Politics Of The Cunnilingus Taboo In The Caribbean [NSFW]

“Cunnilingus as a taboo in the Caribbean”.

During the conclusion of the previous article, I shed a bit of light on the taboo subject of Cunnilingus in the English-speaking Caribbean islands.

Why did I adjoin “taboo” onto it?

Well- in the islands, performing oral sex on a woman is very tabooed.

Having mainly resided here for the last 4 years [primarily the island of Antigua and Barbuda which I’m a native of], with parentage and siblings also stemming from here, I’m pretty much au-fait with the culture on every conceivable level]…including the sexual taboos.

Women certainly would love to have a guy who goes down town without an inkling of an issue. However, the taboo factor of Cunnilingus doesn’t necessarily lies with women but men.

Men in the Caribbean islands aren’t too ecstatic about taking a dive below.

As a woman in this region, you would actually be hard-pressed to find a guy who would go down on you without having to virtually and literally bound him into taking such actions.

In fact- it is very offensive to even insinuate to a guy, let alone suggest, that he should go down on a woman!

There are tons of tales and legends which circulate these islands of men beating women to a bloody pulp because they had the audacity to ask them to perform oral sex!

I’ve even witnessed on few occasions, guys out in public slapping the daylights out of women for suggesting that they perform oral sex on them! 😯

Furthermore, this subject is so taboo that women actually shame and embarrass men publicly for “eating pussy”…even if the guy hadn’t done so!

I had a business associate years ago who cheated on his girlfriend with his ex. They got into a public altercation as a result, and the disgruntled girlfriend did the unthinkable in front of witnesses: she exclaimed loudly, “You fucking went down on me! You bow-cat”!! 😯 😯


“Oh no she didn’t”!!!

When she shouted this out for the world to hear, everyone included traffic, stopped, and you were able to heard a fucking pin drop that’s how quiet it got at that instance!

For a woman, in this part of the Caribbean, to claim that a guy had gone down on her (publicly at that), has this sort of traffic-stopping, music-halting effect.

It is just 1 of those things you never say to a guy or about a guy.

As a guy, you would be laughed at and publicly shamed by your peers!

Hence, my business associate at the time who was on the receiving end of this scandalous claim, was so embarrassed that he locked himself inside of his man-cave for weeks- too ashamed to venture out even to work!

Admittedly so, he told me that he never performed oral sex on his girlfriend. Moreover, he had never even performed oral sex in his life!

I believe him!

We all came to find out (after they had patched things up) that the girlfriend indeed had fabricated that lie and spouted it out through anger, just to cause great shame to her boyfriend for having cheated on her.

Therefore, when you think about it, even though a woman in these parts would love to have a guy who has openly accepted cunnilingus, she would still turn around, berate and shame that same hard-to-find guy, for performing oral sex on her. And she knows damn well that cunnilingus is 1 of those things which you just don’t ascribe to a man under no circumstance unless you’re looking for a grand fallout…or a beating.

Thus, it clearly speaks to the hypocrisy of women in these parts. On 1 hand: they desire a guy who’s into performing oral sex. On the other hand; they will shame the guy for doing just so.

As for the male mindset in the English-speaking Caribbean towards cunnilingus, it is as toxic as the hypocrisy dished out by women on the matter.

If you ask the average male here why doesn’t he “suck” (i.e. perform oral sex on women), his keynote argument would be this:

“Going down on a woman is demeaning, it gives women the power and it makes the guy submissive to her”.

Of all the guys I’ve surveyed (tactfully and indirectly), that was the average answer I would receive in regards to cunnilingus: men felt as though they are granting women all control, hence they feel powerless and submissive. And to top it off; they feel that it is demeaning.

My theory (as to why men in these parts on average feel this way) goes right back to women themselves, in that because a woman is liable to publicly out a guy as a pussy-eating bandit, men have become even more reluctant as a result, to the idea of performing oral sex, afraid that they may find themselves on the receiving end of a shaming session by some angry girl who’s trying to get back at the them for something said or done.

Therefore, men are paranoid shit of the potential backlash they may encounter as a result of this!

Since men tie fear into submissiveness, I now theorize and understand why the vast majority of young men in this region would surmise that going down on a woman would make them seem weak and submissive.

It isn’t the act itself that is deemed weak. But the backlash and being outed by women which will cause so much shame that the guy would feel a sense of fearfulness thus weakness.

Once women in this region begin to halt their public shaming of men who perform oral sex, men would feel a lot more comfortable to entertain the idea and to actually put it into action.

Thus, at the same time, women are inadvertently blunting their own sexual desires and expectations by threatening to expose men who go down, meanwhile desiring a man who goes down.

It is to the point of desperation in these parts where women are desperately in search of the elusive pussy-eater, and a guy who isn’t too concerned about being shamed for his cunnilingus-loving ways [a guy such as myself].

Exhibit A: the girl whom I’d picked up days ago on Facebook…the one who was adamantly fixated on having her pussy sucked.



This is no coincidence nor an isolated case.

