New Video—>When Grabbing The Girl’s Phone Number Ensure That She knows The Deal [+Infield Examples]

Number closing and grabbing girl’s phone number.

Common blunder committed by guys is that they grab the girl’s number under the impression that they merely want to become texting and phone buddies.

While in the process of grabbing a girl’s number, you want to make it abundantly clear to her that you’re expecting to see her sometime soon…as in the coming days.

Moreover, she should know that the number close or number swap was done solely to facilitate a meet-up or so-called date, and not just to swap #’s for swapping sake…nor as a trophy.

Whenever your intent is clear from the get-go, or upon getting the girl’s phone number, this drastically reduces the chance of flaking, girl standing you up and or playing head games.

Once she knows that the reason you’re grabbing her number is to see her again, she won’t get this feeling of surprise when you contact her, wanting to hang out or go out.

That is where lots of guys go wrong. They grab the girl’s number without stating their intent (to meet up), so the girl is left to assume the least; that the guy merely wants to text or chat.

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