If She Rejects You: Bang Her Friend! Kenny PUA’s Twisted Ring Of Seduction Field Report Part.1

Arguably my most distasteful article to date where I sought retribution in a dirty way.

Few months back, I picked up an HB7.5 near the ATM one evening.

We hit it off pretty good in my estimation.

I was able to set up the Day2 [2nd meetup] about 3 days later, which consisted of grabbing snacks (some hot wings and beer), and head back to her pad to chill on her stoop.

Being that she lives with parents, we were relegated to the porch for the most part. Because of the shitty logistics, I didn’t really attempt to sleep with her that night. So I resigned myself to the idea of just chatting without much physical escalation…or at all.

A while later, we parted ways on optimistic terms for a subsequent rendezvous within the following days (which would’ve been a weekend).

For whatever reason, our weekend rendezvous didn’t come off [if I recall correctly; she had a girl’s night out], so we opted for sometime during the following week.


The following week came, I shot her a reminder text about meeting up the next day.

Her response: “Stop asking me to meet up with you because nothing is going to happen between us”.


I wish I had saved the screenshot just to give you guys the visual on this.

It was as raw as can be!

I was totally caught off guard by her uncharacteristic behaviour, especially since we were on great terms to say the least.

I instantly deleted her phone number from my mobile-phone book and Whatsapp messenger.

No fucking questions asked!

When you enjoy abundance of women, the occasional anomalous ones aren’t worth the trouble. Hence why I deleted her without a forethought.

Then again- I said to myself- “Wait Kenny”!

That light bulb moment you see in sitcoms.

I was struck with a novel idea which would’ve ramped my pickup prowess to a new level…a dirty level. 😈

I said to myself: “This bitch has the nerve to try to play me like that- as if I’m some sorta Beta fool! I’ll get her ass back”!

Since we were friends on Facebook at that time (about 2 months ago), I scrolled through her friend list in search of possible hot friends- girls who were hotter than she is- in order to seduce one of her friends. 👿 😈

Minutes upon minutes of scrolling to no avail: I wasn’t able to come across a viable enough candidate for prime seduction. 😦


“There we go”!

I came across the profile of a girl in her friend list, who was not only hotter than the HB7.5, but she was to my liking and had passed my proverbial boner-test. In other words; she was fuckable!

I checked off a few more key items before proceeding- most importantly- LOCALE. She lived in a nearby town (same as her cousin’s).

Armed with the most deadly Facebook pick-up tactics known to man [Kenny PUA’s Facebook method], I set sights on my novel target. 😈

To add more evilness to the plot, this girl wasn’t just her friend or some random girl in her friend list, but a relative of hers (a cousin).


“What way to get back at a girl for rejecting you than to fuck her hotter and younger cousin”, I said to myself. 🙂 🙂

The plan was set and put in motion ASAP!

I was to seduce and sleep with her cousin then rub it in her face…albeit indirectly.

The easy part was to seduce the cousin. The tricky part is to devise a way to rub it in her face without making it appear contrived and planned, rather sheer coincidence.

Fast forward a week, I had successfully managed to pick up the cousin of the girl who had rejected me by telling me to stop asking her to meet up.

We swapped numbers and the seduction proceeded.

Going forward, the plan was to covertly seduce her unbeknownst to her older cousin who’d rejected me.

Why “Covert”?

The moment girl 1 would’ve noticed that I was trying to get with girl 2 (her younger, hotter cousin), my cover would’ve been blown as girl 1 was likely to throw a monkey wrench in the game in hopes of having girl 2 blow me out by virtue of the fact that I tried to sleep with girl 1 [her relative] just two weeks prior.

Hence, this was a very delicate undertaking on my part.

If girl 2 (out of ignorance) were to only say to girl 1, “I met a cool guy name Kenny the other day on Facebook. He’s in your friend list. Do you know him”? I would’ve gotten blown out immediately! So I had to strategize in a way which keep girl 2’s mouth shut from spilling the beans to girl 1.

