Fat Girls With “High Standards” Really Need To Re-Evaluate [Dating-Marketplace Value Reality Check]


“How politically incorrect to refer to ‘BIG’ girls as fat girls”!

All pun aside; I am learning to respect “BIG” girls in a brand-new way, hence my toned-down rhetoric over the last year or so where fat-shaming has virtually been eradicated from my writings.

In any case, plus-size women naturally face a conundrum in the dating marketplace, simply because they aren’t regarded as society’s idea of beauty.

Now, beauty is personal to each individual who’s judging what beauty means to him or her.

Beauty is subjective! It is truly to each his own. So I am not disregarding that at all!

However, the reality on the ground- in the dating-market place- is that the heavier you are, the more baggages you carry [no pun intended].

Plus-size women are by no means blind to this reality.

In the same breath, they are somewhat naïve to their perceived handicap in dating.

Earlier today, a plus-sizer, a distant acquaintance of mines on Facebook, posted a status about why guys on Facebook just see her as someone to “netflix and chill” with, rather than to wine and dine and take out.

I refrained from being blunt as possible on her post [that the reason for this is because she’s on the heavier side of things and guys don’t feel that they should invest as much], but I did chime in after another plus-sizer had commented about standards, and how big girls who have high standards should maintain those standards.

Here’s the screenshot.


Now- my argument was very simplistic without being blunt: Women should lower their standards and expectations in dating.

I stopped short of saying “fatties should lower their standards”, but realistically speaking, the more physical baggages [pounds] a woman has, the lower her standards should and must become if she wishes to get some play in the dating-market place!

Not to mention that the woman who had posted that status is plus-size, but has kids and is 43 years old.

Those are 3 strikes against a female when looking a suitable lover and potential long-term mate.

This isn’t news-fucking flash by the way!

A woman on the verge of infertility [menopause] does NOT and CANNOT wield the same influence in dating as a girl in her sexual prime!

The younger the woman, the more bargaining chips she can afford to play with, and the more leverage she wields in dating and mating.

Some women- a great portion of them- seem to turn a blind eye to this truth by wanting to believe that they can push their weight around and be demanding in the dating-marketplace, while having baggages in the form of children, age and pounds.

Plus-sizers and older women, fail to realize that their stock and market value will have depreciated and devalued over time: with age, and according to the pounds they pack on simultaneously as they age.

Big girls, though recognizing the disadvantages and devaluing of their market value, often choose to live in denial about this…though they know better.

Thanks to social media and thirsty men who don’t get laid, plus-size women can now take to the internet and live an alternate reality- a virtual reality- where they get validated all day long by such men, disingenuously being told how pretty they are, generating hundreds of likes on their lame-ass selfies and so forth.

With a hit off the validation pipe (the internet), big girls now feel that they are competitive enough in the dating world that they can make the same purchasing demands as women who are half their body size.

Every now and then, they receive a reality check once realizing that the vast majority of guys truly don’t desire a relationship with them, but just a “netflix and chill” 1-off encounter of anything.

This usually cuts the big girl down to size…or remove her from the high horse in which she had no business mounting in the first place.

Sure they are lots of guys who have a preference for big girls (even huge ones such as SSBBW’s). But on an innate level, no guy expects to have to fight arduously to snag a girl who’s entering the marketplace with weight issues.

To be frank, and I’m sorry to let the cat out the bag on how men think, the underlying reason why guys become chubby-chasers and go after heavies, included the guys who have a preference for big girls, is because they deem big girls easier catches.

Distasteful reality, but I had to break the news to you.

Most guys who chase big girls had only resorted to doing so out of scarcity, mild desperation, pent-up horniness, encouraged by the perception that the bigger the girl, the easier she must be.

Men, as slow as we are in comparison to women, very well know that big girls are lower down the marketplace-value chain than slim and thick women are.

Even the chubby-chaser are well aware of this truth…which is why they chase heavies in the first place (less marketplace value means easier buy)!

Whether we humans consciously see things this brash or not, dating and mating are equated to the sale and purchase of goods.

The closer the commodity reaches to its expiratory date, the more its marketplace value and price reduce.

The longer the item been on the shelf, its shelf life and value reduce.

Common day-to-day economics right there, to which the average consumer can relate.

