Most Girls See Me As An A**hole…Therein Lies The Attraction [Not Safe For Nice Guys]

Kenny PUA: the bearded gentleman

Hanging out at the bar Thursday night with a buddy of mines for his birthday, while he chatted and drank with the fellaz, I branched off to roam the bar in search of hotties to chat up and possibly seduce.

I bumped into a girl whom I once hooked up with years ago [we almost dated actually], and we chatted for a bit.

During convo, she asked if I was still an asshole.

I was taken-aback since I wasn’t quite sure where she was coming from with such a question.

Girl: “You don’t remember? You tried hitting on 1 of my friends and thought you would get away with it. That was an asshole move Kenny. That’s very poor taste and no respect at all for me and women in general”.

She went further to point out that my approach to women is wrong: everything from the way I talk to women, my sexual advances and bratty attitude whenever I don’t get my way. 😦 😦

Being that this “approach” is all part of my badboy/asshole/jerkish persona as a master pick-up artist, I smiled on the inside. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

What I really meant to ask her was, “Since I did/do everything wrong, why were you so drawn to it [my overall approach and attitude]”? But that wasn’t necessary since I am well aware of why this is.

Nevertheless, after our spirited interaction, I thought to myself; “How is my approach…really”?

I never actually took stock of it on a conscious level since my forward and jerkish approach has now become an integral part of my game.

As a little homework, I decided to fire up my FB and Whatsapp Messenger apps just to take a closer look at how most of my interactions go, and how women respond to me.

Here’s a string of random-screenshotted conversations between numerous girls and myself over the past days, weeks and months…just to give you a clearer picture of how and why chicks see me as an asshole, and how they take to it [sure I’m feigning naΓ―ve and innocent here πŸ˜‰ ].

Now, these are all women whom I bedded on the exception of 1 [I’m still working on the elusive “1”].

[Note: sensitive details protected from online stalkers and trolls who are in the habit of trying to sabotage my lay attempts]

Above: my texts in green. Hers in white

Above: her texts in white. Mines in green

Above: This chick I picked up and slept with about 10 years ago. Slept with her again about 3 months ago. Her messages in white, mines in green
Above: A Dominican Latina whom I picked up months back but never had the time to engage her...hence why she said we hardly talk. Her messages in gray. Mines in blue.
Above: A Dominican Latina whom I hooked up with about 2-3 years ago (long history). She lives in a neighboring island which I was to visit for business a few months back.
Above: This chick who likes me a lot made the mistake of adding me to an FB group (without my permission) some weeks back, and it pissed me off royally! Hooked up days later...days ago
Above: One of quite a few East-Indian chicks picked up and hooked up with. Hooked up with this one days later
Above: Just another chick I met on Facebook who lives in a neighboring island which I frequent. Hooked up few weeks later.
Above: This chick I picked up few weeks back while she was working @ a fast-food restaurant. Subsequently added her to FB. Later hooked up
Note: Chups/Chupz is a Caribbean English word meaning to suck one's teeth. Anyway, we hooked up few weeks back but I end up blocking her on Whatsapp after she flaked a following time, claiming that her BF was stalking her so she wasn't able to get away
Above: A married chick I picked up a few months back with some asshole game. Later hooked up
Again: Chupz/Chups is a Caribbean English word meaning to suck one's teeth...KMFT in acronymic format. Later hooked up with her
Above: Just another routine pickup on Facebook of a random girl...later hooked up

[Below: 1 of quite a few East-Indian girls I picked up and banged over the last few months. She was dying to hook up but wanted me to come to her home which was a few hours away. I thought it was a senseless idea (though I’d done it before with other girls), especially since her husband was prone to pop in at any moment (according to her). I told her I would pay -as in taxi fare which is very expensive because of the distance- for her to come to my place…which she subsequently did]

Above: 1 of quite a few East-Indian girls I picked up and banged over the last few months. She was dying to hook up but wanted me to come to her home. I thought it was a senseless idea (though I'd done it before with other girls), especially since her husband was prone to pop in at any moment (according to her). I told her I would pay -as in taxi fare which is very expensive because of distance- for her to come to my place...which she subsequently did

East-Indian wife: I should not be held liable if her husband happens to come across this article somehow
Above: I got more turned off and annoyed when she seemed so inexperienced sexually...but she kept trying to persuade me by sending nudes. πŸ˜‰ Just another sexually frustrated young wife taken to bed.
Above: Chick picked up on I messaged her saying Lets fuck...hence her reply. As routinely so, I quickly reframed and patched things up and hooked up about a week later

Wasn’t that pretty, huh? 😦 πŸ˜†

Ok…so the thing is, I run “Asshole Game”. No grand and shocking revelation there.

