When To Call The Girl After Getting The Digits…[Video Repost]

“When is the right time to call the girl after getting her number”?

I hate having to repost a video here on the blog when a certain subject had already been exhausted.

Nevertheless, a handful of guys in the pick-up forums had been struggling with the question of when: “when should I call the chick after getting her digits”?

I re-posted a recent video of mines where I touched on that very subject and tackled the popular myths surrounding it…such as “the 3 day rule”, whereas it is advisable not to contact a girl before 3 days has elapsed least you appear needy and desperate.

In a recent post of mines to a PUA forum via Facebook, the pick-up/seduction community founder himself, Mystery [Erik Markovik] of VH1’s The Pick-Up Artist, chimed in to lend his support and accord to what I had to say on the topic of “when to contact a girl after getting her number”.


It’s always a pleasure to get the nod of approval from the pick-up godfather and founder himself. 😉

If you haven’t yet checked out the video, you can do so now below to get my take on when you should contact the girl after you would have gotten her digits.

What's your view?

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