In the area of dating, likewise, as the female ages and or packs on the pounds, the closer she gets to her expiratory date: whether that be menopause or expiration of life itself.

Nevertheless, the older she gets, the more value she loses in dating.

The amount of guys who would actually risk making that purchase still (as in to seriously date her) would have dwindled…unless it’s for a quick use.

What do I mean by “quick use”?

Instant pump and dump.

Likewise with the girl who’s been packing on the pounds, perhaps due to childbearing or hereditary factors; her purchasing value reduces as less guys would’ve been willing to take that gamble for a long-term investment.

Hence, of the guys who claim to be into big girls, the vast majority just wants to pump and dump and satisfy their sexual urges, while expending the least amount of resources (money and time) as possible on such a risky investment [big girls, and older girls]. So “Netflix and chill”, or some other low-investment proposal, is the most that the average Joe is willing to invest in a woman whom he deems to be a risky purchase (big and older women).

Now, let’s examine this on the other side of the spectrum.

Would the average guy solely shoot for “netflix and chill” with a younger and so-called hotter girl (according to societal’s standards)?

Of course not!

He would explore his options, ranging from a lavish date, shopping spree, to even a trip if the girl would only dare come along…all expenses paid…on him!

Why so? Because a younger and hotter (trimmer) girl would have been in high(er) demand in the dating marketplace!

Her value would have been out the roof!

She’s akin to the iPhone- whichever # they are up to now- fresh off the production line being shipped to retail outlets.

She’s likely to sell fast and at top price.

She can make outlandish demands because her value is congruent to her demands.

Being young- let’s say between the ages of 18-25 – trim or thick, and having no kids, she’s truly working with a monopolized hand.

Her demands will be met…and some!

As an overweight woman, withstanding the fact that you are childless and highly fertile in your early 20’s, you still cannot demand equal bargaining price as the women of smaller sizes…especially if they’re in shape!

As I touched on at the top of the article- fundamentally- women grasp this!

Big girls also understand this disparity and they cope with it for the most part!

Barring that, if a big girl wishes to maximize her buying power (and who wouldn’t ❓ ), she has to rethink and think wisely!

She should quit trying to compete with the women who are out of her league, by expecting to snag hot athletes and musical icons!

I posted a status to Facebook the other day, which I was chided out for, by saying that big girls are the only ones posting photos of jocks and half-naked men bearing 6-pac abs, whom they will never get if they were the last women on Earth.

Quite harsh but real!

Big girls general drool over guys who are out of their league.

“Drooling”, and having real expectations of dating an NFL star athlete, are 2 different things.

We can all fantasize of our ideal type. But to expect this ideal type to be desirous of us, in spite of our baggages, is pure mental masturbation.

Men also face this problem.

You have guys who are intrinsically 5’s on the attraction scale, yet desiring women who are HB 10’s on the looks scale!

Take note that I specifically wrote “attraction scale” and not “looks scale” for men, because what makes a guy a 9 or 10, is neither his facial composition, height nor build, but his fashion sense, style, attitude, personality, lifestyle, hobbies, etc.

However, as a guy, you cannot fucking become a 10 while laying up at home 6 nights a week, munching Cheetos, watching South Park, no physical activity besides fetching the remote and booze, or commuting to and from work, no social life whatsoever!

That’s not a fucking 10! No matter how handsome you are as a man!

Your stock in the dating marketplace will not be as valuable as an ugly guy who has a life, hits the gym, stays fit, has a cool-fashion sense, dresses well, etc.

Therefore, with men, what determines our date-worthiness and fuck-worthiness, isn’t how handsome we are, but everything else from the inner core to our style.

For women, since men are looks-based (visually stimulated creatures), we judge a woman’s fuckability and date-ability on her looks.

The more good-looking she is; the more we’re willing to pay for the acquisition.

The hotter, younger and trimmer the girl on a looks-base system, the more power she wields, the more leverage she has, and the more willing men are to invest more capital and time in such a fertile commodity.

With all that being said, if a guy who’s a 5 or 6, wishes to date up, he needs to get his shit together, drop the potato-chips bag, get off the couch and go get a life!


If he’s a 5 or 6 and doesn’t wish to improve his lifestyle situation; then he needs to drop the fantasy of having a drop-dead stunner- an HB10- walking into his abode with lingerie on, ready to get ravaged by him!