Thus, I deleted girl 1 (who rejected me) from my Facebook, included blocking her in order that I don’t show up in her Facebook whatsoever; especially if she’d tried to look me up for whatever reason.

The seduction proceeded.

Within a matter of a week (the entire seduction to lay lasted a week and 3 days) I managed to pull off the mammoth feat of sleeping with the friend (a cousin) of a girl who had unexpectedly rejected me only 2 and a half weeks prior.

As it stood at that juncture; I gained no satisfaction, merely in having pulled off the herculean task.

To me, It didn’t signify a damn thing if girl 1 who had rejected me, didn’t discover this piece of salacious, ego-shattering information.

What was I left to do?

I needed to execute a devious plan which will essentially allow me to rub it in her face: “I fucked your younger, hotter cousin”, short of saying it outright (which I had no qualms with by the way).

Luckily for me, her cousin inadvertently spilled the beans about our acquaintance with each other.

What had happened was- and this was days after we hooked up for the first time [we only hooked up twice]- she was staying by her cousin’s parents house for the weekend, so I took that as the most ideal situation to thicken the plot. 👿

Remind you, up until that point, girl 2 whom I’d slept with, had no idea that I knew her bigger cousin- girl 1- (the one who’d rejected me).

Furthermore, and up until that point, girl 1 didn’t know that I went out of my way to meet her younger cousin behind her back.

Whenever this blows, it may produce some fucking fireworks! 🙂

Anyway, so I got confirmation from girl 2 that she was staying by girl 1’s parents house for the weekend (girl 1 also lives there). Upon knowledge of that, I suggested that I stop by and we go for an evening walk around the bloc.

The objective of this “walk” was to ensure that the girl who had rejected me [girl 1], discovers that I was sleeping with her younger cousin…or at least find out that we knew each other and were going out for a stroll. 🙂

I bet that would totally crush her sense of value, to know that the guy whom she blew off harshly, is possibly sleeping with a close relative of hers.

Call me evil, but poetic justice is a sweet-ass bitch.

Anyways, so the plan was in motion: around 7 PM, stop by the house, essentially pick her up, go for a stroll, walk her back home, somewhere along the way, ensure that her older cousin find out about us.

Additionally, I was banking on her [girl 1 who rejected me] answering the door just to see the shocked look on her face, to discover that I was the guy taking her younger, hotter cousin for a stroll. 🙂 🙂

However, this was just a mere hope on my part. No guarantees that she would be the one to answer the door when I arrive.

Lo and behold: she was!

She answered the door!

The look of: horror, astonishment, shame, regret, anger- all in 1- was plastered across her face upon seeing me at her doorstep awaiting her cousin.

It was priceless!

She rudely blurts out: “May I help you”?

Me: “Yea…I wanna see ******. Tell her Kenny outside…waiting”.

She impolitely shuts in the door and delivers the message.

Girl 2 comes out shortly and we leave together.

I didn’t bother to even tell her that her cousin and I are acquainted.

There was no need.

The intended purpose and damage were already done.

Moreover, it was already way too late for the older one to try to throw shit in the game by talking her younger cousin out of seeing me since we had already hooked up.

Had I not banged her at that point, girl 1 would’ve had all the clout and leverage [after all; they are family] to steer this ship in a direction which was unfavourable to me.

However, I played it smartly by isolating both girls from the other, creating a situation where girl 1 didn’t know I knew girl 2. And girl 2 didn’t know I knew girl 1 either.

At the end of the day- apart from seeing that as an evil move on my part- I honestly don’t know WTF was girl 1’s problem!

As I said, when we first met, we hit it off like 2 peas in a pod.

We met up a second time days after without a hiccup.

All of a sudden when I texted her about a Day3 which we both were anticipating: she goes sorta nuclear and erratic on me by telling me to quit trying to meet up with her because it’s not going to happen.

Now, can this sort of erratic and lunatic behaviour from women be explained?