It is actually the norm in these parts to have a woman desperately beg me to perform some oral action on her.

Eighty percent of the girls I pick up (whether online or on the streets), make it their business to harp on oral sex being a virtual prerequisite and a must, in order for me (or any guy) to successfully sleep with them.

Also, because I’m not a localized guy, women are encouraged to openly accost me about oral sex.

If I were locally raised; women will NOT at all be nearly as bold to put an “I want oral sex” pitch to me.

How come?

As I mentioned earlier: the average young man (any male for that matter) in the English-speaking Caribbean, does NOT take light to a woman insinuating that he should go down.

It is seen as a grave disrespect to men for a woman to expect, let alone pose such a question!

Hence, women find themselves in a bind where they have no choice but to resort to desperate measures in hopes of getting their oral fix.

To be honest, 1 of the reasons I get laid a ton in these parts (apart from game), is the fact that I openly share with women my propensity to perform oral sex on them.

Women in the Caribbean being oral-sex depraved (and desperately so), they latch onto the rare guy [like myself] who’s willing to go down and satisfy their sexual needs in that department.

Technically, I find it to be a win-win proposition! She gets her pussy eaten to a climax, and I get to fuck her as a result…while getting my cock sucked while at it. 😉

Most guys in these parts will NOT make that compromise due to the taboo nature of going down on a woman!

He would rather not get laid at all than to go down on a woman and get laid in the process!

Ass-backwards if you ask me!

On a further note, and in regards to the male mindset, most men are opposed from performing oral sex on a woman, not only because of the backlash of getting shamed publicly by women, but they will also get a dose of “shame the eater” from the fellaz!

I mean- men are fucking proud creatures!

We work off of ego and pride.

Try to shame a guy about going down on a woman [in these parts], and he’ll deny that shit to the bitter end!

Being outed by a girl will also shatter his ego and pride. So much so that his buddies will likely distance themselves from him due to his exposing as a pussy-eater.

Therefore, not only do you have women who will berate and shame the guy for going down [that’s if a fallout happens…which is inevitable], but his own boys within his social circle will also berate and shame him, thus leading to his ostracization.

This is why it is so delicate of a situation for a woman here to make such a pitch to a guy about going down on her. He may likely lose his friends. Or in the best-case scenario, he’ll become the laughingstock of his peers.

Choose 1!!!

Men being pride-filled creatures, they would rather keep the company of “the boys” than to risk loosing it at the expense of getting laid.

As for myself on a personal; I have no boys neither a social circle of men here in the islands!

I’ve mentioned this quite a few times on social media: I have no male friends!

Guys in the pick-up community, my students included, would always ask me:

“Hey Kenny, why is it I never see you gaming, partying or clubbing with any other guy”?

“Why is it you always roll solo”?

Hence, it is quite clear to everyone who remotely knows me (or familiar with my lifestyle, whether through the blog or social media) that I have no male friends, and I roll solo.

With that being the reality, I have no social circle of guys of which to protect my ego, pride and company.

I am my own man.

Therefore, I am not proverbially held hostage for my lifestyle choices since I don’t have to worry about the boys shaming me for those choices.

Also, since I’m an Alpha-Fucking Male in that I don’t give a shit about pleasing the masses, men naturally sense this vibe about me, so they accept me for what and who I am.

You can only shame a weak Beta-Male who’s built on all ego and pride. One cannot shame a guy who doesn’t give a fuck about what others think…which is me!

Hence, I am open about having an affinity to performing oral sex on women!

I don’t hide it!

For crying out loud; I blog about it! 😆 🙂

It is due to this freeness of expression which I embody why lots of guys who come across me, gravitate to me. Because truthfully, every guy wishes that he were free in expression and didn’t have his pride and ego stifling his choices in life.

This is why whenever I perform pickup around non-pickup guys, on the streets or at the bar, though they envy me for having the balls to pick up random women, they also secretly admire me for doing the unimaginable!

Thus, every now and then, I would have an emboldened and pride-free guy approach me and say:

“Hey man, I don’t want to sound lame or anything, but I was watching you pick up that girl and I was astonished by that shit. Much props”!

It takes a suppression of pride for a guy to approach another guy and congratulate him on his pickup prowess.

However, at the core of it all, it is the guy showing his admiration for another guy who has the balls to defy social norms by doing what he doesn’t have the courage to do.

As a guy living in this region, being open about performing oral sex on women, takes heart, guts, balls suppression of pride and a willingness to withstand (public) shaming, ostracization and being the laughingstock of the town.

Most men will NOT subject themselves to this sort of pressure!

Therefore, when such guys encounter a guy like myself who’s the total opposite (free from pride), they cannot help but to admire such a guy who embodies boldness and disregard for what society deems taboo.

Speaking of this, I have to laugh when I think back to last weekend at a lounge where I was chatting up a random hottie who’s about 19 years old.

Her girlfriend snapped these crappy photos below (she was inebriated and didn’t realize that the pics weren’t taken clearly).



Anyway, while standing and chatting her up and charming her a bit as she sat on a stool, I positioned myself between her thighs with my thighs touching her knees as I leaned over (forward) and talked in her ears.