It’s not gonna happen brodie!

You have to become a 10 [attitude and lifestyle wise] if you firstly want to date 10’s!

For big girls, it is easy for me to say, “Just lose 100 fucking pounds and you’re golden”!

Easier to say; but not realistic.

What is really feasible and doable though, is if she simply lowers her standards!

Just as I’d said in the screenshot at the top to my plus-size acquaintance, too many women are walking around with these high-ass standards and expectations when they don’t qualify!

You can’t expect a 10 when you’re a 4!

You can’t be grossly overweight and expect to snag a guy who’s a goddamn 10 (this is general advise BTW, and not directed at any specific big girl 🙂 )!

It isn’t congruent to your marketplace value!

You cannot realistically want a guy who’s a 7, 8, 9 or 10, if and when you are borderline menopausal, have 1 or numerous kids and are overweight!

Your standards and expectations of men cannot be sky frikkin’ high!

That’s like me trying to convince someone to buy my old iPhone 3G for $500 USD!

That’s insane!

The only way I could get it sold for that price, is if I hustle and swindle someone into buying it!

Do fat girls- I mean “big” girls- try to hustle and swindle guys into making a serious purchase, albeit a risky one?

Sure they do!

How about showing a little bit more cleavage than slim girls do in those selfies?

Some inducements, huh?

In any case, lowering one’s standards in order to find a potential mate, shouldn’t be an undignified blow to anyone’s self esteem.

Telling a girl that her standards in men are too high and she should rethink that strategy, is akin to fighting words nowadays…for most women.

However, it is a wise strategy in my estimation. And most women who claim to be single (though truly single women don’t exist) are so, as products of their own high expectations in men, and high standards which don’t align with their dating-marketplace value.

If you’re a big girl, and can’t seem to find a jacked guy who’s built like an athlete, willing to take you on for more than just a 2-week fling; then just maybe dammit- your standards are too damn high! And that checklist needs to have fewer boxes!

Ever thought of that!?

Why not settle for the guy who’s a bit pudgy around the waist; who’s respectfully in your league but a tad bit higher?

If the verb “settle” doesn’t sit too well with you, why not “reconsider” the guys whom you’re putting yourself out there for?

Instead of futilely chasing after the 10’s, why not give the 7’s and 6’s a meaningful shot without putting up this bitch shield or titanium, sending guys running for the hills?

Don’t Let Her Use You As An Emotional Tampon For Her Dating & Relationship Issues

There are many common mistakes guys make when trying to court a woman.

One in particular is: we tend to actively lend a listening-ear to women when they vent about their love life, an ex-boyfriend or their current relationship problems.

On the surface, this may seem a cogent idea: “If I only listen to her boyfriend issues, she’ll reward me with some pussy, or even dump him for me”.

That however, rarely ever pans out accordingly.

What guys fail to realize is that women are very opportunistic and calculating when it comes to issues of the heart.

Everything for her is a stratagem.

The guy who listens to her relationship issues and lends her a shoulder in which to lean and cry on, has a designated role…and that is to become her emotional tampon and nothing short or long of it.

Women are very strategic and precise on the roles in which they have certain guys play in their lives.

For instance: if a girl friendzones a guy, she will NEVER fuck that guy.

He has been relegated to the friends only basket, which means that he is no longer a sexual item in her eyes.

Likewise with guys who put themselves out there as the consoling gentlemen for damsels in distress; they are basically relegated to that role and that role only (her emotional tampon). And women for the most part do not sleep with guys whom they designate for the specific purpose of consoling them when their hearts are broken.

Ironically, the guys whom women run to and phone up whenever their boyfriend treats them like trash, are generally in the friendzone to begin with.

One of the subtle signs that you’ve been friendzoned or about to be friendzoned, is when the girl runs to you (via calls, text, etc) to vent about her BF and relationship issues.

A friend should be there for her, right?

Either she has already friendzoned you or is testing the waters to see how pliable you are, and how willing you are to yield and bend.

Case in point: about a month ago, I picked up a girl while running some street approaches. Due to her travels, we weren’t able to meet up as yet.

Over the past week and a half, she’s been hitting me up like crazy via Facebook, wanting to talk about her boyfriend issues and how she suspects him of cheating and lying about other matters in their relationship.