How often do I employ such a jerkish, badboy and obnoxious game? Roughly 85% of my online pickups consist of that sort of approach.

The remaining 15% accounts for either a romantic approach [romantic yet with a badboy’s edge] or a neutral approach.

Hence, I am only a dick with 85% of the girl I attempt to pick up online. πŸ˜‰

In person, that # may vary depended on existential factors such as certain signs I read from the girl…like whether she will get super turned off by the obnoxious style, or find it intriguing.

In any case, my preference is to run the sort of game that does 2 things:

1.) Get under the girl’s skin [yet attract her through this]

2.) Attract her by getting under her skin [which shows that I am free from outcome, not trying to please her and not afraid to lose her]

Not only do I find badboy/asshole/rude game to be most effective [especially online] in comparison to any other form of game/approach, but it keeps women honest.

Additionally, I get away with asshole game way more than I do whenever I employ any other strategy.

Furthermore, apart from “getting away”, I end up sleeping with more girls [vastly] by being a dick than when I’m pleasant, romantic or neutral.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise- since after all- [hot] girls are rumored to go for assholes, jerks, douches and pricks. I cautiously say “rumored” because there are still a large segment of the male population that holds fast to the idea that women only go for men who exhibit utmost respect in any and all cases. So, to not shatter any “nice guy’s” reality too hard with real-world experiences; I prefer to use “rumored”…though I know better.

Anyway, I just want to make it clear that even if I don’t approach a girl online with full-on douche game: I eventually become douchey in no time.

Therefore, there is never a time during a pickup and seduction of any given girl, where I am completely non-douchey and asshole-free.

Why not?

Apart from keeping new girls honest [and on board] whenever a guy treats them as little-insignificant brats, I get the added yet related benefit of communicating to women that they are NOT in-disposable, and they can always be replaced any second now.

This subtle fear in the woman’s subconscious that “Kenny can take it or leave it”, leaves girls feeling 2 things:

1.) Inadequacy

2.) Self-consciousness

It also leaves her with the impression that I am a High-Value Guy and I am “Pre-Selected” by women.. In other words; she will have to compete with other women for my time, attention and cock.

If you’re familiar with my recent posts, you would’ve come across an article where I spoke about girls chasing guys who appear indifferent and nonchalant about thing [strategically so]. And also that women chase after guys who don’t place them on pedestals.

You must realize that whenever you employ asshole tactics [and are congruent with it], it naturally gives off said vibe; that you’re not the kind of guy who puts women on pedestals.

Moreover, this makes her realize that you’re a real man and not some kiss-ass Beta-Male who’s just looking to get along because he lacks options…because after all; which guy gives women shit unless he’s someone with abundance, choices and high value?

In addition to all of this, I just want to point out that this sort of game, style, approach or whatever you may want to call it, is just a routine and an act on my part.

In other words, I’m truly the nicest guy any woman could ever meet [that’s if I wasn’t a practitioner of seduction]: a sweetheart to the core!

I am a nice guy at heart just as 99.9% of guys who get into the pickup world!

It is just that being nice and playing nice with women is the fastest way to disqualify oneself from being considered a suitor or potential lover in the eyes of any woman.

Hence, playing this nice-guy shit doesn’t profit any guy on the dating market. It only sets him up as a candidate for being sugar-daddied, used and abused in most cases.

On a day-to-day, non-pickup basis; I am the quintessential Mr. Nice Guy. πŸ™‚

However, I am smart enough to now realize that such an approach to women and dating yields zero positive benefits for the man. Hence the reason I employ asshole tactics to great effect [for many years now].

Being Spoiled And Acting Out

The spoiled-brat approach is also 1 of my favorite routines.

Whenever I don’t get my way with women; I act up and act out.

Does this ever backfire on me?

Rarely ever!

How come? Because I am congruent with it.

Being congruent to a particular lifestyle, action or personality means that you come across as being genuinely that person.

