Maneuvering A Busty Cougar [Frame-Control In Seduction]

Days ago, I friend requested a busty-looking MILF who caught my attention as I scanned through the friend-suggestion field on my feed.

Few days later (about 2-3 days ago), she inboxes me with the following.


Note: Whenever a girl goes out of her way to message you, asking if you know her, it is usually an SOI [Sign Of Interest]. There is interest there on her part. But she just uses the fact that we don’t know each other, as a way to open me. 🙂

Let’s just run right through the screenshots in the interest of time.










The chat proceeded with the preliminaries.

Okay, so what was happening here?

A battle of frames.

I set the frame that I’m the prize and she’s the one seeking my time, and by letting her know when we go out, I don’t want any surprises.

Which guy says this to a hot girl, but a guy who’s in demand and sees himself as such [the prize].

Was this girl interested in me however?

Undoubtedly so!

This is indicative of numerous factors, inclusive of the fact that she kept saying she doesn’t want a relationship with someone who’s taken.

Well- I never told her that I was looking a relationship to begin with.

In fact- as you’d seen- I told her I am in a relationship already.

Hence, this eliminates the idea that I am trying to become her boyfriend.

That is frame control, or in essence, me stealing the frame/play away from her.

She insinuated that my interest in her was to become boyfriend-girlfriend.


I set that fallacy aright!

Note: women will often do this with guys whom they are interested in [push the boyfriend frame].

I clearly and strategically countered this by instantly shooting down the relationship aspect, and by setting the “meet up for drinks” frame.

Therefore, it became clear to her that I wasn’t looking to become her boyfriend, but to go out (or date) instead…with an aim for sex at the end of the night. 😉

What would most guys have done when the girl mentions relationship?

If they were single, they would try to convince the girl that they are worthy of a relationship with her. Or, if they were taken already (the men), they would lie to the girl and say that they are single, in order to convince the girl that they are worthy of a relationship with her.

Both angles are flawed and based on lies.

I don’t lie to women. Hence why I told her that I do already have a GF, so I’m only interested in hanging out with her.

Now, another thing I want to point out is this: she is a random girl whom I’m only speaking to for the first time. Yet, she’s already insinuating that she would want to date me, given away by the fact that she even asked, “Why do you want to get in another relationship when you’re already in a relationship”?

With all that being said, it is crystal clear that this girl is attracted to me [my vibe], but she’s hesitant because of some cruel guy in her past…allegedly (though this is why she’s attracted to me, because I give off a carefree bad boy vibe from my posts).

Additionally, she asked me where do I live.

Note #3: whenever a girl asks on her own volition, “where do you live”, it is usually an IOI/SOI [Indication Of Interest]…99% of the time.

The only how this isn’t so, is if you had asked her first, and by means of social protocol, she returns the question by asking you also, “so where do you live”.

As you clearly seen in the screenshot above; I never asked about where she stays. She cold-asked me…which means she’s interested.

In addition to that, the most telling sign of her interest, was when she said, “So…where do we go from here”, which was a question to my mention of having a girlfriend.

That was another huge yet subtle IOI.

Now- will I pursue it [meet up for drinks]?

It all depends.

By all means; this cougar is totally fuckable [pictured below]!


Being that I’m an ardent tit-man, and this chick has a big-juicy rack, it’s without a doubt that I would lay her in a heartbeat! But again- too many options.

Guys, you need to realize that I pick up TONS of women on a weekly basis!

There isn’t enough time in a day or week for me to bang the amount of girls I pick up, and am able to pick up within a week’s time.

On a bad week, I’m picking up [#-closing] like 8 girls on Facebook alone, coupled with the fact that I pick up girls on the streets while running errands at work, including the girls I pick up from night game (clubs and bars).

On a good-good week, I’m liable to pick up like 15 girls on Facebook [all random strangers]- that is by getting their phone numbers while setting up a rendezvous- to having to work the process of elimination since I simply cannot realistically meet up with 15 girls during the same week.

I got netflix and chill meetups, and dates, backed up from about 2 months ago with chicks who are DTF!

It just isn’t humanly possible for me to keep up with, nor meet up with every girl I pick up online or in person.

There’s a huge backlog I have to deal with [quality and quantity problem I would say 😉 ]. Hence, I always have to reign myself in, and to remind myself that it isn’t practical to keep picking up girl after girl, day after day, which only adds to the already backlog from 2 months ago.

Additionally, I do have a DTF policy of sorts, where I meet up with the most apparent DTF girls, instead of wasting time on the girls who are maybies.

