You Get Rejected Before You Even Approach Women

Walking down the road earlier today, listening to some music, a total stranger (a lady) walking by, says to me:

“Wow! You’re really enjoying your music huh”?

Ok, so what did she see, and why did she even make such a remark as she passed me?

My facial expression!

It was cheerful, gleeful and pleasant.

This happens to me practically every day, where random women stop me to comment on how cheery I look as I listen to my music via earphones.

Too many men continue to walk around and move around with this unspoken attitude, as though the fucking world and society had done them wrong.

Their faces all screwed up trying to look hard and tough.

It’s a fucking turnoff to women!

You’re trying to attract women and not to repel them!

Walking around with a stone face, no smile, etc. is the quickest way to reject yourself before even approaching women.

Most guys reject themselves from the gate (by having cold-body language), yet they deem women cold-hearted bitches, believing that they (women) are the ones rejecting them.

Put a smile on your face and look like you’re enjoying life dammit!

Look approachable, then women will give you subtle and overt IOI’s and AI’s (Approach Invitations)! But if you’re walking around as though you’re ready to kill something; women are NOT going to send AI’s and IOI’s your way!

They will run from you!

Moreover, I can be having the shittiest day; no one will ever know this while I’m out in public.

Put a smile on!

Look friendly and approachable to women!

You would think this was commonsense but guys still don’t get it.

I’ll be making a video on this topic in the coming days.

Cheer up guys!

2 thoughts on “You Get Rejected Before You Even Approach Women

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    1. I totally disagree. You’re coning from the looks paradigm and I totally disagree with looks matter. That is a limiting belief. If you believe girls reject guys based on their looks before they even approach , then this mentality will weild thste into existence. I don’t believe looks matter, hence they don’t matter in my case. Your body language matters. Your facial expression matters.


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