RSD’s Jeffy Responds To Feminists [video repost]

Hey guys, I promised Jeffy (aka JLaix) over a year ago that I would not post/share this video again on my blog since Jeffy felt that it gave him a bad look ever since the Julien Blanc fiasco.

E-mail proof that Jeffy and I did dialogue on his situation back in 2014 when we were on civil terms.


However, Jeffy/JLaix and I had a falling out some months back (due to him being a dick with me), so I don’t feel that I should have to honor his wishes any longer.

Since it has been a terrible media week for PUA’s worldwide, I might as well post about the most infamous pickup instructor from San Francisco, who was the pickup community’s #1 villain a while back, partly due to a van which was dubbed the rape van by feminist bloggers and sympathizers in the Bay area…though it was a consensual-sex van. 🙂

They had managed to paint Jeffy as the pickup artist who rode around in a “rape van” accosting women. Again, showing how the media misinterpret pickup tactics as a form of manipulation to case rape.


Here is Jeffy’s video response over a year ago.

Remind you; this video was pulled from Jeffy’s YouTube page, but I had stolen it before it was removed…hence I uploaded it to my YouTube account and re-posted it…with Jeffy’s knowledge by the way.

I wasn’t being a dick about it. I actually loved his take on his media fiasco.

Jezebel, the anti-PUA online heavyweight, had posted a scathing article on this, as they were the ones to engage in a witch hunt against Jlaix.

Prominent pickup artist (Jeffy Allen) who drives around in a rape van

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