For instance, hypothetically, let’s say that I picked up 10 new girls this week from Facebook, by swapping #’s with the rendezvous planned [I’m just using “10” as an example…though it’s usually more].

Those 10 get added to the previous 10 from the previous week, included the 10 from the week prior to that.

Therefore, those are 30 girls picked up within 3 weeks.

Of those 30, if I happened to pick up another girl today, but she’s extremely DTF, I would likely prioritize her in front of the 30 girls whom I’d met before her, and seek to meet up ASAP.

It’s a delicate situation with trying to balance and handle the numbers here.

Saying all that to say, it is for that reason (the backlog of girls), why I abruptly discontinued the chat with the hot cougar, not even trying to grab her # (which would’ve been a given), neither to set up a date, although I told her that I would send a taxi to pick her up since she doesn’t drive, whenever the time to meet would’ve arrived.

I am learning, at least trying to learn, to not pick up every hot skirt I come across on Facebook who lives in my town or the surrounding areas. 😦 But as an ardent pick-up artist: this proves to be challenging.

What I hope you will have taken away from this post are 2 things:

1.) Whenever your online posts reflect that of someone who’s the prize with women, not only will women indirectly chase you (since they can’t do it outright for starters), but they [your posts] facilitate your chances altogether

2.) Be mindful of framing and frame control. If a girl likes you, she will at times try to push you into the boyfriend/relationship frame. Why is this a bad thing? She will make sex a drawn-out process, and make you wait 4-5 dates before allowing sex to happen. By eliminating the BF/relationship frame as I did [or anyhow for that matter], and making “date” or “meetup for drinks” the only aim, the girl is robbed of trying to drag out sex and stall it altogether on you.

I’ll keep you fellaz updated with this cougar.

Chances are; she’s going to hit me up again on FB, wondering why I haven’t pursued things.

“Kenny You’re An Extremist”! Example Of Registering On A Girl’s Radar Through Status Updates

This chat dates back to 2009 when BBM Blackberry Messenger was still the thing.
[Girls messages in gray]


As usual, this was a total stranger whom I met on the streets but then became friends on Facebook.

She got the impression that I’m extreme because of my status updates.

I thought she visited my website, which was why she made those observations. But my FB posts, dating all the way back to 2009, were controversial and polarizing.

Ninety percent of my posts on social media are relationship, dating, sex and pickup related. In other words; chick topics.

However, I don’t just post lame shit about those things. I post polarizing and jaw-dropping statuses.

We all know that drama is oxygen for women.

Once you post things which are dramatic- on the topics of sex, pickup and dating- women will find you interesting.

In this case, this girl said that I’m an extremist; personality-wise, and via my social-media posts.

With that, if you want to get a hot girl’s attention within an instance: post things that shock her reality!

Post the unthinkable!

Post about having One-Night Stands!

Post about picking up chicks!

Post about making out with some random old lady at the bar!

Post about hitting on 1 of your mother’s hot friends who’s old enough to be your mother!

Those are things/statuses that get girl’s attention!

You register on a hot girl’s radar when you post such statuses.

Bear in mind this super crucial piece of fact: women suffer from ADHD, and they have super-short attention spans.

If you don’t shock them, you will hardly ever register in their minds.

Gaming Undercover Cop @ The Bar: Friday Night Field Report

Standing at the bar counter as I mull over which dark rum I would prefer to down in a mixed drink.

I was looking for something on the lighter side: anything between 17% to 21% alcohol content.

Every rum I inquired about was 40% content of alcohol, way too much for my blood [I’m a light drinker].

I specifically wanted a glass of a specific coconut rum [not Malibu] mixed with cola, which made for a smooth ride down my system. But they’d ran out of that coconut rum, so I disgruntledly settled for a malted-color beer (a stout).

Before taking my first swig (for the night), I looked up and locked eyes with a girl drinking a beer, seated beside the wall.

Nothing particularly stood out which attracted me to her, besides being the only approachable girl in the establishment, while every other chick was either un-shapely or unsightly.

Within a split second upon locking eyes, I removed the beer bottle from my lips and approached her.

Me: “I’m gonna be honest with you”

Girl: “Honestly is good”

Me: “You are the sexiest girl in this bar so I’m compelled to approach”

Usually, I expect the girl to either blush uncontrollably, or laugh due to being put on the spot.

Girl: “Why thanks”

In hindsight, her composure in the face of my usual charms, now makes sense that she’s trained in masking her emotions being an undercover cop.

She tried to maintain a professional stance as much as possible.

Me: “I don’t usually approach girls in bars, but you caught my eyes. Why is that”?