Being that the music was so loud, I found myself having to shout aloud just so she could hear me.

As if it were on cue by some unseen entity, the music came to an abrupt halt (via a glitch) as I shouted in the girl’s ear:

“I wanna eat your pussy right here right fucking now”!

I mean, it was so on cue (the music stopping) that I wasn’t able to stop myself in mid sentence since my lips and tongue were already well in motion as I enunciated my intent!

The entire venue came to a standstill and every patron’s head snapped towards my direction, shocked at what was just exclaimed aloud!

They couldn’t believe it!

Everyone gasped and sighed, bottles dropped, the whole shebang! 😆 😆

I even had a guy say, “did he just say that”!?

The girl and I laughed about the gotcha moment. Later on, a guy even bought me a beer because he was so astounded by my shocking declaration which is a serious taboo, and no man dare publicly verbalize this…albeit I never intended for others to overhear.

However, because I owned it like a real man, and didn’t back down from my statement even when everyone gasped and frowned at me, I was ultimately hailed with respect instead of shame and laughter.

Most guys would have hauled ass and evacuated the venue out of embarrassment!

Conservatism In The Region

The English-speaking Caribbean is an ultra-conservative region.

When I say “ultra”, I mean that shit to the utmost!

In light of this conservatism which is wielded by the Christian Right, there exists somewhat of a contradiction which lends itself to the notion that the region is NOT conservative in the least, but very liberal and open.

Though an oxymoron, I would say that it is a liberally conservative region. 🙂

This contradiction occurs partly because the political parties don’t divide based on conservative and liberal lines. All political parties consist of liberals and conservatives.

Where I reside currently as an example (the island of Antigua), prostitution, though not legal, is virtually legalized and has always been so…just not on the law books because the clergy that wields political influence here would not want to be seen as the endorser of prostitution being legally ratified. So the clergy doesn’t quite have an issue with prostitution being decriminalized off the books. But as long as it stays off the books.

I took the following photos about 2 weeks ago of hookers applying their trade on the corner and from within fast-food joints.

Jamaican hookers working out of a Middle-Eastern food joint, where alongside food, you can get a hooker 😉


Below, Latinas [Dominicans] applying their trade on the streets…without worries of being accosted by law enforcements since they don’t enforce anti-prostitution laws…because it’s quasi-legal. 😉

Dominican hookers working the popular streets of the city




As a result, anti-prostitution laws also aren’t enforced 1 bit. But here’s another contradictory twist to the already contradiction: prostitutes (whether they be street hookers or girls working via whore-houses), are indirectly encouraged to register their services, get regulated and to subject themselves to routine checkups for viruses, STD’s and HIV.

This is why it is rumored that hookers are the most clean and STI-free women in the Eastern Caribbean region (and the world) because they are subjected by law, to frequent testing on a weekly basis, thus they’re pretty up to date with knowing their so-called status, while the average woman doesn’t even get an STD or HIV checkup within her lifetime.

If prostitution can be regulated by the governments of this region then how is it not legal? So the contradiction perpetuates itself.

On a different note, and just to highlight the liberalism of the region [though a strict-religiously conservative region], drinking and smoking in public is totally legal. No identification needed to purchase alcohol. Minors often purchase alcohol and tobacco as long as they have consent of an adult (it’s usually at the discretion of the seller to sell to whomever).

In light of such relaxed laws towards the sale of alcohol, here’s another twist; the sale of alcohol is prohibited on Easter and or Good Friday [Christian holidays].


Also, the legal age of sexual consent ranges between 14 and 16 from island to island.

The legal-drinking age is also 16 in most islands (18 is the rare case).


Those are just few examples to support the contradiction that this is a very conservative region.

If you ask me, those are liberalistic ideas without a shadow of a doubt!

HOWEVER, it is very religiously conservative in regards to things such as gay marriage, gay rights and gay acceptance.

Gay sex is a serious crime in the English-Speaking Caribbean (known as buggery and sodomy on the law books).

Being gay is also a taboo in these parts, and you’re liable to get arrested (or even killed in places like Jamaica) for being openly gay.

In a so-called Christian society where almost all of the politicians consider themselves Christian Conservatives, there is no tolerance for neither gayness, gay rights nor gay people [I don’t support homosexuality so I have no issues with this].

In that regard, it is safe to say that the region is ultra-conservative…yet with lots of liberal touches.

Ok, so what does all this mumbo-jumbo have to do with Cunnilingus and eating a girl’s pussy?

Well, being a so-called conservative Christian society, sexual-deviant acts such as cunnilingus are frowned upon with almost the same distastefulness as homosexuality.

They are both taboos in these parts!

Moreover, going down on a girl is a neo-liberalism idea as far as sex is concerned.

In a conservative community, sex is supposed to be old fashioned and by the book!

Any sexual deviation would spell perversion and forbiddance.

With this sexual conservatism stamped into the psyche of every male and female (drilled into them by the media, the clergy, society and parents), sexual expressiveness is kept a guarded secret, hence the taboo surrounding cunnilingus and anal sex in this region.