Knowing that if I entertain this sort of shenanigans by listening and offering cliche guidance, would be a nail in my coffin as far as managing to sleep with her [my primary and ultimate goal], I keep avoiding her and brushing off her attempts to lure me into becoming her listening ear and consoler.

Here’s a screenshot from a few days ago where she had called me tons of times through Messenger to cry about how much of a dog her boyfriend is, and how he has a secret girlfriend behind her back and she’s been texting her constantly.


My frame remained the same: too much drama for my soul and I keep avoiding her calls and texts when they pertain to talks about her situation.

That is how you handle a girl’s attempt at turn you into her emotional tampon.

You simply avoid talking about it or ignore her calls and texts flat out.

She will get the message quickly, that you aren’t for entertaining her relationship dramas.

Women will often test you to see whether you will listen to her boyfriend issues or show lack of interest.

The moment you engage her for any protracted time; you are fucking done!

Hence, it is best to flee by simply avoid talking about her drama or ignore her.

She will get the message and get her butt back in line to whatever the original script was.

With me, the script is always the same: “hooking up”.

Anything which deviates from this script will result in resistance and disinterest from me.

Talking about how much of an asshole and a dog her boyfriend is for having a secret girlfriend behind her back, will NOT help me to get any closer to hooking up with her. But doing so will actually lessen my chances, so I do NOT entertain such topics with any girl!

Now, if you’re the average guy, in regards to my advice of blowing a girl off whenever she seeks a shoulder to cry and vent on, you may be led to believe that it is a counterproductive strategy and the girl will surmise that you’re an insensitive asshole for not being there for her emotionally.

Well- actually- she won’t think you’re an insensitive asshole for not listening to her about her boyfriend drama.

She’ll just rationalize your dismissiveness to mean you aren’t looking for that sort of entanglement: being her shoulder to cry on.

She’ll simply test the waters with some other chumps until she finds a guy who’ll willingly provide a virtual shoulder to lean on.

Not surprising: the vast majority of guys will provide a shoulder for her to bawl on, so there is no shortage of shoulders in that regard.

However, those guys will not be seen as sexual items but just her emotional tampons to console her whenever the boyfriend acts out.

A guy like myself on the other hand who doesn’t entertain such drama, will retain his sex-worthiness status in the eyes of the girl.

Therefore, there’s nothing to fear in rejecting her attempts at drawing you into her relationship drama.

She will not deem you an insensitive prick! She will just tell herself, “Ok- Kenny is the type of guy who doesn’t like to discuss these sorts of issues”. And she will gladly continue to talk about things that matter…such as “getting to know each other more…over snacks and drinks”.

Look man, at the end of the day, the reason why I don’t allow women to bring their boyfriend drama my way, is because no matter how hurt they are and how much they think of their boyfriend as a cheating scum, they will continue to deal with him and put up with his so-called bad ways anyway!

Doesn’t matter how much you allow her to cry on your shoulder while urging and advising her that she should leave such a dog and that she can do better; she will NOT take your advice into account even for a split second!

Surely she will ‘verbally’ acknowledge your advice as sound and rational [‘verbally’ being the operative adverb], however, she will NOT physically move towards taking your consoling advice by ridding herself of this so-called dogish individual who’s causing her so much emotional pain.

Thus, at the end of the day, you will undoubtedly feel used and cheated, particularly if you had romantic interest in this girl.

A huge part of why she won’t take your advice is because women themselves are fucking drawn to drama like a drugee to getting high!

Drama ‘IS’ their frikkin’ high!

You providing sound and rational advice is like trying to rain on their parade and crash their party with a Debbie Downer attitude.

Becoming a consoling spirit to women in relationship distress by giving them sound-relationship advice, is akin to a parent scolding his or her child for staying out past curfew, when he or she was having massive fun and lost track of time.

Your advice will be listened to. But quickly filtered through 1 ear and flushed out the other.

It isn’t that chicks are so adverse from taking heed and taking good advice. It is that they innately love the drama and emotional turmoil that a man can put them through!

Hence, it is a gross waste of time to advise a girl that she should dump her cheating or beating boyfriend.

She will NOT take heed!

She coming to you about her boyfriend issues isn’t to seek resolution nor to seek good and sound advice from you!

