saying that 80% of the personal statuses which women post to social media, are about them being talked about, hated on, they’re the center of someone else’s attention in some negative way, and so on and so on.

Chicks are consumed by this notion of being talked about and written about. It is the classic example of no publicity is bad publicity.

Throughout my time of blogging about women, on about 5 separate occasions, I’ve had the girls whom I’d written about, discovered that they were blogged about (sexually).

However they were able to find out is somewhat puzzling to me (perhaps they’d googled me). But the most important take away- at least for me- is that these girls were hardly bothered in any genuine sense upon the discovery that they were the center of attention somewhere out there on the internet.

Of those 5 girls who found out that I blogged about picking them up, and shagging them, not 1 of them requested that I remove the article about her.

Moreover, I had even suggested (via email correspondence with the girl) to remove the blog post if they felt uncomfortable.

To my surprise, the mere thought of me removing the article, seemed to have rubbed them the wrong way. 😯

It’s like they were saying to themselves: “How dare you even suggest removing the article after you’d already written about me, and made me the center of attention for a day or 2 on the internet”!

In a nutshell, it is almost always a plus to have a girl google you and find something apart from your Facebook or social-media accounts.

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