Download Your Complimentary [Free] Copy Of “Netflix & Sex”… The .PDF Guide

Here’s a bonus for you guys: a 17 page guide on how to physically, sexually and romantically escalate on a girl while Netflix and Chillin’.

The Complimentary guide is very detailed, and it deals with the specifics of how to get romantic with your Netflix date.

It is specifically geared towards shy guys and those who suffer from sever anxiety when it comes to pulling the trigger.



Get Laid From Netflix & Chill…free download [PDF file type, 220 kb file size]

New Video– “Netflix & Chill” into Netflix & Sex

By popular demand, I decided to finally put together a long-awaited video on the subject “Sexual Escalation” and getting romantic while having the girl back at your pad…or hers.

Netflix & Chill has been popularized over the last year or so. This video scratches the surface of sexual escalation and how to turn Netflix and Chill into Netflix & Sex.

Frank NightGame On Pulling Girls Home

Hey guys, another great video from my buddy Frank H.

One of the most solid examples I ever watched of how to game a girl in a night-game setting. Albeit the girl was on the heavy side; doesn’t fucking matter.

Frank’s style can and is applicable to gaming any sort of girl.

So many nuggets of gold in this video I can’t begin to count them.

New Video–>Daygame for Beginners: Breaking the Ice with Indirect Openers [+infield examples]

I get a fair amount of guys [newbies in Game] who lack social skills, ask me: “How do I open and break the ice with women”?

My recommendation is always to use Indirect Openers based on the environment, the situation or an observation.

For starters in Daygame, sticking to the indirect model yields better and quicker results as far as becoming a social machine or someone who can open without the slightest fear in the world.

If you’re new to pickup and want to test the waters in the field; this new video of mines will have been instructional [+ infield examples of using indirect openers based on the situation]

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