Flaked On Last Night After Buying Food

Man I was fucking pissed!

Women have their nefarious ways of working over guy’s nerves…intentionally.

If there’s 1 thing I hate is when chicks willfully waste my time.

Unfortunately, wasting guy’s time is a base ingredient in the dating pie: women will waste your time, no matter how good you are in this field!

Last night, this chick was supposed to come see me from during the evening, but she got tied up at a beach party which took place miles and miles away from the city.

Allegedly, she got stranded at the beach which delayed her stopping by at my pad by a few hours.

We continued to dialogue throughout the night, trying to hammer out a way to get her to my fuck-location…my apartment.

While this was all going down, I got so antsy that I became hungry so I stopped by a nearby lounge in my area to grab some barbecue-grilled chicken in the meantime.

I then came up with a brilliant idea: “why not grab some chicken for her while I’m at it”?

I spent $40 bucks on 10 pieces of chicken [$20 for 5 pieces: 5 pieces for me, and 5 for her], made my way back home while texting this chick trying to get her ass back into the city.

Generally, I don’t mine doing this since I neither go out of my way to exclusively grab something only for the girl. Also, this is a girl whom I had fucked on a prior occasion or 2, so grabbing something for her to snack on back at the PUA-pad would not have been a bad move as far as devaluing my perceived social value.

Anyway, so here is a screenshot of the confusion in progress.
[My texts in green. Hers in white]


That says it all.

If it meant getting her to my place in order to hook up, I was up for paying her taxi fare with the taxi dropping her right at my doorstep.

However, it just wasn’t my night…or the bitch was just a cunning sham-artist.

I tried reaching a few taxi services but none were available.

She didn’t have a number to any taxi so that was that as far as the taxi plan went.

I thought about borrowing an associate of mines SUV (upon her suggestion) but I scratched that idea.

In any case, she eventually got a ride after 11 PM in a caravan of cars which were rolling from the beach by he dozens.

There I was expecting her to get dropped off by me but she’d told me that the caravan stopped off at a bar so she had to vacate the car also.


This chick was supposed to be at my pad around 6:30 PM and it was now 11:30 PM and she’s a no show!

I was pissed as fuck, particularly because I wasted $20 on chicken which was impossible for me to stuff.

Crazy enough; I managed to stuff my belly with the 10 pieces of chicken upon the realization that she wasn’t going to show up. 😦

At about 12 o’clock AM, she stopped responding to my texts while I was trying to find out her location (if she was close or far). So that’s when I read the writing on the wall that this witch had just flaked out on me.

I deleted her phone # right after that and continued to watch some Saturday night HBO boxing…alone.

A contributing factor to why I ultimately deleted her # last night is because she had flaked on me twice over the past week alone.

She was to come by me around Wednesday evening but flaked.

I usually have a 3-flake policy where I allow the girl 3 chances/strikes before I next her.

Most advanced PUA’s are so hawkish about flaking, that they delete girls upon their 1st infraction/1st flake. I consider this reckless and lacking of foresight since a good portion of girls will likely flake at least once or twice.

With this girl though, it is no biggie because I already f-closed her on 2 prior occasions. So she doesn’t get the satisfaction of shaming me as if I hadn’t slept with her at all.

I’ll give it some time and this chick will come running back trying to hook up as she did the last time when I had cut her off because of her flakiness in the past. So she has a history of excessive flaking.

This is also uncharacteristic because a girl never really flakes after she had already slept with a guy on prior occasions.

Flaking usually occurs [99.9% of the time] in cases of Day2’s (meeting the girl for the 1st time since picking her up) where the girl will have had jitters working her over.

On a final note, guys are liable to say, “But Kenny, I thought with options in women you don’t get pissed when a girl flakes”!?

Getting pissed because someone had wasted your time is only a natural reaction that any sane human being would experience.

The only difference when it comes to post-flake situations between myself- a guy with options- and a guy without options, is that I don’t remain pissed, neither do I chase the girl who had just flaked on me…because I have other options.

The guy without options is forced to chase, cry, whine, brood and beg.

He’s also liable to carry this experience with him for days, weeks and even months, beating himself up that a possible bang opportunity had slipped out of his hands.

When a chick flakes on me, I am pissed only for that night.

Depended on the time (if it’s early in the night), I would contact another girl in relation to meeting up with me that same night.

If it’s late (after 10-11 PM), I may just chance it and head out to the bar and try to pull a SNL (One-Night Stand). But by no means am I crushed and devastated whenever a girl flakes on me, to the degree that I am rendered immobile in a pool of tears.

It just so happened that since it was so late (after 12 AM) with this chick, it was next-to-impossible to hit up another girl to meet up.

