Get Laid Easily On Facebook With…This Stalker App

Many years ago, I pondered the following question:

“Why doesn’t Facebook have a straightforward feature where you can see who viewed or is currently viewing your profile”?

My search led me to the following conclusion (out of consensus) that it’s a privacy issue (and may be seen as a breach). So Facebook isn’t too keen on divulging that piece of information to its users (who’s stalking them).

Every now and then though, I would come across some stupid link saying, “download this app to see who’s checking you out on Facebook”. Almost all of the times, it was a dud…or spam.

Eventually, I just let it go: “What big deal is it anyway to see who’s stalking my profile”!

Years later, days ago actually, some chick posted to Facebook about having stalkers and how shocked she was to find out that certain individuals were checking her out the most.

Out of curiosity, I read further read the post and checked out the comments and it was exactly what I was looking for for years now: an actual app- no spammy link or virus- that could tell me who’s been viewing my Facebook profile.

All consensus by the commenters say that this is legit.

I left a comment on the post, inquiring about the name of this stalker app. Once received, I went straight to the Play Store in search of this application.

I read a few reviews on the app from people who had downloaded and purchased it. Ninety percent of the reviews were encouraging.

Thus, I went ahead to download it.

Surprisingly, the results of who were stalking my profile seemed legit as fuck.

Why I say that is because of the first 25 people who mostly view my profile, 20 of them I suspected that they were actively reading my stuff (such as the guys who read my pick-up related posts).






Someone was also saying that this is total bullshit, that the app simply selects random Facebook friends.

I see no evidence of this, because as I said, 20 of those on the list would admit to reading my posts. So this is not just a random selection of people.

Also, I would hear some posters say, “such apps just select the people who mostly comment on your posts. So it’s just an algorithmic thing”.

Sounds logical but it isn’t so.

Of the top 25 Facebook friends listed in the app as my top stalkers [sorry guys 😉 ], only about 3 of them regularly comment on my Facebook statuses. So this debunks the claim that the app merely chooses the most active commenters.

Whichever way you can find out who stalk you on social media, if I were you, I would use that as a shortcut to getting laid.

How would I do this?


Just find out who stalks you. And if they pass your proverbial boner-test, then message them.

The thing is, since these girls are already stalking your profile, there is at least some level of interest there.

However, since girls aren’t active chasers and courters of men, no matter how much they find you interesting, they won’t blatantly message you.

Having fount out who’s checking you out, it shortcuts the entire process.

It’s like having a cheat code to the game. 🙂

Only downside to this is if all your stalkers are men and ugly girls. 😦

What's your view?

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