Having resided in this region for a while now [I was actually born here before moving to New York City], I’ve learned to adapt and beat the dating system in order to milk my chances of getting laid on an ultra-consistent basis.

Though taboo in an ultra-conservative Christian region, lots of women are salivating at the thought of bringing their oral-sex fantasies to life.

However, there are few men willing to compromise and give women what they desire. Hence, a large number of women out here is hoping to find that elusive-sexual deviant who isn’t bounded by taboo and sexual hangups as far as cunnilingus is concerned.

Popular-Caribbean Music are Anti-Cunnilingus

On a final note, I want to touch on the most popular music genre in the region: “Reggae music”, and its now more popular sub-genre, Dancehall music.

With the younger guys, having been raised conservatively and persuaded in every crevice of society to remain sexually conservative, the music they mostly listen to has long launched an assault against “bow-cat”.

What is a bow-cat?

It is a Jamaican term used to describe (mostly shame) a guy who goes down on women.

Here’s a screenshot from a website belonging to a Jamaican, which features a glossary of Patois (Patwa), which is the language spoken in the Eastern Caribbean. You’ll notice “bow” or “bow-cat”.


“Bow”, which obviously means to bow or to bow down, is the verb often used in the English-speaking Caribbean for “going down on a girl”.

Hence, if a guy were to ask you, for example, “Do you bow”? He’s essentially asking you if you go down on women.

The cat part in “Bow-Cat”, I can theorize and guesstimate to say that the cat [pussy] is representative of the vagina.

The thing is, in the Caribbean-English Colloquialism [Patwa language], “Cat” means pussy…as in vagina. It is the tamer and more politically acceptable way to say pussy (though “cat” used in the context of vagina isn’t tolerated in broadcasting).

Be as it may, so the term “Bow-Cat” would roughly translate to a guy who bows to the cat [pussy/vagina].

It is a very disrespectful and offensive term to use to describe a male.

It is essentially fighting words! And if you call a guy a bow-cat, you’re liable to get fucked up.

Though it’s a Jamaican-slang term, as in every region, there is usually 1 place or country which wields the most influence in the media through film and music, which surrounding places, states or countries adopt such slang also.

For instance: Egypt.

Where it pertains to the Arabic language, the Egyptian dialect of Arabic (its terms, slang and colloquialisms) is the most learned and used around the Arab world, especially since the film industry pushes Egyptian films more than that of any other Arabic-speaking country.

Therefore, you would find Egyptian slang (through film and music) being propagated and used throughout every Arab country, especially since Egyptian films dominate the Arab world.

Hence Jamaica. Throughout the English-speaking Caribbean islands, Jamaican would be the Egypt of the region in that its music and films are the most popular, and they dominate the airwaves throughout every island, from the bars, nightclubs to everyday functions.

Saying that bit to say, the Jamaican term [“Bow-Cat”]- though Jamaican- it is intelligible, understood and used throughout the Caribbean wherever English [Patwa] is spoken.

The average guy here [even in Antigua where I’m currently located and was born], grew up listening to Jamaican-influenced music (Reggae and Dancehall), and watching Jamaican films, hence shameful terms such as “Bow-Cat”, are etched deeply within the average guy’s psyche.

No guy around these parts wants to be labelled a bow-cat!

In fact, since we spoke earlier about women shaming men for going down on them (though they want men to go down on them), the term most often used by women to shame such men, is “bow-cat”.

Though I don’t listen to the most popular Jamaican music known as Dancehall, whenever I happen to come in contact with it (which is unavoidable), most of its lyrics consist of shaming men who perform oral sex on women, in a sense, as a deterrent and warning to those guys out there who may dare think about “bowing” (going down on a woman).

Hence, you have a situation where guys in the Caribbean, who are sexually conservative to begin with, are forced to stay in line by the very musical icons they look up to and listen to on a daily basis.

In the Dancehall music genre, men are also encouraged to ditch any of their male friends who “bow”, and to disassociate themselves from any girl who dares mention “bowing”.

When you really crunch the numbers and add everything up, it becomes clearer and clearer as to how most men in this region are pressured to remain sexually conservative and to stay within that box of sexual normalcy!

The social ramifications of stepping outside the box is just too much for the average guy to bear.

Therefore, you should have now gotten a greater understanding of the dynamics at play within most of my pickups over the last 3 years…and why women in this region go bonkers for the elusive guy who doesn’t fall victim to the sexual stereotypes and stigmas.

Random Hot Girl Desperately Wants Her P***y Eaten + Women Are Sex-Deprived Pt.II [NSFW]

Hey guys; another FB pull/pickup in the bank yesterday.

Not that I really ever keep count, but over the last 4 days or so, I’ve picked up about 8 random strangers (albeit hot ones) on Facebook by utilizing my now notorious “Facebook Bang” method (at least notorious among PUA and seduction circles).

In fact- here is the deal- I never actually make a conscious decision to hunt women online (i.e. Facebook). It just happens by virtue of being online and browsing and posting my usual controversial statuses.