Today however, I don’t even remember last night and that I got flaked on (apart from writing this post recounting the night).

The chick is deleted!

I harbor no malice against her for bullshitting me last night!

I know she will run coming back trying to hook up because they always do! 🙂

I trust in time!

“Time” is always th great equalizer.

The thing is, whenever a girl meets a guy like me- a PUA- not only is a PUA unique and unheard of by the vast majority of women on the exception of nutty feminists, but his style, approach and motto is unique to the girl.

Girls aren’t accustomed to being approached, gamed up and seduced by PUA’s.

Whenever they do find that 1 adroit Pick-Up Artist such as Kenny ( 😉 ), they (women) are usually swept off their feet by the mere “difference” in the approach and the stimulation she gets from it.

Hence, when a girl stands me up and I delete her # and cut her off in effect, she usually goes back to the humdrum, run-of-the-mill boring guy(s) who she’s grown accustomed to…like her bore-friend: -…I mean boyfriend.

Due to low stimulation from such a lackluster individual, the flaker usually finds herself running back into my arms/bed in the matter or days, weeks or months by texting me out of the blue, wanting to hang out. But this time; with no possibility of flaking.

At the end of the day, flaking does suck donkey balls. But as you become better with women and begin to witness abundance, though flaking will still sting, it won’t at all have a lasting effect.

Kenny’s Dirty PUA-Pad

I have a chick coming to stay with me tomorrow into Sunday. This is her 2nd time coming to stay with me as fuck-friends. My apartment is dirty as shit though…and I frankly don’t care. My bathroom hasn’t been cleaned in almost 2 years, dirty, stinky shoes all over the place…it’s a mess! But I refuse to clean it just to satisfy a side chick aka a fuck-buddy. I will try to see if 1 of my homies have a spare room or apartment. If not; it’s my filthy PUA-pad.
[My texts in green. Her texts in white]



This is what rejection looks like

Since I’ve been on the topic of rejection the entire week, why not post some of the best insights on the subject of rejection?

A nice rejection video from a good buddy of mines, Vladim (aka Honest Signalz) from Canada.

Just take note of the frame/mindset.

Probably The Most Straightforward Rejection I Ever Got + Re-Framing Rejections [PUA Field Report Feb. 25th. 2016]

“Rejections Don’t Exist”!

With every post I post about rejection, I find myself having to have to put an avowal claim at the head of the post just to keep guys in focus of the grand picture when it comes to meeting strangers.

Anyway, so last evening while taking a walk, I came across a super-hot stranger at an intersection:

Me: “Hold up, hold up”!

I exclaimed from across the road.

Girl smiles and stops as I jauntily approach.

Girl: “I can’t really stop because I’m in a rush”.

Whenever a girl says that to you, always acknowledge what she said, that she’s in a rush, and throw a false-time constraint out there so that she knows that you don’t intend to keep her back for long.

Me: “Oh cool, I realize that you’re in a rush. You’re probably headed to the bar up the bloc to get hammered”.

I then motioned for her to walk while I take the lead by walking off as she follows.

Girl: “Hammered!? I haven’t gotten hammered in ages. Like 9 months”.

Me: “Just 9 months!? You made it sound like 9 months is a long time”.

Girl: “Long time for me”!

The whole time we were walking and talking.

I prefer doing this, especially when the girl is busy or claims that she’s in a rush.

This shows that you have social intelligence and empathy.

Most guys would try to keep her there indefinitely. I believe in moving the set while chatting up the girl on the go.

We came up on another intersection:

Girl: “I’m going left”.

Me: “Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! I know you have to go and I have to go too”.

At this point, I motioned with my hand for her to stop and I also came to a stop which led her to halt right away.

Me: “Alright, lemme not beat around the bush…I want us to keep in contact and hang out when we have the free time…hopefully soon”.

Girl: “I’m always busy. Very busy actually”.

Me: “You use Facebook”?

Girl: “Nah. Not anymore. I don’t have the time for Facebook. All my time is dedicated to my boyfriend”.

Me: “Cool. Y’all live together”.

Girl: “He doesn’t live here. But I’m just so busy doing other things too”.

Me: “Alright. No free time I guess. It’s like that sometime”.

Girl: “To be honest…and let me not even beat around the bush about this. Even if I wasn’t busy, I wouldn’t want to hang out. I’m just not the type who keep many friends. I like to be alone”.

Me: “That’s cool. I’m the same. I roll solo”.

Girl: “I just think I have to be honest with you”.

Me: “That’s fine. Catch up then”.

I smiled about it, took it lightheartedly then parted ways.

