Reading A Woman’s Body Language [video post]

The Summer is here, and for you guys living in colder climates, it means there are no excuses why you shouldn’t get your lazy ass out the house to interact with women.

About a week ago, I posted a video about reading women’s body language while in conversation.

However, I totally forgot to share the video on my website…so here it is.

The video also featured some hidden-cam snippets [infields] just to give you a real sense of what to look for in a girl’s body language…and why.

When The Booty-Call Slips Away Because…

Last night (Saturday night), I was to meet up with a young sexy MILF whom I picked up about a week back…but this happened [her texts in white].


I literally left the house without a condom!

The girl had already told me earlier than she doesn’t have any condom at her place. So I was super mindful of that fact, and to ensure that when I leave my apartment, I would at least remember to grab a condom.

However, I forgot!

What really made this excruciatingly painful is that every store in my area closes before or at 10 PM, and it was already 10 PM when I remembered that I forgot to grab some condoms before leaving the pad. 😦

Hence, I was out of luck in buying any.

I could either turn back and go home for the condoms, or beg some random guy on the streets.

Having come this far, the last thing I wanted to do was to turn back now. So I took desperate measures and began stopping random guys on the streets and asking them if they have a rubber to spare. 😉

No luck!

You mean to tell me not 1 goddamn guy on the streets- on a weekend- have a condom to lend!?

It’s either guys aren’t getting laid so they don’t bother to tote condoms with them. Or last night was just 1 of those unlucky nights for me [it’s more the former than the latter].

Time slipped away so I called it a night.

Let Her Chase You

Hey fellaz, another interesting and tactical post which deals with social-media game.

Last night, this hot Floridian girl who’s been a Facebook friend of mines for a while (though we never chatted), posted the following.


SMFH @ the AFC’s comment below mines.

I hope you see why girls are royally turned off by most guys on social media.

Why the hell would you beg a girl to inbox her?

Why would you even ask her permission?

She doesn’t fucking owe you shit!!

This guy had likely blown himself out jus by such a ridiculously low-value comment.

Now, my comment was very cheeky and somewhat neggish, where I surmised that the girl is a call-girl.

Additionally, this is one of those hot girls who have tons of fans on Facebook. So much so that she sets aside a specific time (8:30) just to give her many groupies the time to validate her via messenger call.

I view it as she’s pimping these guys for validation.

Did I take the bait and flock to her inbox, messaging her about wanting to call her through messenger?

Hell frikkin’ no!!!

In fact, I never messaged this girl in my life!

Why not?

For starters; she’s located in the state of Florida within the USA.

I am not.

Hence, what plausible reason would I have for chatting with this chick whom I have no real chance of hooking up with since we aren’t even in the same country?

With that, I never messaged her to this day.

Last night however; she messages me (for the first time).

Before I show that screenshot, I want you to ask yourself: “Why did she even contact Kenny in the first place”?

Think about it. What made her message me?

Do you think she initiates the messaging with other guys: her fans?

Of course not!

Do you think she had initiated the messaging with that AFC who asked her permission to inbox her…”please”?

Definitely not. But here she messages me out of the blue…which was strategic on my part (making a hot girl chase).

[Her message in gray]


Clearly as you can see from the frame: she’s the one chasing me to call her, and not me begging her to allow me to call her.

What did I do?

I play hard-to-get instead of leaping at the opportunity to phone a hot girl through messenger.

How powerful is that?


Also, I went sexual right away by saying, “If I call, I may fall for the Southern accent and want to fuck you over the phone”.

What other guy would say that within the first 10 seconds of conversation with a hot girl online?

None! But Kenny! 😉

How did she react to my sexual forwardness and my strategy of not falling for her bait to call her?

[Her message in gray]


Again- how did she react to my sexual forwardness?

She LOL while saying, “chill boo”.

I then gave her some false hope by dangling the carrot in front of her eyes saying, “I’m gonna call now”.

Was I really going to call?

Fucks no!

I want her to chase me! And I wanted you guys to see how to make a hot girl chase.

Remind you; this girl has about 5,000 FB friends. So she’s super popular, hot, and has lots of male groupies wanting to get a piece of her time.

My vibe comes off as though I don’t want her time and she will have to chase me for time.

The reason she said I was scared to call is because a great deal of time had passed (over 20 minutes) and I still hadn’t called her. 🙂

Again guys- this is how you strategically draw a woman in [this is 1 way].

Play hard to fucking get!

However, you can only execute the hard-to-get scheme if your vibe is overall congruent. But I’ll deal with that at a later time.

My reaction to her saying I was scared to call was just “LOL”.

I then flipped the script big times by putting the burden on her: “If you so wanted to talk, you would call me”.

Again- she is a hot girl who has thousands of guys on Facebook alone, hounding her for her time, and hounding her to allow them to call her. Yet, here is Kenny refusing to call her, while putting the burden on her as if Kenny’s some frikkin’ rockstar. 😆

I then went further to add some more sexual spikes [my texts in blue]


Apparently, she tried to call me but the telephone symbol wasn’t highlighted…which means I didn’t want her to call me so I had restricted that feature to her just beforehand.

