Always End It First!!! Get Girls To Chase You On Social Media With This 1 Technique…Redux

Hey fellaz, another solid Facebook game post for you.

This tip has been pounded to death already (at least by me). But an encore/redux is always necessary as a refresher course for those who may not have grasped the concept at first glance.

“Always End The Chat First”!

That is the technique per se which I’m sharing with you guys…again.

Why should you end the conversation before the girl does?

The one who ends it, leaves with the perceived value, power and leverage.

This is why girls ALWAY look to end the conversation on the guy, instead of having the guy end it on them (which never happens by the way).

Women know that the person who first says, “goodbye…I gotta go…TTYL”, becomes the more valuable one (perception-wise) in the grand scheme of things.

As a guy, we rarely ever view it that way, since men aren’t strategic about this stuff.

Well- wake the fuck up!

Women are full on strategic!

Thus, learn to flip the script by ending the conversation first [online, through text or over the telephone that is].

Here’s an example from earlier today [June 28th] of me doing just that.

Now, this girl had just friend requested me earlier, and I pounced upon her A Fucking SAP!

Oh- BTW- here’s another tidbit I want to share with you before proceeding: If a girl adds you as friends on social media (Facebook in particular); assume attraction!

Assume that she wants to fuck you!

When a random girl adds you on Facebook, it is a subtle confession that she likes you, is attracted to you and would like to see what your world is like.

Obviously, this may not quite be the case if the girl already knows you well, tons of mutual friends, etc.

However, if she’s a random; then assume she wants to fuck you!

With that in mind, I received a friend request earlier from a “Random”.

Now- typically- I receive friend requests from random women on Facebook.

Eight in ten times: I would decline the add for 2 reasons:

1.) The girl is ugly, hence doesn’t fit my type nor does she pass my boner-test

2.) She lives outside of my jurisdiction…i.e. another town, city or country

If the girl passes those 2 prerequisites (she’s sexy and lives in my town…or nearby); I will accept her friend request and pounce upon her immediately!

Sometimes, depended on my mood and how much time I have to shit around (or not), I would elect to not message her right away.

With the hottie who added me today; I decided to pounce [my messages in blue. Hers in gray].


Now, why did I go so extreme in calling her “petty as fuck” as my opener/ice-breaker? Leverage! Once someone adds you (particularly a random stranger as in this girl), compliance and leverage automatically go to the person who received and accepted the friend request. In this case: me. In other words, I can get away with saying anything to the girl without offending her since I have leverage and compliance due to the fact that she was the one who sent me the friend request (minutes earlier).

Also, the reason I called her petty was because I took a quick scan of her statuses, just to get a glimpse of her style, and I came across posts which read, “I blocked 5 guys today for blowing up my inbox”. Or, ” Anyone who dares call me through Messenger will be blocked”. The typical stuff that self-entitled hot girls are accustomed to posting.

Additionally, calling a hot girl petty, or any other form of derisive adjective, is a ballsy move in and of itself. No guy does this to a (random) hot girl. By you becoming that guy who says the unimaginable, it sets you apart from the masses, and the girl instantly assumes that you are high value or high net worth 😉 .

Furthermore, and to solidify my point; did she take it offensively that I called her petty? Of course not! She knows I’m the Alpha-Male! Since she was the one to add me, she had likely checked out my profile beforehand, and realized the type of guy I am. She liked: then added me. With that, I already knew that she was attracted to me (my vibe). And once a girl is attracted, there is hardly anything you can do/say that will offend her. That is why she never took offense to me calling her “petty as fuq”.

Let’s continue right through.

[My message in blue]


[Her message in gray]


[My message in blue]


[Her message in gray]


Who ended it?

I did.

What does this accomplish (ending the conversation first) apart from what I mentioned at the top of the post?

It shows the girl that I am not desperate for her, nor her time.

I ended things by saying “we have some fucking to do”.

How did she react?

Was she offended!?

Did she block me!?

Of course not!

She “LOL”.

Again- why did she not get offended by me saying we have some fucking to do?

Leverage and compliance!

Without compliance from the girl whom you’re chatting up, anything said or done out of line, will cause a negative reaction from her.

Having compliance is a virtual green light to do or say anything to the girl.

Now, in the grand scheme of things, what type of frame did I set between me and her?

Was it a friendly, friend-zone frame?

Was I coming off as someone who wanted to become her boyfriend (the boyfriend frame)?

Think about that.

The mistake most guys commit as to why they don’t get laid [though there are MANY existential mistakes] is that they inadvertently, and often times deliberately (through ignorance), box themselves into the boyfriend/provider frame or the best-friend frame.