In the friend-recommendation field which is recommended by the FB system, while browsing it, I would spot a hottie who passes my boner-test, then decide to open her via inbox message.

That’s it!

Therefore, I never actually make a concerted effort to go out of my way to “search and pickup” women on FB.

It just happens whenever I browse my feed and post my statuses.

With this big-boobed hottie whom I picked up on FB yesterday (she lives on an adjacent island); the script as far as my mindset was the same. But this approach was heavily based on a sexual one, and not so much of my customary-asshole approach.

With no further ado; here is the pull in its entirety with a few commentaries below each screenshot collage.

Bear in mind that this is a random stranger. I first opened her with my usual gambit (assumption opener, then quickly suggested we meet up for drinks [that part however wasn’t included below].

The chat reads from left to right, top to bottom rows [girl pictured below].

Big-boobed HB


Above: If you recall the latest FB pull prior to this one, I spoke about shocking a girl with a strong-sexual statement early…so that’s what I did after I opened her with an assumption opener then my usual drink and meet-up proposal. Again- when a girl says “you’re crazy” in a context like this 1, it is usually a compliment. Most clueless guys take it as a negative, thus get offended. She then sent me a voice note of which I can’t recall the content. But I believe it was something about wanting her pussy eaten, and that’s about it she would allow me to do.



She insists on sending voice notes which indicates that the girl is invested and highly interested (since vn requires more investment).


Above: I went for the # hard-core, sensing that she was already sold and hooked on my vibe. In 1 of her voice notes above, she mentioned never having a guy ejaculated in her mouth nor on her big tits before…to which I call her a liar.


Above: in her previous voice note, she mentions that dozens of times per day, random guys would inbox her about wanting to fuck, suck, lick, etc. but she unfriends and blocks them because of that…within a heartbeat.

Now here’s the question: I did the same thing as every other guy does. But why didn’t she block me like she does to every other random pervert? Game (my method of picking up girls on Facebook) and psychology! 😉

I also sought to end the conversation before she did…as I always advise you guys to do: Always say bye before she does! It’s a psychologically powerful move whenever you say bye to a hot girl! It fucks with her mind and sense of value!


Above: She now feels a bit inadequate and self-conscious that I was possibly brushing her off for another girl…my girlfriend whom she only assumed I have since I never mentioned having a GF. So a bit of jealousy is also in the mix to deepen the attraction and her desire for me.

Below: Since exchanging numbers, we then made the transition to Whatsapp which I view as 1 step further before the pending meet-up.
[Her texts in white. Mines in green]



Above: Well- that was self-explanatory. We end up sexting a bit later last night while having phone sex (though I only pretended to have played with myself] ;).

Few things I would like to touch on based on the dialogue, the girl and seduction.

She mentioned (via voice note) that dozens of “weird” guys would hit her up like 50 times a day wanting to have sex with her. Some guys would even offer money in exchange for sex and she routinely blocks dozens of guys on a daily basis. She also considers strangers (men) who message her as perverted weirdos [her words].

However, as I mentioned earlier: I also randomly inboxed her (yesterday), so why am I not lumped into the perverted-weirdo box and subsequently blocked?

Is it because of my stunning looks?

Of course not! I don’t have such!

I clearly never asked her why she didn’t reject and block me, because I’m well aware of the reasons I wasn’t rejected and blocked, and why other guys are.

Hence, what is my secret?

Psychology, Sub-communication, Game + the approach.

My sexual boldness does not come off as pervertedly weird but enticing yet shocking in an interesting way.

The girl doesn’t sense desperation and weirdness from me. Rather, she senses sexual humor and boldness.

It is hard to explain how this works on a sub-communication level, but as you advance in the game and the art of getting sexual with random strangers, you will magically find that sweet spot just as you would in any other field of life.

Moreover, Humor, Humor, Humor, is fucking underrated, and I cannot begin to stress it any more than I have already!

Girls get that I am fucking around whenever I go sexual, ballsy, arrogant and assholish. They know that I am dead serious about wanting to bang them! But they also sense that I don’t desperately need it/them, hence my humor in the mix.

This is also what most guys lack [humor] as to why they come off as weird, perverted and un-calibrated when seeking sex online.

Every girl wants to fuck! But she wants a guy who can go about it tactically and tactfully.

That is largely why the vast majority of guys get blown out on Facebook [98%] whenever they contact a girl, openly seeking sex.

They lack tact and tactics, which boil down to psychology, ability to read/understand women, and game/seduction skills.

Here is a perfect example (of the wrong approach) from a screenshot I happen to come across on Facebook today which the same girl spoken of in this article had posted [what irony].


As far as my eyes can see; this guy is well in-shape and good-looking! But it didn’t matter! He got blown out, outed on Facebook for the world to see (via screenshot and identity posted)…and blocked. 😦

Again- this shatters the “looks matter” theory to pieces since this guy looks like a handsome Football jock while I don’t [I checked out his profile pics just out of curiosity].