Why did I do this? In order to give her the impression and illusion of, “Kenny is hard to get”.

By having the call feature disabled (only to her), I gave her the sense that I am high value, so she cannot just ring me at random.

I then went further to add some mystique and drama to the vibe by telling her she’s flirting with fire.

What was doing there?

I was further cementing the illusion and the vibe that I was out of her league (above her’s) and that she would have to work harder in order to get my attention.

Isn’t this a super-powerful reframe guys?

Hell yes!

Which guy operates this way with a social-media darling?

Only a man of higher value: a rockstar, a celebrity, a rich guy, someone of importance.

Looks have shit to do with this!

I have to always stress that point in every post just to get you guys well focused!

Anyway, sensing that she was to try to ring me again through Messenger, I activated the call feature so I would show up as someone she could call.

I anticipated this. And what happened just a split second after I had activated this and she realized that she was now able to call me?

She called me. 🙂 🙂


She’s now desperately chasing me.

Desperately chasing to talk to me…a guy who isn’t even in the same country as she is.

This goes to show how bored these women are with the usual lame-ass Beta-Males who do nothing but ass-kiss all day.

Women want a man who doesn’t kiss her ass! One who doesn’t seek her permission! One who doesn’t sugarcoat his sexuality!

You don’t think this chick has tons of guys right there in the state of Florida whom she can talk to on Messenger and meet up with?


However, she doesn’t!

She doesn’t allow such guys the chance to meet up with her, in spite of the fact that they live in the same state or even the same town within that state.

Apparently, this girl is bored (as all hot girls are) with guys with lame game and the guys who kiss her ass 24/7!

Was this about looks?


I constantly have to tell you guys that it is NOT about look!!!

Having good looks alone do not make a girl chase you!

Having Game does!

Game simply means a know-how of how to strategically get a girl to chase.

Make the girl chase!

Quit begging girls to call you! You can flip the script and have them call you, simply by doing what you seen me do with this girl.

Also, the girl’s looks and hotness don’t matter when it comes to chasing.

She is a hot puppy (pictured below).


Just as you can get an ugly duckling to chase, you can equally get a hot swan to chase also.

Her looks don’t dictate whether she’ll chase or decline to.

Once you treat a hot girl as if she’s a 4 on the proverbial looks scale, she’s bound to chase…as long as you’re congruent as a high-value guy.

Obviously, I didn’t put much stock into this girl as far as picking her up, simply because I cannot fuck her from across waters.

However, make this a guideline for you to follow if you intend to get women chasing online.

In the meantime, grab your copy of Facebook Bang, or the easy Facebook guide to picking up hot girls on Facebook.

More “Straight To The Point” Texting With New Girl [another FB pickup to meet-up]

Another random stranger whom I gamed up and picked up on Facebook yesterday.

Upon grabbing her number, we began texting via Whatsapp instead of Messenger.

Note how I go direct sexually [my text in green].


Notice how I took it back (my sexual statement) by saying “just kidding”?

Very powerful technique.

I clued you in on this a few posts back where I spoke about using apologies as a way to strategically walk back a strong-sexual statement (without actually meaning it).

The reason you do this (tell the girl you want to fuck her), is just to get it out there that you do want to fuck her!

Later walking it back will NOT change what you had done…which was to get the girl receptive to the idea of sex with you [this happens subconsciously].

Noticed how she never took offense to it, rather laughed (LOL) about my forwardness?

Also, she asks me “what u doing tomorrow”?


She essentially wants to hang out with me. I play it coy and cool by acting as though I have plans tomorrow.

Women pull this shit on guys all the time (saying they’re busy when they’re not).

In the screenshot below; she calls me out on it [her texts in white].


Basically, she wants me to come along with her to a job interview, particularly because she isn’t familiar with the address…and I am.

Furthermore, this is just her plausible justifiability at work. Instead of saying outright, “Let’s hang out Kenny”. So disguises it with the interview line about not knowing where the address is.

She may very well not know where it is. But that’s besides the point.

The point is: she wants to be in my company. I want to bang her: and she knows this. So, this is almost a done deal already.

We can always go to my place before or after the job interview. 🙂

In the screenshot below, I added some drama to the mix by playing hard-to-get [my texts in green].


I sort of rattled her expectations by backing out of the meet up.

Sure I want to see her. And if it means showing her where to find the address to the interview; I have no problems with that.

However, it doesn’t mean I have to make it easy for her.

Again- chicks do this to guys all the time in order to raise their value by pretending to be a hard catch. So that is what I essentially did there.

Here’s another caveat that I often share with you guys: with options in women to choose from, you can afford to play hard-to-get as a man. You can blow women off and not give a shit.

Will I meet up with this new girl tomorrow?

You never know.

I know she’s fuckable. But it depends on my mood and other existential factors.

In a subsequent post, I will talk about frame control and how and why I get away with being sexually direct with women…and not offending them.

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