By the way, this was all done pleasantly and not in a bitchy tone. She wasn’t rude at all at any point of the attempted pickup. She was super cordial, nice and smiling all the way throughout.

Note: although I did everything right here, it still ended in an unsuccessful pickup.

Hence, it wasn’t my approach or style which was wrong, but other variables which were out of my control [I’ll speak more to this a bit later in the post].

Did I take this so-called rejection personally?


Did I even take it as a rejection?


How to handle rejection from women

Whenever a girl rejects me- and this is a piece of advice for you- instead of seeing it as a rejection or taking it to mean “I’m ugly, I’m not her type”, or some other low-value coping mental Jujitsu, I re-frame this so-called rejection to mean that the girl just wasn’t in the head space at the time.


A simple re-frame!

“The girl was NOT in the mindset to be chatted up that day/night”.

Women are creatures of transitive moods.

We understand that.

Case in point; you can meet a girl tonight who rejects you, yet meet that same girl 2 days later and she totally buys into your frame and allows herself to be swept off her feet and picked up.

This is why you should never take a girl seriously!

Therefore, whenever I get rejected, I simply re-frame it to mean that the girl wasn’t in the mood that time: on that day.

Furthermore dude: everyone has his or her personal issue.

Why fucking take rejection to mean that the girl isn’t into you, or that she has something against you!?

She could’ve just been dumped by her boyfriend!

She could’ve just gotten into a fight with her boyfriend or her mom had pissed her off minutes before you had approached her!

You don’t know what she’s been into!

You don’t know her current situation!

Thus, you never want to take rejection personally because you might have just caught the girl at the wrong time!

Will you have another shot?

It all depends.

If you’re in a big metropolis of a city, then chances of running into this same girl again may be next to nil.

However, if you reside in small-town USA or anywhere else in the world for that matter, chances of bumping into that girl again who had rejected you, is almost likely. So you do have another shot in hopes of catching her at a better time.

Therefore, you don’t want to take rejection to heart!

The reason you do take it to heart as it is now is because you’re viewing it the wrong way.

You’re thinking that the girl abhors you as a person rather than she’s going through some personal shit.

With this HB10 from yesterday evening who “quote unquote” rejected me, perhaps she was genuinely uninterested as she stated.

That is okay!

Not every fucking girl will be into you!

It has nothing to do with you as a person!

The girl may have just gotten a new boyfriend for Heaven’s sake!

A girl is way less likely to cheat on her boyfriend if the relationship has not yet reached the 6 month mark.

Moreover, she’s also less likely to take newer guys on board while her relationship is still in its infancy stage.

A relationship is most strongest at the very beginning, prior to the 6-month mark. It doesn’t matter how inclined the girl may be towards cheating on her boyfriends, she isn’t likely to jeopardize it while things are so fresh…unless she was sleeping with you prior to meeting her current boyfriend.

Hence, when you put all of this together, a chick may very well love your approach but isn’t up for taking you on at the moment.

Have a chance encounter with this same chick a few weeks or months later, you may be surprised to find that she’s totally open to taking you on board.

A while back, I watched a video from Julien Blanc where he talked about women not remembering what they did/say a minute ago, let alone days ago [I was paraphrasing there].

Saying that to say, even if a girl were to so-called reject you now, she won’t even remember doing so 10 minutes later.

This happens all the time in nightclubs.

A girl would reject me now, I make a few spins across the dance floor gaming other girls, bump into the girl who had rejected me 5 minutes prior, and she’s totally into me.

It isn’t that she doesn’t remember me (or that she had rejected me). It’s simply that she makes transitions between mental states so rapidly that she doesn’t give much life to what she had done or said just minutes prior.

Here’s a video from the infamous Julien Blanc (featuring RSD Tyler/Owen), which touches on the points of rejection and building such a state in the game.

Don’t Be Like This Guy

I was appalled and almost knocked off my chair when I came across this post yesterday.


In the guy’s defense: I liked his initial vibe because it was strong and dominant yet free from outcome, hence the girl responded about the Skype thing.

The last set of messages posted to the girl’s wall was the sinker.

The guy no longer went from dominant and free from outcome (as far as his vibe goes), but needy and desperate with the “tell me your Skype name” reiteration.

What should he have done?

Inbox her!

Never tool yourself out on a girl’s wall for the public to see!

In a few posts back, I talked guys making the big mistake of hitting on girls on their wall or their posts and statuses instead of messaging her directly.

The game of attraction and getting laid is so dynamic that you can be seen as a super attractive guy 1 second but blow your chances right after that.