Though he tried to be humorous (which was a good move), he still came off as creepy, unnatural and incongruent, and got dismissed and blocked by the girl.

You cannot and should NOT beg a girl off of the opener/ice-breaker/1st inbox message, to show you some tits!

You are requiring too much fucking compliance (too soon) from her as a total stranger!

That was the guy’s main mistake among a few other mistakes I can see within that 1 sequence of a hilarious attempt to get boob pics!

You can however say to the girl (as I often do): “I wanna fuck the heavens out of you” (or any variation of it) , and it would work.

Why so? Because I am not requiring her to comply to anything. I’m merely sharing a piece of information with her (that I want to fuck her), and not requesting for her to teleport her vagina into my bedroom.

However, when you say to the girl (a stranger), “please send me a boob pic sweetie”, you are requiring her to invest/comply/act. Since she doesn’t know you from a hole in the wall, and you haven’t attracted her; she won’t comply/act, but to delete and block you instead!

In order to get a girl to send you naked pics as the girl featured in this article did voluntarily (sending me nudes); you have to firstly attract her through game!

Yes- game!

This is why I never ever open random strangers online with, “Send me a boob pic”, as all of these weirdos do.

You have to firstly gain her compliance through game before she will comply to such a request or any request for that matter!

Thus, this is exactly why this girl, and every other girl on Facebook, ignores, deletes and blocks every clown who inboxes her trying to get naked pics or wanting to meet up for sex.

These weirdos [“weirdos”, according to women] are expecting the girl to comply straight off the bat, without they having to work for it by gaming and charming the girl a bit!

This is why every random girl I pick up on Facebook always says to me:

“You’re different than other guys”

“You’re interesting and other guys aren’t”

Technically, I am not doing anything different than the next man in that I’m being sexual also! In fact, I am being more sexual, which should make me a bigger pervert and creep than the guy who merely wants nudes!

Guys are merely asking girls for naked pics.

I hit girls up for sex.

Hence, my approach is WAY more gutsy and perverted…yet random strangers on Facebook don’t reject me for such an approach, but they find me to be super interesting, different and attractive…and they fuck me for it.

Again- the only difference with my approach and the creepy weirdo’s, is that I don’t expect the girl to comply without firstly gaming/charming her up. And I also build attraction firstly before going full-on sexual.

The average good-looking guy thinks because he’s handsome, he can just randomly inbox a hot girl with, “send me some boob pics baby”, and she would just comply.

In his ignorance and foolishness; he gets branded by women as a creep, weirdo, perv and potential rapist, exposed on Facebook by the girl whom he had inboxed (via screenshots), and he’s subsequently deleted and blocked. Contrarily, because of my Facebook pick-up method and approach, girls see me as interesting and fuck-worthy, and not pervy and creepy.

Most Girls Are Sex-Deprived (self-inflicted)

This may sound somewhat contradictory since in pickup, we teach that every girl has lots of options in men and dick from which to choose.

That is very true!

However, just because she has lots of options, doesn’t at all mean she will utilize lots or any of them!

Moreover, the average ugly girl- in spite of being unattractive- can on any given night, fuck some hot guy (“some” meaning a dozen). But she elects not to do so more times than not.

An attractive girl likewise, has even more options. But she doesn’t utilize them except for a meager 2%.

This is testimony and indicative of the fact that most girls go to bed at night alone!

Even if they do have a partner (which is almost always the case), they aren’t likely to screw him every single night.

Case in point: the big-boobed hottie featured in this article.

Big-boobed HB

She’s hot as fuck! Yet she’s having phone sex and sexting, and sending me naked pics of herself (masturbating) on her own free will (this is a common occurrence BTW)!

Hence, she is sex-deprived (though it is self-inflicted)!

She is lacking sex, though she likely has dozens of options of dick to choose from!

The problem is, as to why girls don’t just fuck any guy who inboxes them, boils down to a lack of game and a lack of understanding of women on the guy’s part.

The average guy doesn’t understand how to approach a stranger for sex online.

We’ve already dealt with the wrong approach which is utilized by the vast majority of men (98-99%) on social-media sites. So it is crystal clear already as to how and why guys kill their chances for quick sex.

With that being the case (guy’s ignorance of how women operate), most girls resort to playing with themselves on an average night…just as this girl, though she’s hot enough to get dick on any given night.

Girls have tons of options but they rarely ever use them!

For the most part, most girls fuck their current boyfriends, their ex-boyfriends, or someone in their social circle.

The exceptional and sparing cases happen when a girl goes outside of that box to then fuck a guy who isn’t her current, an ex-, or a guy within her social circle.

Hence, the average Jane is NOT fucking dozens of guys [her options]! She’s fucking about 2 guys on average: her current BF, an ex, or a guy within her crew.

The exception is the Pick-Up Artist (PUA), or some random guy she met at the club while being pissy-drunk, and he ends up getting lucky by virtue of the fact that he was at the right place at the right time [the pussy landed on him…in other words].

Make no mistake about it: girls want sex! But they want a guy who understands how to go after it!