You cannot employ asshole game while simultaneously and subconsciously giving off an “I care about what you think of me” vibe.

That is NOT congruence but incongruence!

Girls will call you out on it, thus losing interest, and subsequently reject you!

This is why whenever I use asshole game, I fully embrace it, and I totally give off the impression that this is who I am. So whenever I act out with women, they excuse my behavior and actions almost all of the time.

In conclusion of this article, there should be no further questions as to why jerks get laid the most, and why nice guys sparingly manage to attract girls let alone get laid regularly.

Jersey Shore's jerk and douch-bag: Mike the Situation

If you’re familiar with MTV’s Jersey Shore a few years back; ever wondered why Sitch was seen as the more attractive guy to women…though he was deemed a jerkoff…and the most unattractive in the house?

Ironically, when this show first aired, from the 1st episode, it was Mike The Situation’s character which enthralled me, thus encouraged me to dabble in some jerk game, and to try out the asshole approach.

Since then, my ability to attract and lay women skyrocketed a ton [go figure] as I became challenging and testy [thank Mike for that]!

It's not about your looks but attitude

On the old pick-up artist forum, we actually debated this back in 2010, whether Mike the Situation was a practitioner of PUA tactics.

Is Mike Situation a natural PUA?

Snippet from the 2010 post on the pick-up artist forum

Anywho, being nice and palatable presents women no challenge whatsoever!

For her, it is akin to playing a video game on very easy mode…after she had beaten the game a few dozen times already.

Contrarily, being a dick or acting out presents that challenge that a woman needs in order to spark attraction and maintain it.

Now, it isn’t that nice guys are incapable of badboy behavior [after all; self-proclaimed “nice guys” are the true assholes]. It’s just that they don’t believe that being a dick will work for them…and perhaps they are right [due to incongruencies on their part].

Therefore, they elect to take the perceived-safer route [being polite and proper] to their own detriment by turning women off.

Another question you may ask is: “doesn’t acting out make you seem like a big baby, i.e. unmanly”?

Not really. It all depends on external factors such as how and when you act out.

If a guy acts out because a girl doesn’t call him, doesn’t reply to his texts and so forth, then that is a low-valued play to then act out on such bases .

However, if you act out when a girl violates you, doesn’t acknowledge protocols, principles and so forth, then your actions will likely be perceived as manly and of someone who puts his foot down in the face of female opportunism.

Note: by “acting out”, I don’t mean crying and whining, but acting spoiled and entitled.

For instance, if the girl insists on meet up at the place of her choosing [for no logical reason] while disregarding your suggestions; call the so-called date off altogether!

Many on the outside will perceive this to be petty and childish [calling off the date]. But in reality, as long as the girl is attracted to you [your vibe], she will perceive such an action to be manly/dominant and attractive, even if she doesn’t consciously realize this, and she will get on board once she realizes that there’s a real chance of her losing the guy.

All in all; I’m okay with the idea of girls seeing me as a jerk.

It’s not like they hate me or anything, so I’m not going around town as some hated guy to women.

In light of that, I’m comforted in knowing that women love drama, and an asshole vibe supplies women with their needed dose of drama.

That is pretty much what it boils down to on a fundamental level: realizing what women respond to [challenge and drama], and giving it to them.

Sure the ride will be bumpy at times. But that is all part of the lure and intrigue.

Whenever I meet a new girl, whether online or in person, I quickly as possible do/say something or some things, that would likely make the ride rocky.

I intentionally cause friction by being a dick, then charm the girl with some calculated niceness just to confuse her a bit [hot & cold technique].

By bringing the tension out early, you avoid backlash later on if and when something does come up that could possibly cause some tension or friction.

Hence, by being a forward jerk early, I can’t get accused of being a forward jerk later on whenever I do/say something jerkish.

That is why when you come off nice and gentle to women [early], you bind yourself in a box whereas you have to remain the nice and polite guy since that is what you presented the girl from the get-go [1st impressions are truly indelible and lasting].

You cannot switch it up later on, or else she will see through the facade and punish you for it by rejecting you coldly.

That is why guys in the friendzone have no chance of escaping the friendzone [unless they follow my method of un-friendzoning themselves πŸ˜‰ ], even when they attempt to switch things up by trying to be all intimate all of a sudden. So, from the get-go, you want to be somewhat of a forward jerk who can tone it down at any time, rather than a nice guy trying to be forward…which will come off as un-calibrated and incongruent.

