New Video—> The Ben Carson Effect And Why You Suck S**t With Attracting Women [Low Energy]!

A topic which is very under-addressed in the pick-up community: low energy and poor-voice projection.

In this latest video of mines, I shed some insight on how and why being meek and subdued in your tone and voice actually kills your chances with attracting women.

Not only does it kill your chances (low-voice projection) but it makes you appear non-confident and weak.

At the end of the video, there are few snippets of real-world examples where I demonstrate infield (on hidden-camera) how to be clear in tone/projection when chatting up women with whom I’m not acquainted.

The Anti-Cold Approach Insurgency In The Community + Failure-To-Success Ratio As A Stupid Argument For Being Anti-Cold Approach

Kenny the pick-up artist cold approaching hot girls...getting phone numbers

Akin to the current-political climate in the presidential race in the United States, where there’s an insurgency, particularly on the side of the GOP, but both political sides for that matter, there’s also a quasi-insurgency taking place within the pick-up world.

The key difference here is that unlike the folks in America who have legitimate reasons to feel angry and rebellious, those among the pick-up community who harbor this anti-establishment sentiments (being anti-cold approach) have no argument at all…unless one considers blowing hot air a legitimate reason to moan and wail.

About a day ago on Facebook, I got into a heated debate with 1 such guy among the pick-up world [Chris Bale] who’s notorious for being anti-cold approach.

What prompted me to post a slew of statuses in relation to cold approach (advocating it) was a spineless post I encountered from Chris Bale, where he took direct shots at Mystery and UK Beckster over a pick-up event which those guys were planning to pull off in Eastern Europe somewhere.

Chris has since un-friended me so I’m unable to access his original post in order to post it here.

Anyway, this guy goes on to trash cold approaching while advising women that if they’re approached by someone who seems to be a PUA, they should run for the hills.

The fact that this guy comes off as so anti-PUA yet still decides to hover around the PUA community, isn’t just hypocrisy at its apex, but guys such as Chris Bale constantly plays both sides by being anti-pickup (establishment), yet leeching off of establishment ideas, methodology, terminology and the likes.

Therefore, they find it profitable to remain in pickup while simultaneously trying to gin up an anti-PUA wing which fosters hogwash ideas such as cold-approach pickup is useless, baseless, regressive, manipulative and a blatant waste of time.

I mean, knocking cold approach from within the pick-up community, is like a mathematician finding fault with the most basic and rudimentary sound principles of Mathematics: such as 2 + 2 equal 4.

Cold approaching women is to pickup, what fitness training is to an athlete.

It’s the bare-expected minimum yet an integral undertaking to keeping the athlete in tip-top shape.

Furthermore, and to be as simplistic as can be, the principle of cold approaching is like cheese on a pizza. Without the cheese, it just cannot be called a pizza since the cheese holds such an integral significance to what a pizza is.

As a way to get Chris’ perspective on his anti-cold approach stance, I tagged him in the following post by literally calling him out.


Chris: I believe I did ask you directly about your stance on the matter but you acted all cuntish because you had no plausible case.

I then went on to shed further light on cold approaching and why it is practical and logical, and anything contrary from it, would be preposterous and regressive in nature and how we live today.


As I cited in the post, the biggest talking point of those in pickup who oppose cold-approaching is that approaching random women on the streets (or anywhere for that matter) yields a dismal success rate, hence it should be scrapped altogether because it’s useless.

This has got to be the worst fucking case one can attempt to make in any facet of life for that matter!

It’s akin to saying that because someone fresh out of high school will have failed more on his-her hunt to finding employment, he or she should just throw in the towel on finding employment, to hell with the application process, screw approaching employers and managers of certain establishments, etc. “Why go along with this bullshit of seeking a job when I’m going to be shot down 99% of the time”!?

That is essentially the asinine mess being peddled by the cold-approach naysayers whenever they regurgitate garbage such as “because you will have failed more in approaching women, you should give up altogether in approaching women since the failure-to-success rate is dismal”.

Well- from that viewpoint- we need to break the saddening news to every soldier in training, that he ought to quit the military because he won’t become an expert marksman in his first week on the range, and he will have missed more targets dead on than hit. Thus, learning to use a rifle in the event of battle, is just a waste of time buddy.

How fucking absurd!

No one does that!

No one thinks that way [at least no sane person does]!

In every facet of life; failure is the prevailing reality!

In fact, you will never reach a point to where failure becomes nonexistent, no matter how proficient you become in that field!

A marksman or a deadly sniper will always miss his targets, regardless of the mastery level which he had attained by taking out enemies from a great distance.

Likewise in pickup in the context of approaching random women on the streets.

I am a self-proclaimed master pick-up artist (credits to my students for also lauding me with the title) 😉 .

Does that mean I don’t fail and that I never get rejected by women because I’m a master at this?

Of course I still get rejected and have many so-called failed approaches!

Who doesn’t!

Michael Jordan lost games!

Being a master shouldn’t and doesn’t denote failure-proof.

Every great-professional boxer has losses on his record [barring a few in history]. Do those loses diminish their greatness and masterful abilities in the field?