Women are so stubborn that they often put off sex for months at a time, simply because they cannot find a guy who gets/understands it…like me. 😉

They have all these dick options, but they would rather play with their vagina to sleep, than to fuck some inept chode who doesn’t get it.

Here is the interesting part in relation to the previous point: I would always hear women nonchalantly say stuff like [presently and in the past]:

“I went 2 years without having sex before”.

“I haven’t had sex in 9 months”.

Funny thing is; I never believed that shit!

“How can a chick go months on end without having sex while having dozens of guys to choose from”!?

I would say to myself.

Well- it is crystal clear now as I explained to you guys previously: a girl will rather do without sex for months and years, than to fuck some guy(s) who doesn’t get how to approach women for sex.

Therefore, all the while when I thought women were just blowing hot smoke about not having sex in 10-15 months; they actually were telling the truth! But I didn’t understand this until recently.

Since picking up and sleeping with all these random hotties on Facebook over the last 12 months specifically [innumerable amounts], I couldn’t help but ask myself recently:

“Why are all these attractive women on Facebook so easily predisposed to the idea and act of having sex with me (a total stranger), when these girls could obviously have sex at the drop of a hat with numerous guys whom they know personally…who are hotter than I am”?

It really tripped me the hell out when I thought about it a few weeks back!

Women are really sex-deprived!

In any case, with the girl anonymously featured in this article; the stage is already set.

Though she harps on the point of “getting her pussy sucked and eaten”, I know better (from vast amounts of “sex”perience) that once a girl gets oral sex performed on her, there is no way in hell she could resist the urge of having that same guy penetrate her then and there [unless he’s a guy she’s been with numerous times]!

I mean- I’ve been through this dozens of times over the years, where I would meet up with a girl under the guise that it’s “oral sex only”, and it would lead to sex ALWAYS, after I would’ve gone down on her.

I would perform oral sex on her to the brink of climaxing then pull back! I would tease her snatch to the brink of climax until it hurts. She would then beg for me to insert the cock inside of her.

Hence, with this chick; it will be no different come weekend [that is if I don’t get tied up with other plans, i.e. other girls 😉 ].

A girl will rather verbally commit and agree to having a guy go down on her, than to verbally commit and agree to having a guy fuck her.

In her mind: having oral performed on her, is less slutty than having a guy fuck her [blame chick logics for this fuckery].

This is part of the girl’s ASD (Anti-Slut Defense) mechanism, whereas for her to say, “just oral sex”, she avoids looking slutty because she didn’t agree to full-blown sex.

It’s all psychology on the girl’s part.

It take a savvy guy to sift through the bullshit and play it cool like a cucumber as if he’s been down this road hundreds of times.

On a final note, if you’ve been following my posts over the weeks, you will have noticed 3 styles/game of mines which often overlap with each other:

1.) Asshole/Badboy game

2.) Sexual game

3) Deeply Passionate and Romantic game

The 3 styles intertwine quite often.

On 1 hand, you would see me approach and pick up a girl over Facebook by being a dick, prick and an asshole.

On the other hand, you would see a more sexual, forward and dominantly sexual approach.

Or, you may see a haplessly romantic type of game where I go heavily and deeply on passion and romance.

All 3 styles work!

I never really use 1 style completely independent from the others.

All 3 styles overlap whenever I approach a girl!

However, depended on certain factors and signals that I read from the girl, I choose 1 of the 3 approaches to utilize in order to pick her up, seduce her, and sleep with her.

This is called “Calibration” in the underground-seduction community.

Depended on the girl, I calibrate my game/style/approach and proceed accordingly with either of the 3 styles, but heavily relying on 1 particular style, all depending on what I see/sense from the girl as I scan her profile at first sight.

For instance: whenever I come across a stranger’s profile, I would scan it briefly (even just her main profile pic), and would be able to tell within a nanosecond, which of my 3 approaches would be best suitable to work on the girl.

If I sense that she’s the dominant type; I would utilize my asshole approach.

If from scanning I sense that she’s a romantic type; I would go all crazy romantic with deep deep romance game as if it were love at first sight…however with tact and strategy.

It works!

If however she’s showing some cleavage in her profile pic [as was the case with this girl]; I go hard-core sexual [sexually dominant]!

Therefore, I have 3 main styles in which I utilize depended on the girl, her pictures, her posts and the vibe I sense from her on an instinctual and ethereal level.

Most of my approaches online are based on intuition and a hunch.

With practice, time and continual experience/exposure, you will have garnered a sixth sense for reading women just by looking at their smile in their pics, the position of their limbs, their entire body in the pics [reading body language], etc.

Hence, I can just scan a girl’s profile pic alone, and like some sort of clairvoyant wizard, I can tell whether she’s DTF or not, how to make her DTF, and which of my 3 styles to utilize in order to get into her panties.

With time and exposure to women: you gain this uncanny ability!

At the moment, this same big-boobed hottie is hitting me up by the minute, dying to talk and text, anticipating the weekend’s action, dying for some oral performance and to get laid 😉

Big-boobed HB

Her position has now changed from strictly oral, to oral + penetration, or oral with a friend + sex. 🙂 😆

Powerful, isn’t it?