Girl: “I’m just a cool chick. Very down to Earth. Nothing extraordinary or flashy”.

Me: “I like that. As a regular, it’s my first time seeing you here”

Girl: “My 2nd time here”

Me: “By the way, you look like you could dance. Since that’s the case, I’m just letting you know right now, before the night ends, we’re gonna lock hips and dance away”

She cracks a smile.

Me: “You could dance right? Correct me if I’m wrong? I don’t know to misjudge you”

Girl: “Nah it’s okay. I wouldn’t say I’m a dancer. But I can try a little thing”.

Me: “Finally we have something in common because I can’t dance worth shit! Anyway, what do you plan on getting into for the night”?

Girl: “Just work. I’m here working”

I got thrown off when she mentioned “here working”. She doesn’t seem like a bartender, so I wondered what she meant by “here working”.

Me: “Working? What do you mean? You don’t seem like a bartender to me”

Girl: “No. I’m an undercover cop”.

Me: “Really”!?

She pulls out her badge and tells me she’s officer so and so.

By the way, this wasn’t done in an authoritative or threatening manner.

Little did she know though, I have a mean fetish for women of the law. So if she intended to make me run for the hills by pulling a badge; she was awfully mistaking!

I kept chatting her up, when most guys would’ve thrown in the towel upon revelation that they were talking to someone of the law.

After about 5 more minutes of spirited chitchat, in accordance with my usual routine of bouncing and coming back to game the girl some more, I looked to do just that.

Me: “I’m gonna stretch my legs a little around the bar since I just got out the house and feeling a bit tight. We’ll catch up in just a bit”.

Girl: “Ketchup with a little mustard”.

I didn’t quite hear her, plus the idiom flew over my head.

Me: “What was that”?

Girl: “I said ketchup with a little mustard on the side”.

We laughed.

Me: “But don’t put any mustard on my burger though. I hate it”!

Girl: “Me too”!

I rolled off and looked to return to game her up some more.

Unfortunately, by the time I made my way back around to resume the FMAC [Find, Meet, Attract, Close]; she vanished.

Hopefully I’ll bump into her again next weekend since she did tell me that this was her 2nd. consecutive week at this joint.

Be More Interesting Than The Next Man [Drawing Women In Through Your Status Updates]

In the previous post, I spoke about statuses and social-media posts as a deciding factor in whether a girl accepts or rejects you.

Your posts can either turn women off or serve to attract or draw them in.

Here’s an interesting example from a post I made Friday about not trusting Libras and Geminis.

I went on to say that I I’ve been studying the Zodiac for over 16 years now.





Since posting that status Friday, I’ve had a score of women hit up my inbox asking if their boyfriend (Libra or Gemini) is cheating.

“How the hell would I know who’s cheating or not cheating”, I said to myself?

Anyway, the chick from the screenshots above has been getting on my nerve ever since, hitting me up at 8 in the morning wanting to know about Libras.

Do I look like some kind of relationship or sun-sign expert?

All pun aside, there are few things/subject matters in pickup we consider “chick crack”.

Those are things which women go bonkers over!

Astrology is 1 such chick crack: a subject which women are addicted to learning about.

I know scores of women, and I know you do too, who purchase local newspapers, just to read the daily-horoscope section…which is only about a quarter-page long to be honest.

Women love this shit! And so do I, which is indicative of the fact that I’ve been studying this stuff for over 16 years, before learning about seduction and pickup.

There’s no chick on Earth who isn’t fascinated by their Horoscope and the Zodiac.


With that, it behooves me why guys aren’t building attraction with women through cold reading their Horoscope and sun sign.

As the post title says: “be more interesting than the next man”.

Since most guys who post to social media, post lame shit that does nothing whatsoever to attract the interest of women, it doesn’t take magic on your part to post interesting shit that attracts.

However, what does the average Joe Shmoe post to his Facebook?

Some lame shit about a pending UFC bout, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Soccer, sports in general, and other such interests which doesn’t interest women in the least.

Guys absolutely blow my mind to Smithereens with the dumb shit!

They desire to attract women, want to get laid via social media, yet they continually post male-related shit, then wonder why they can’t get laid, and are always ignored or rejected by women!

I mean, I love professional boxing more than the next man! But I’m wise enough to NOT spam my Facebook or Twitter with posts about boxing, since boxing is male-centric!

Attraction has nothing to do with looks as I’ve been preaching to you guys ad nauseum!

On that note, I am currently working on the complimentary PDF document called “Pimpin’ your Facebook”, which will show you step-by-step, how to turn your Facebook into a chick-magnet.

Stay tuned!

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