When Hot Bartender Gets A Bit Jealous

Last weekend, I picked up this bartender chick (off the job).

I tried to get her to my place…to no avail.

Friday night, she texted me, telling me to come by (the bar) @ 8…to see her.

I did stop by after 1 am [after the walk of death which had me lost in the woods]…but I happened to meet another girl at the same bar whom I was gaming throughout the night.

The bartender chick then got a bit jealous after she realized that I was chatting this girl up in the courtyard area of the venue when I was supposed to be there keeping her company…I guess.

Moral of the story: hot girls love guys who are pre-selected and are accustomed to getting what they want.
[Her texts in white. Mines in green]


[Her texts in white]


Obviously I exaggerated the whole thing.

As far as she saying I have lots of my plate, the reason she said that was because she seen me charming up a few girls in the venue while some of them were visibly eye-fucking me…not because I’m some rockstar, athlete or handsome guy. But because I carry myself as one!

This girl knows what I want [to sleep with her]. But as expected: girls will play cat-and-mouse about the inevitable.

Lastly, there is no girl too hot for me to shit on.

Lots of guys put bartenders and other hired-guns on pedestals because of their superficial beauty.

Kenny doesn’t play that game. I treat super-hot girls as if they were ugly ducklings, by putting them off, dismissing them and gaming other girls right in front of them.

I don’t merely do this just to be a dick. But if you understand seduction, you would’ve known that this sort of behavior is what gets hot girls glued to you!

Do you have the cojones to blow off a hot bartender who invites you to her workplace to spend some time?

If you don’t, then I urge you to get some balls!

Sticking around here you will learn very quickly, that hot girls are no harder to game and bed than ugly ones.

Kenny P and hot bartender picked up last weekend during day game

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