They sure don’t.

Hence, there will never come a time where quote-unquote “failure” will just be a thing of the past…even for the best of us.

In addition to that, I went on to further make the point to another cold-approach opponent and denialist, a friend of mines actually, just to illustrate how ridiculous it is to assert that since one fails more in cold-approach pickup, it is indicative of its uselessness.


As always the case, these guys don’t have a valid point because their approach to the game is from a position of skepticism wrapped within a low-value frame .

Among the fray of comments from the anti-cold approach crowd, I did enjoy to hear reason coming from a guy who’s been in the pick-up community on a coaching level for a while now: my buddy Dan Silverman.


I want to conclude this short article by further making a case for why cold-approaching women is practical and feasible.

If you’re unfamiliar with Pickup community jargon, “Cold Approach”, as the name suggests, is approaching random women, particularly on the streets.

Every pick-up artist who has ever lived, cold approached women.

A PUA who doesn’t cold approach women is like a boxer who doesn’t throw jabs at all.

It’s just unheard of!

Why do PUA’s cold approach?

1.) Doing so forces the pick-up newbie to face his greatest fear…approaching women.

2.) To get the women we desire. If you don’t approach; you don’t get the girl.

Quite simple when you look at it.

Now, the thing is, at least from the talking points of the naysayers within the pick-up world such as Chris Bale, they say that because a PUA will have gotten rejected by the bulk of women he approaches, this reality invalidates cold approaching and renders it useless altogether.

What these guys are actually saying in other words, is that they expect to get a positive reaction from every girl they approach.

A negative reaction- such as a rejection- would be intolerable and unacceptable.

Moreover, if these guys aren’t getting 100% of the girls they approach, then approaching girls period, is a gross waste of fucking time!

That is essentially, and literally the position that these clowns are espousing!

With that, they ignorantly neglect to take into consideration that failures and rejections are part of the game as they are factors of life!

These guys know this! But they elect to be contrive and intentionally misleading, if not for any other reason, just to appear different and to give the impression that they are cut from a different cloth!

At the end of the day, every guy who gets into pickup, is well aware, or at least taught in no uncertain terms by his pick-up tutor, that he will fail more than he wins.

Failure would mean rejection or failure to get phone numbers, dates, etc.

Wins would mean securing numbers, getting dates, sex, etc.

The reality is: you will get rejected way more than not; especially if you’re at a pre-intermediary level!

However, a dismal-success rate in the field of game, shouldn’t negate and overshadow the positive successes whenever they do happen.

For example, a PUA may hit the streets with a specific target in mind: approach 15 girls today in hopes of securing some phone numbers which will hopefully lead to dates and sex.

Having such pick-up goals does not at all wield results into existence.

The PUA may have just managed to get 1 phone number of the 15 girls approached that day.

By running those numbers, someone on the outside is inclined to opine that 1 in 15 is TREMENDOUSLY AWFUL!!!

Sure! In a game of basketball or any other undertaking which is largely based on the points system.

However, that 1 phone number may have resulted in a date and or sex.

Would you still see this as a failure because the PUA had approached 15 girls that day, got rejected by 14 yet managed to make something happen with 1 of them?

Your perception on failure in such a case may very well be flipped when weighing the benefits of guy getting to stick his pecker into some poon-tang, albeit 1 poon out of 15.

You’re not going to beat yourself up about the 14 other missed opportunities and rejections!

Shit- you might not even remember those girls anyway, because the significance of that 1 win largely outweighs the 14 so-called loses!

Hence, it all boils down to perception: you can interpret rejection and a lackluster failure-to-success ratio in Game to mean waste of time. Or you can see it for what it actually is; the fewer successes hold more weight in your reality. And furthermore, rejections don’t exist [just as a caveat]!

Therefore, instead of focusing on the so-called failures, put more stock on the wins and progresses.

As you get better in pickup, 1 in 15 success-to-failure rate will ultimately even out, ala my approaches and averages.

If I were to approach 15 girls in an attempt to pick them up, I am bound to get about 13 numbers on a good and usual day.

Kenny the pick-up artist cold approaching hot girls...getting phone numbers

On a horrible day, I am liable to pick up 8 out of 15.

When I first started out in pickup many years ago, I failed 15 in 15 times to pull, just as every other guy who first started out in this!

However, if I were like those clowns such as Chris Bale of Masculine Intent, I would’ve taken those so-called rejections to mean that I’m wasting my time, throw in the towel on it all, and crawl back into my shit hole of self-loathing, and accept the fate of my dating life as being futile and shitty!

These guys are PUA flunkies, pretenders and phonies who are just bitter fools looking attention while leeching off of PUA students just to make a buck.

Every guy under my tutelage as he will have accomplished his aim, leaves with a winner’s mentality; not a bitter quitter’s mentality.

On that note, I leave you with these videos from across the pick-up establishment world on the topic of cold-approaching women.

The video directly below is from my buddy RSD Max from Austria.

Video directly below is from my buddy Alex Social, from the outback of Australia.

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