Do I encourage guys to follow my method in the sense of using asshole game?

Not quite!

This can be akin to playing with fire or handing a curious kid a loaded firearm while expecting him to act responsibly.

Asshole game is truly something one has to adopt along the way after he will have gotten a complete grasp of how women are, how they operate, and how they want to be treated [like little brats itching for a spanking].

If you are not comfortable with being a prick with women, then this sort of game will NOT work at all for you! Girls will truly reject you all day long!

I “RARELY” ever get rejected by running asshole-douchey game! At first [years ago], I got blown out and rejected left and right until I was able to fine-tune the mindset and the approach.

Her Maternal Role, Unruly Men, Dominant Men And Putting Women In Their Place

Lastly, here is the kicker IMHO: if girls were really turned off by douche game, then there’s no way in hell I would stand a chance with any girl for that matter.

An assertive yet cool guy who doesn’t stand for much of any bullshit, is what women are yearning for!

She wants a fucking guy who can put her in her place!

She wants a guy who isn’t afraid to get rough [I don’t necessarily mean physically]!

She wants to be treated like a little girl being punished and scolded by her daddy!

She isn’t looking for a guy who operates as her equal!

She wants to be dominated! She wants to be treated with impudence, impoliteness and rudeness!

She damn sure doesn’t want to be treated like some fucking princess and hoisted atop a pedestal to be treasured!

Hollywood is largely responsible for selling us [both sexes] that myth. Therefore, we now have a precarious situation where women “claim” that they want to be treated like spoiled princesses and they demand such treatment from men!

When guys in turn dole out such nice treatment to women, they [women] become complacent and repel the “nice guy” who’s only following the Hollywood-esque script of what women supposedly want, and how a real man is supposedly to operate.

I’ve said this before and I will say it again: at no point in modern history [but since the 1970’s], nor pre-modern history, were women ever expected to be pampered, spoiled and treated like royalty.

Women were always treated by men with a hand of subordination. They were never treated as equals with men…and women gladly accepted this role as commonplace…until the advent of feminism in the west…but that’s another story for another time!

Be as it may guys: I am not at all encouraging you to wantonly disrespect women and to belittle them- especially to the point of damaging their self-esteem and value.

I am merely giving you advice on what works, what women respond to and what flips that attraction switch inside of their head!

Also bear in mind that deep within every girl, there is a maternal and motherly instinct. This is exemplified by little girls as young as 2 years old playing with dolls: feeding them, clothing them and taking care of them.

I know this quite well because I have a 4-year old daughter. I never forced her to play with dolls. She was just drawn to the idea of taking care of someone or something- in this case- her dolls.

Saying that bit to say: it is a girl’s innate-maternal role to do the pampering, spoiling and care-taking. However, nice guys in their ignorance, flip the roles where they become the mothers of women rather than allowing women to take their natural and rightful roles. Hence the reason why women repel and despise nice guys and men who pamper, baby and mother them.

Thus, whenever a guy uses asshole game and acts unruly, it is within every girl’s maternal and inherent role to see to it that this unruly guy gets his way, just as the mother sees to it that the unruly baby gets nourished, pampered and comforted.

Moreover; women are addicted to trying to fix a man [again- her caretaker instincts].

We all know this!

Hence, whenever you come off as a guy with little manners, instead of being a source of repellent to women, they [women] subconsciously feel an impulse to try to get to the root of this unruly guy’s behavior…thus, they get drawn deeper into the guy’s reality and they become attracted simultaneously.

My texts in green. Hers in white. My forwardness was excused and not taken offensively. I later hooked up with this 3-some though since I truly was joking about that.

Act as though you can’t help it! You cannot help yourself but to be unruly, rude, presumptuous, forward and bratty!

Women will almost always excuse your rude behavior by saying to themselves, “He just can’t help it. This is how he is and who he is. I must deal with it while trying to fix it/fix him at the same time”.

This is why most of the times girls would say to me, “Only you Kenny”…meaning, they expect such rude behavior from me because that is just me. Hence, they excuse and tolerate my shenanigans.