It is just to fucking vent and blow some steam off!

That’s it!

The more you listen to her, and the more you encourage her to “do the right thing”, the deeper you will have inadvertently dug your grave as to your chances of getting with this girl on an intimate level.

The friendzone will be your only destination!

“How you like dem apples”?

On that note, that is why I NEVER EVER encourage a girl to leave her boyfriend.

I never advise her to get someone better!

I also never console her, and never (re)assure her that it will all be okay.

Many years ago, I coined a saying to which I adhere:

“You cannot counsel your way into a girl’s vagina”

Another HUGE mistakes (and there are many) guys make when trying to get laid, is to come off as a big-brother figure, or father figure, to the women whom they’re trying to shag.

Do women fuck their big brothers and dads?

Sure they are rare incestual exceptions. But NO! For the most part; women are NOT fucking their older brothers and dad.

Thus, for you to come off as though you’re her big brother offering some relationship and love-life advice, will land your ass in the friendzone FAST!

You cannot friend your way into a girl’s panties!

Likewise, you cannot counsel and console your way into her panties neither.

This isn’t some goddamn rom-com sitcom guys, where girl runs to guy, guy consoles her and urges her to leave her asshole boyfriend and she complies, and they begin to have an illustrious relationship, with the guy who provided a shoulder for her to cry on, being her new beau, and they both ride off into the sunset!

It doesn’t work that way outside of Hollywood…like in the real world!

In the “real world”, women don’t reward men for being sappy, chummy, emotional and consoling.

They actually punish men for being at their beck and call, and for lending a shoulder to lean on.

Here is a perfect scenario of how the average Jane would operate in such a situation.

Average Jane’s boyfriend has been treating her like trash over the past week, and is suspected of seeing some another girl.

Jane Doe then reaches out to you since you’ve been talking to her over the past 2-3 weeks, trying to secure a date with her.

Jane Doe then proceeds to pour her heart and anger out there about her situation.

You take the bait and engage her, providing solace, being a big-brother figure, looking out for her best interest, reaffirming to her that she can do better, and there are other guys out there who will cherish her (i.e. You).

Furthermore, you join her in boyfriend bashing, telling her how big of a scumbag her boyfriend is for disrespecting her like that, etc, etc, etc.

Jane Doe goes further to say that she is DONE- FINITO- with his trifling ass, and she wants nothing further to do with her lying, disrespecting and potential cheating boyfriend!

You agree with her sentiments and encourage her to do as she says: “Dump him and move on”!

Moreover, she goes further to say that she will block his ass on Facebook, delete his # and erase him from her life!

You encourage her!

As the guy who’s advising and consoling her, you now sense that your chance of finally getting with her is neigh!

Two days later; you hear no further vent and rant from her.

As the days go by, you then come to realize that she is still seeing this guy- her boyfriend- whom she vowed never to see again!

Feeling as though she’d put her foot in her mouth, and now looks like a grand hypocrite and even a liar, she cannot stand to face you (even if this is through the internet), so she avoids you.

That is the vast and likely scenario of how things will unfold whenever you play the consoling role to women!

She will disregard all that she’d said to you. She will also disregard your advice in agreement with hers. And she will continue to hook up with her “awful” boyfriend, remain in the relationship, then run back to you for solace once things hit the fan again and she needs a shoulder to cry on…again!

Where does this leave you as the guy on the outside awaiting his opportunity?

In a limbo!

On that note: that is why you should remain vigilant and reject any girl’s attempt to try to spill her guts out to you as far as her relationship and boyfriend issues go.

You’ll just be used for convenience, and feel used in the end when she runs back to him and you’re left with your dick in your hands (proverbially)!

New Video—> Date 2 Sex With Bodybuilder, Nutritionist, Vegan Chick

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Note: this amateur video was shot in an undisclosed location on the island of ************** 🙂 .

The biggest point here I want you to take away is vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

I’ll address that in a follow-up post.

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RSD Madison: Make Girls Think You’re Hot

RSD Madison

An interesting video I came across from RSD Madison, which was posted a few weeks back.

BTW, I had no clue that Madison was from Canada, though we’ve been shooting the shit for a while now through various PUA groups on Facebook.

RSD Tyler/Owen also chimes in with some game theory.

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