Sure! I’ve touched on it many times in the past.

Women have chemical-imbalance issues, otherwise known as hormonal fluctuations, more commonly known as PMS.

During a girl’s menstrual cycle, she’s liable to go bat-shit crazy, or at least grow crankier than an old hag at a nursing home.

Thus, such erratic explosions out of the blue, especially in cases where there was nothing to exacerbate a problem, they can be summed up in a nutshell to the chemical (estrogen) changes within the female’s body, particular during her monthly cycle.

Therefore, you can meet a girl today who’s head over heels for you. Then tomorrow, she can turn cold as ice without a cause.

There’s also another caveat as to why girls go cold all of a sudden: the secret boyfriend or the “ex is back in her life” factor.

Truth is: most women have boyfriends. There’s no such thing as a girl being single.

Some women will try to have it both ways by neglecting to disclose the fact that they are taken, while trying to get with another guy.

Additionally, you can meet a girl today who’s genuinely single, however had just severed a relationship with her boyfriend perhaps months, weeks or even days ago.

Upon meeting you- the new guy- y’all hit it off nicely. Then days later out of happenstance, the ex boyfriend pops back up (whether through text or personal visit) wanting to reconcile and give the relationship another go.

You as the new guy on the outside, is left to get a dose of cold treatment and attitude from the girl whom you’d met recently.

She won’t particularly tell you neither that her ex is back. She will just do her best to act cunty towards you (the new guy) in hopes of getting rid of you.

Now, with all that being said, the situation involving me and girl 1 who had blown me off without a transparent reason, it may very well boil down to 1 of the 2 factors I mentioned:

1.) PMS and hormonal imbalance while on her period

2.) Her ex (or secret boyfriend) comes back into the picture and essentially knocks you out of contention for the girl

All in all, I felt gratified and satisfied in getting some sort of retribution for being blown off so unexpectedly.

You may see it as a dirty game (what I had done) by using girl 2 to make girl 1 feel like utter shit. But at times, I believe hard lessons are necessary in order to keep girls honest and to level the playing field.

Too many women are spoiled rotten and are accustomed to giving guys the royal-shit treatment, largely because guys allow women to treat them like 2nd-class citizens.

As women play dirty, men are forced to play dirty also.

Stay tuned for part deux.

I Hope She Isn’t Dead

Back in January, I published a few posts about a sexy-married Cougar whom I’d pulled/picked up over Facebook.

All went well and according to my plan as far as managing to hook up with her on few occasions.

Subsequent to our 4 week affair, she virtually fell off the proverbial map!

Generally, I wouldn’t care about stuff like this.

Once I manage to hook up with a girl a time or two, I am not concerned about the aftermath. Whether she falls off the map or not, and elects to never communicate with again; it’s all good on my end.

With this married chick however, since I’d picked her up on Facebook and she’s in my friend list, I noticed that I haven’t seen any status update from her since the end of January.

Out of curiosity, I decided to click on her profile and scan her wall briefly.

Lo and behold: no status or anything posted since late January…subsequent to our fling.

What made this very apparent was that other people whom she has as friends on Facebook, commented on her wall, asking about her sudden disappearance from Facebook.

Additionally, she hadn’t replied to any of those posts to her wall from concerned individuals.

Moreover, over the course of the last 2 months, I did ring her phone…to no avail [straight to voicemail].

In retrospect, I do recall some of our later conversations revolving around her husband confiscating her smartphone and going through her call log.

I never thought much of it…until now.

Perhaps he eventually stumbled upon our elicit text conversations, and through rage, facilitated by a sense of betrayal, he bludgeon her to death. 😯

That would be very unfortunate if it were the case…which I hope it isn’t [after all; I do have a heart].

However, rarely ever do I see women completely vanish after they would have hooked up with me.

It is 1 thing to discontinue communication solely with me. But to cease communication with everyone on social media on a whole- including relatives- is sort of disturbing to say the least.

Oh well- hope for the best!

Fingers crossed!

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