Exhibit A [the following screenshot]:

A married chick I picked up a few months back on Facebook with some asshole game...subsequently hooked up

Therefore, whenever I get forward with women- married or otherwise “so-called” single- they hardly get [truly] offended because I own my attitude [by coming off as someone who cannot help it] and I am not shy about being a dick to any woman: regardless of her hotness!

Women find this [forwardness and unruliness] to be an IMMENSELY attractive and addicting trait in a man!

I play up this part [forward-jerk game] very well!

[Engaged MILF I picked up and bedded the other day. My texts in green]

She claimed that her fiancΓ© almost caught her texting me and she doesn't care to hide

I told her to let me come by and sleep with her in her bed. She said that she sleeps with the kids. She later came to my place and the deal was sealed.

Having the audacity to get forward, rude and become untamed [once you own it] will cause the girl to become deeply attracted besides herself.

Contrarily, the moment a girl senses that she can control and tame you, will be the moment her interest level plummets faster than a kamikaze fighter jet doing a nosedive into a warship at sea; because she doesn’t want a man who is tamed, controlled and submissive!

She wants to be the controlled and commanded [as unpopular as such declaration may sound].

Therefore, build your game and persona around a shroud of audacity and untameness like an unruly lad who lacks home training!

Surely women will deem you an asshole who lacks regard for their situation [marriage, relationship, boyfriend, religion, etc]. But therein lies the attraction.

On a final note [I promise that this is really the “final note” πŸ˜‰ ]: if such an approach is new to you [being brash, forward and impolite with women], I would urge you to baby-step it opposed from jumping in head first.

Experiment firstly with being bold and forward by peppering in a “BIT” of audacious declarations into your text-game.

For example: if your opener/ice-breaker [online] consists of some lame-generic shit to the effect of:

“Good morning sweetie. How are you”?

You want to try something like this instead:

“You are such a little-bratty rebel for that”!


“I sense that you’re a little rebel who doesn’t believe in doing things by the book…”

Seduction of a 42 year old sexy MILF educator

If you’re going to be forward [as your ice-breaker]; use NEGs with it also:

Using NEG tactics by insinuating that her photos are enhanced and not natural

With that, you are merely being encouraged by moi to baby-step the forward approach rather than diving in headlong at first.

Over time, you will have gotten masterful at the art of attracting hot girls through forwardness, rudeness and being an asshole.

As with any endeavor in life, it takes time and fine-tuning to internalize a certain skill or mindset.

In any case; you must kick this nice-guy crap to the curb because it turns women off [I don’t have to tell you this]!

Being nice [pretending to be nice is what most guys do] doesn’t spark any true interest nor attraction in a woman for you!

She will be polite to your nice-guy shit by returning a text saying, “thank you”, in return for a polite compliment you might have made. But only as a formality and protocol, and that is where it ends whenever you operate from a frame of “niceness” with women!

I don’t want any girl to respond to my texts just because she feels she has to be polite by saying “hi” or “thanks”, in return for something I’d said!

I want to shock and shatter her reality! So when she does respond to my messages [9 in 10 times she will respond], she isn’t just being cordial and following social norms by being polite. But she is truly engaged, taken and captured by whatever it is I said to her, and whatever I may have to say afterwards [however mundane it may be]!

Hence, the next time you shoot off that text message or inbox that hottie on Facebook or any official-dating site for that matter- ask yourself- “Am I hoping for a reply out of pity or attraction”?

You should expect the girl to reply because she’s attracted, and not because she feels pressured to be nice in return because she doesn’t want to break another nice-guy loser’s heart.

On that note: Get BALLSY and let you inner badass and jerk shine!

K PUA: Treat her like a sex-slave and she will love you for it!
K PUA: Become the untamed badboy whom hot girls enjoy spending their time with
Dominate her! K PUA making out with random girl on street
Sophisticated-nerd girls are super attracted to such a vibe
K PUA dominantly making out with random girl in parked car.
K PUA dominantly making out with random girl in car.

Though my Facebook method of pickup isn’t fully based on badboy game, however, you will get a dose of badboyism and how I personally incorporate such a vibe into my game which allows me to get laid on Facebook like a wizard of game.

Grab your copy below! This e-product is chocked-filled with personal examples from Facebook interactions with many random women, breakdowns, applications, when to inbox, how to inbox, when to get the number, etc.

“Facebook Bang…the bonus product”

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