Which frame did I put myself into?

The lover’s frame: “the guy who wants to fuck you” frame!

Moreover, whenever you converse with a woman while giving off the vibe that you would like to date her, or become her boyfriend at some point, she instantly removes sex from the item list (if it was ever on there). Then she’ll purposely make you wait forever for sex. In essence, she will punish you by withholding sex because you had put yourself in the boyfriend/provider frame.

This is the same for the guy who gives off the “I wanna be your friend” vibe. He gets friendzoned by the girl because he foolishly gave off the friend vibe, thinking he could friend his way into sleeping with her.

Hence, when you give off the “I wanna hook up” vibe [earlier as possible], the girl has no choice but to accept the frame you push [“let’s hook up”].

By me telling this random hottie that she’s fuckable and that we have some fucking to do, there’s no ambiguity about my intention, nor the frame in which I push [the lover’s frame].

This is why a girl will, and would never friendzone me [due to friendly frame], nor make me wait weeks, 2 dates and months, etc. for sex [due to boyfriend frame].

I don’t give off the impression of someone who’ll wait for sex (this is because I get sexual and forward right away).

Additionally, I don’t give off the vibe of someone who wants to become her new best friend who sits and chats with her about all the other guys who fucks her and fucks her over.

I give off the sex-worthy vibe PRONTO!

Listen- for argument sake- let’s say that I don’t get forward with a girl in such a context as the one above. My vibe will have still been void of “boyfriend and friend”. So technically, you don’t have to be forward and sleazy with a girl in order to give off the “let’s hook up” vibe. Just simply avoid giving off the “let’s be friends” vibe.

Since I’ve digressed a ton here, I want to end this post on the main topic of getting a girl to chase by ending things first.

As you’d seen from the screenshots in the post: I strategically ended it first.

Where do I go from here?

Firstly: what is my goal?

Sex! To hook up with this chick (any chick for that matter) as soon as possible before the chemistry fizzles out.

Knowing that (my goal for rapid sex), I will contact her in another day or 2, throw my usual pitch about netflix and chill, get her to agree to meet up [they always do], swap numbers then seal the deal from there.

It’s all academic dude.

Same script: different chick.

The fact that I didn’t go for broke right away (since I told her “TTYL”), this move sub-communicates to her Hind Brain aka the Reptilian Brain (the part of a person’s brain which governs passion, sex, desires, etc), that not only am I high value and valuable, but it gives me a mystique appeal, along with the non-desperation vibe.

We all are familiar with the old adage: “we want what we can’t have”.

Things that appear to be out of reach and forbidden: we desire them much more than if they were right at hand. And the fact that those things are out of reach, we humans place more value on those things.

With that, you should now understand clearly how powerful this concept of mines is: ending the conversation before she does.

Doing so will have simultaneously created the following 4 powerful impressions:

•I harbor an air of mystic and mystery
•I am not desperate hence I have options
•I am high value and high net worth
•I am forbidden fruit and out of reach

If you want to learn more about how to instantly create attraction and get laid easily on Facebook, or any social-media site, grab my newly released e-product: Easy guide to picking up girls on Facebook.

For a more in-depth guide, grab “Facebook Bang”.

“Rejection Demystified”…Latest Infield Video

Do I face so-called rejections? Sure. It comes with the territory of game. I face more rejections than the average guy, simply because I do cold approach more than most guys (no one really cold approaches anyway…besides PUA’s). Rejections should be embraced. It’s the reframe [+ the mindset] after you will have gotten rejected, that ultimately gets you over the hump. I also touch on the most common yet under-taught reason as to why girls reject you during day game.

Quick Note On Getting Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

It pains me to have to resurrect the oft-repeated “getting my ex- back” issue, especially having since written an e-book product exclusively about that, coupled with quite a number of extensive articles on “how to get your ex back”.

Furthermore, the most commented and read articles on this website pertain to getting the ex back, which goes to show how popular this topic is.

Before I touch on this briefly, I just want to put it out there that getting an ex back shouldn’t become any guy’s sole or prime mission in regards to an ex.

PUA guru, RSD Owen, said it best: “Trying to get back with an ex-girlfriend is like a dirty high and being addicted to pain”.

A better move would be to simply move on, since there are way more fish in the sea than the ones who bit the shit out of you.

In any case, guys still want their ex back. And coaching guys on how to do this is 1 of my forté in the game.

This short post however, isn’t an extensive how-to guide on getting your ex back.

You can purchase my product, Get your ex Back, if you want a sprawling-strategic guide on every aspect conceivable in how to get an ex back.