Failed Again To Make A Boner At Booty-Call Hour + More Chick Logics To Kill Your Mind

Hey guys, another interesting field report coming at you…at least an interesting read for you but somewhat of a shameful experience for me. 😦

Last night, a girl hits me up after 10 PM, apparently wanting to hook up. Well- it was apparent to me but may not be for other guys.

Here’s the deal: if a girl hits you up after 10 PM, it is usually an indication of her wanting to hook up.

This however isn’t the case in a social-media hit up where the girl might not have had your phone number. So a Facebook communique is impersonal and doesn’t really count unless the girl has your # and vice versa.

This is why I always advise you guys to get the girl’s # and make the transition away from Facebook to another medium.

For example: if you chat up a girl on Facebook and manage to # close her, communicate with her on a medium other than Facebook…such as Whatsapp, IMO, etc.

Facebook is seen as very impersonal to women…and it is.

Women don’t take Facebook seriously, so that’s why you should always get the digits and move away from it.

With that said, whenever I get a girl’s number via Facebook, I immediately continue gaming her up on Whatsapp messenger where it is more personal and taken more seriously.

Hence, when a girl hits you up after 10 PM, it is almost always an indication of her sexual state. In other words; she’s horny. Again- if this were Facebook, it would not exactly have been the case.

Anyway, so last night, this chick hits me up out of the blue on Whatsapp after 10 PM.

Knowing to myself that this was the booty-call hour (anything after 10 PM), I immediately transition to a sexual vibe and suggested me going to her place…to hook up.
[Her texts in white. Mines in green]



Anyway, so all was good…so it seems.

Was I able to sleep with her?

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a hard-on.

My dick failed me.

This had happened on a prior occasion a few months ago as I outlined in this field report: http://kennyspuathoughts.com/2015/07/27/sunday-night-lay-report-couldnt-maintain-a-hard-on/

We literally took an hour and a half trying to resuscitate my cock…to no avail.

What actually compounded to my inability to get an erection was the fact that I am not accustomed to using a condom with my girlfriend. Since my girlfriend and I shag raw, the feel of a condom on my phallic object kills the sensation.

Being that I only had 1 condom to work with, things became dire once I had to remove and put on the condom about 10 times literally, unable to gain sensation.

What really fucking pissed me off last night, besides having to take the long-ass journey to her part of town, was the fact that this chick didn’t want to give me a blowjob, which would have gotten my cock erect faster than you can say “BOO”!

I posted my dissatisfaction to Facebook last night about 5 minutes after vacating the girl’s house.


Was I pissed?


Usually, whenever I have these sporadic moments of erectile dysfunction (which happens to all of us by the way), I gingerly accept the situation and forget that it ever happened.

Last night however, I felt that this chick had wasted my fucking time, knowing that all she had to do was to suck my cock and it would rise like a phoenix…but she elected not to.

Chick Logics

Here is the thing- just as I mentioned in the screenshot about- women often interpret giving a blowjob as cheating, and even kissing another guy as cheating. Yet full-blown intercourse isn’t cheating.

You would think that fucking another guy behind her boyfriend’s back was a more damning act, but not to most women.

Here is why: sucking a guy’s cock, and even kissing him, are seen as more intimate than sex itself.

In all honesty; it is!

For a girl to put her lips on a guy’s cock; it is very intimate and up-close and personal.

For her to have the guy fuck her in the doggy position, such an act is not up close and personal, nor is it intimate.

Hence, when I tried to get the girl from last night to go down on me, she playfully protested because doing so, would have been an intimate act, and it would have made her feel very slutty about herself.

From a man’s standpoint on the other hand, fucking would have been a more intimate act.

This goes to show how differently the sexes interpret sex play.

In any case, I still feel the letdown from last night.

It stings!

There I was with a golden opportunity to fuck a girl whom I’d been trying to bang for a second time, yet didn’t succeed.

We hooked up months ago and it was mind-blowing! But because of existential reasons (her boyfriend), we weren’t able to hook up again.

On that note, I just want to also point out how crucial it is to be that go-to-guy whenever a girl is feel randy.

She is NOT going to hit up a guy whom she deems low value and sexually unworthy.

She could’ve contacted dozens of other guys to come fuck her, but she chose the most sex-worthy…not because I was better in bed than the next man, but I was more of an all-around good experience for her.

If there’s 1 takeaway from this quick post I want you to deduce are 3 things:

1.) Get off of Facebook once you get the girl’s number.

2.) Realize that if a girl hits you up after 10 PM, it is usually an indication of her wanting to hook up.

3.) Become that sex-worthy guy whom women call on when they’re feeling horny.

I’ll make a subsequent post about how to become that sex-worthy guy.

In fact, the pick-up instructor, Todd Valentine, has a great video on this. I will post it in a bit.

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