New Video–>Opening Tons Of Gates & Vagina With Language Skills [PUA Lifestyle Hack & DHV]

Hey guys, a super insightful video I posted earlier today on the subject of being multilingual in Game and life.

I constantly encourage guys to learn another language but I don’t see it resonating since most people are downright-fucking lazy!

However, I give it another shot (encouraging native-English speaking men to learn another language).

Not only will learning another language get you further in life, but it gets you further in pickup.

Check out the video to hear my journey of how I became multilingual and apply it to game and life in order to get by.

Boxing Scene Forum Love

By sheer chance while running through my blog stats, I happened to come across a post from a guy name Megas30 on the Boxing Scene Forum, which cited 1 of my hard-hitting articles about women and cheating.

I just wanted to acknowledge those guys over there in appreciation for plugging that article in the positive for the most part.

Here are few screenshots from their forum.


As a huge boxing fan, it’s always great to get love from other boxing enthusiasts. 😉

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