What I will share with you in this post, is arguably the most crucial tip in how to get your ex chasing you again, and wanting to get back with you.

Which tip is this?

Do Cool Shit!

That’s it!

Do cooler shit than you were once accustomed to doing when you were with you ex-girlfriend.

People who once cheered and facilitated your downfall (like an ex), don’t particularly like to see you thrive, progress and succeed in life.

A guy who’s been dumped for instance, becomes a wreck or a slouch once he’s faced with singledom again.

He no longer has a zest for life.

His routine (just as it was before) becomes work, home and television.


No ex-girlfriend is going to salivate at the thought of getting back with a loser, slouch couch-potato guy such as yourself, someone whose only passions in life were her and the bowl of potato chips in front of him as he preps himself for a night of Football.

This is attraction-killing on overdrive, which speaks volumes as to why the guy got dumped in the first place!

After a breakup, most guys (women too go through a more manageable phase of this) understandably go through a slump.

Either they stagnate or regress to a worse state. And because this is highly unattractive behavior on the part of a man (slumping and doing nothing), women get turned off, and exes prefer to remain exes.

If you’re a guy who’s trying to get his ex-girlfriend back, you must firstly create a positive impression by doing interesting and cool shit!

By “cool shit”, I don’t mean parachuting from an airplane or the Golden Gate bridge.

I simply mean to embark on a journey of newness: new hobbies, new activities, career changes, new haircut, new style, a new look, etc.

Anything different or new will be classified as “new shit”…apart from something obviously lame such as becoming a monk, born-again-virgin (celibate) or anything such as those.

All in all: you have to give the girl a frikkin’ reason to want to get back with you.

Begging her to get back with you will not fucking cut it!

You’re just showing her that you’re weak, crushed, castrated and less of a man.

Show her (indirectly) that you are capable of living without her.

That is the first and most significant step in getting an ex to chase you.

She won’t chase you unless she sees a lifestyle shift.

I speak more (tactically) about this in Get your ex Back.

I show you how to simply and craftily give your ex the impression that you are cooler without her, which will in effect, force her to chase you.


Get Laid Easily On Facebook With…This Stalker App

Many years ago, I pondered the following question:

“Why doesn’t Facebook have a straightforward feature where you can see who viewed or is currently viewing your profile”?

My search led me to the following conclusion (out of consensus) that it’s a privacy issue (and may be seen as a breach). So Facebook isn’t too keen on divulging that piece of information to its users (who’s stalking them).

Every now and then though, I would come across some stupid link saying, “download this app to see who’s checking you out on Facebook”. Almost all of the times, it was a dud…or spam.

Eventually, I just let it go: “What big deal is it anyway to see who’s stalking my profile”!

Years later, days ago actually, some chick posted to Facebook about having stalkers and how shocked she was to find out that certain individuals were checking her out the most.

Out of curiosity, I read further read the post and checked out the comments and it was exactly what I was looking for for years now: an actual app- no spammy link or virus- that could tell me who’s been viewing my Facebook profile.

All consensus by the commenters say that this is legit.

I left a comment on the post, inquiring about the name of this stalker app. Once received, I went straight to the Play Store in search of this application.

I read a few reviews on the app from people who had downloaded and purchased it. Ninety percent of the reviews were encouraging.

Thus, I went ahead to download it.

Surprisingly, the results of who were stalking my profile seemed legit as fuck.

Why I say that is because of the first 25 people who mostly view my profile, 20 of them I suspected that they were actively reading my stuff (such as the guys who read my pick-up related posts).






Someone was also saying that this is total bullshit, that the app simply selects random Facebook friends.

I see no evidence of this, because as I said, 20 of those on the list would admit to reading my posts. So this is not just a random selection of people.

Also, I would hear some posters say, “such apps just select the people who mostly comment on your posts. So it’s just an algorithmic thing”.

Sounds logical but it isn’t so.

Of the top 25 Facebook friends listed in the app as my top stalkers [sorry guys 😉 ], only about 3 of them regularly comment on my Facebook statuses. So this debunks the claim that the app merely chooses the most active commenters.

Whichever way you can find out who stalk you on social media, if I were you, I would use that as a shortcut to getting laid.

How would I do this?


Just find out who stalks you. And if they pass your proverbial boner-test, then message them.

The thing is, since these girls are already stalking your profile, there is at least some level of interest there.

However, since girls aren’t active chasers and courters of men, no matter how much they find you interesting, they won’t blatantly message you.

Having fount out who’s checking you out, it shortcuts the entire process.

It’s like having a cheat code to the game. 🙂

Only downside to this is if all your stalkers are men and ugly girls. 😦

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