Quick Note On Getting Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

It pains me to have to resurrect the oft-repeated “getting my ex- back” issue, especially having since written an e-book product exclusively about that, coupled with quite a number of extensive articles on “how to get your ex back”.

Furthermore, the most commented and read articles on this website pertain to getting the ex back, which goes to show how popular this topic is.

Before I touch on this briefly, I just want to put it out there that getting an ex back shouldn’t become any guy’s sole or prime mission in regards to an ex.

PUA guru, RSD Owen, said it best: “Trying to get back with an ex-girlfriend is like a dirty high and being addicted to pain”.

A better move would be to simply move on, since there are way more fish in the sea than the ones who bit the shit out of you.

In any case, guys still want their ex back. And coaching guys on how to do this is 1 of my forté in the game.

This short post however, isn’t an extensive how-to guide on getting your ex back.

You can purchase my product, Get your ex Back, if you want a sprawling-strategic guide on every aspect conceivable in how to get an ex back.

What I will share with you in this post, is arguably the most crucial tip in how to get your ex chasing you again, and wanting to get back with you.

Which tip is this?

Do Cool Shit!

That’s it!

Do cooler shit than you were once accustomed to doing when you were with you ex-girlfriend.

People who once cheered and facilitated your downfall (like an ex), don’t particularly like to see you thrive, progress and succeed in life.

A guy who’s been dumped for instance, becomes a wreck or a slouch once he’s faced with singledom again.

He no longer has a zest for life.

His routine (just as it was before) becomes work, home and television.


No ex-girlfriend is going to salivate at the thought of getting back with a loser, slouch couch-potato guy such as yourself, someone whose only passions in life were her and the bowl of potato chips in front of him as he preps himself for a night of Football.

This is attraction-killing on overdrive, which speaks volumes as to why the guy got dumped in the first place!

After a breakup, most guys (women too go through a more manageable phase of this) understandably go through a slump.

Either they stagnate or regress to a worse state. And because this is highly unattractive behavior on the part of a man (slumping and doing nothing), women get turned off, and exes prefer to remain exes.

If you’re a guy who’s trying to get his ex-girlfriend back, you must firstly create a positive impression by doing interesting and cool shit!

By “cool shit”, I don’t mean parachuting from an airplane or the Golden Gate bridge.

I simply mean to embark on a journey of newness: new hobbies, new activities, career changes, new haircut, new style, a new look, etc.

Anything different or new will be classified as “new shit”…apart from something obviously lame such as becoming a monk, born-again-virgin (celibate) or anything such as those.

All in all: you have to give the girl a frikkin’ reason to want to get back with you.

Begging her to get back with you will not fucking cut it!

You’re just showing her that you’re weak, crushed, castrated and less of a man.

Show her (indirectly) that you are capable of living without her.

That is the first and most significant step in getting an ex to chase you.

She won’t chase you unless she sees a lifestyle shift.

I speak more (tactically) about this in Get your ex Back.

I show you how to simply and craftily give your ex the impression that you are cooler without her, which will in effect, force her to chase you.


2 thoughts on “Quick Note On Getting Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

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  1. I really dont see why most of the times people want to get back with their ex unless she got new breast implants :/ or is really rich and your just doing it for money 😛


    1. Good point Aryan. She’s still the same chick when you strip away all the emotional BS. She’s still the same girl…unless she has new boobs or something as you noted 🙂


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