Stay tuned for the next article which will deals with “Cunnilingus” and taboo in these parts.

You will get a greater understanding as to why great portions of the girls I pick up in the Caribbean (where I’m currently located), are heavily desirous of oral sex.

Note: bear in mind though that once you have picked up a girl by utilizing the strong-sexual approach as I demonstrated here, you want to always slow it down prior to meeting up, or else the sexual-anticipatory pressure will have been built up so intensely that the girl freaks out [though she loves the vibe] and ends up flaking and standing you up.

For instance, since I’ll be meeting up with this girl on Friday [presuming nothing comes up on my end], it would be ill-advised of me to steamroll into Thursday and Friday with sex, sex, sex as the main theme of our conversation.

The girl already knows that we’re going to fuck. It’s already a foregone conclusion.

With that being the reality, there is no need for me to pound sex, sex, sex from now until Friday, or else the girl will freak out due to high expectation and performance anxiety.

Thus, by tomorrow, I will have slowed the vibe down by making a transition into normal conversation (rapport-building stuff), and totally abandon any talk of sex.

Just as men suffer from performance anxiety prior to sex: women do too. Therefore, always slow things down about a day or so before meeting up with the girl or else she will freak out 65% of the time.

I’ll speak in depth about this crucial piece of pre-date insight in a future post.


By the way, I implore you to re-read this article (mainly the dialogue between the girl and me) just to drill down the vibe in which I embodied: my humor, precision, the moment in which I decided to grab her #, how I grabbed her #, how long before I went for the #, how long the dialogue/pickup lasted, my overall tone, when and why I ended the conversation, when I laughed (LOL), etc.

All those pointers which deal with calibration/timing, are fucking invaluable! So re-read the chat-log!

Oh- Not to belabor the point, but I implore you to learn my entire method of how to get laid through Facebook like a boss.

Grab your copy of the infamous Facebook Bang bonus product at the link below!



It’s been making its rounds around pick-up and PUA groups on Facebook such as that of RSD’s (RSD Inner Circle), the leading pick-up company on the globe.

How To Get And Keep Her Interested [The Post]

On the heels of the previous article which featured a pickup of a young-mom hottie, I concluded that post with the following tidbit on being interesting to women.


How to be interesting?

How to make women find you as an interesting chap opposed from a bland dodo?

As I mentioned in the above screenshot; it’s about being contradicting, polarizing, shocking and all over the place.

Yes- it is that simple.

Bear in mind: women suffer from ADD/ADHD, which renders their attention span shot and short!

In other words; women are lightening quick to lose interest and concentration. Therefore, you have to captivate them in order to get and hold their attention.

You can rarely achieve this by being linear and structured.

Women themselves aren’t linear and organized in their thoughts, ideas, ideals and emotions.

Hence, to approach a girl with a structured approach which runs from point A to L in 1 straight line, would kill your chances as fast as you can blink.

When you think of attracting women, think of zigzag, going from point A to L in crisscross manner.

The girl should NOT be able to predict your next move, next line or next text!

What kills lots of guys is that they are predictable to a fault.

Chicks are equally as predictable. But since men are the ones courting women, we (men) must be aware of what are the attraction killers, such as predictability, and how to put a lid on that shit.

Quite naturally, if you’re predictable; then you are linear, going from point A to L, hitting every point in between within a straight line.

In order to attract and hold a hot girl, you must do the contrary! Either start from point L to A, or skip points on the way in zigzag motion.

Sounds abstract as shit but it’s quite simple.

Most guy’s approaches and attempted pickups read like a job interview where they are interviewing the girl.

It is very straightforward: predictable questions and predictable answers.

I mean, if you look back at any of my postings which features screenshots of me picking up a random girl, you will have noticed that I never ask girls the usual and predictable questions. And if I do, they come at an irregular interval during the conversation.

However, you’d rarely catch me asking a girl the following:

“How old are you”?

“Do you have kids”?

“Do you have a boyfriend”

“Are you single”?

“Where do you live”?

“Do you go to school”?

“You have siblings”?

“What kinda work do you do”?

Never would you catch me asking those questions!

The girl may volunteer that unimportant information, but it is definitely not upon my behest and request!

I simply don’t care if the girl has fucking siblings or not!

What does it matter in the grand scheme of things where I’m trying to insert cock into her vagina?

Absolutely nothing!

I don’t care to know where she works, if she works, what is her profession, etc.

Knowing those pieces of information doesn’t at all sway, guide nor dictate whether I get the girl or not.

Hence, they are unimportant, so I never ask!

I also never ask whether the girl has kids or not.

I don’t care!

She will likely volunteer that information at some point if she finds it important.

Her schooling, where she grew up and whether she has a boyfriend or is single, don’t matter to me neither.

If it doesn’t help towards building the attraction, I won’t ask certain questions!

Guys chat up women as though it’s a goddamn interview by asking the same-lame predictable questions that tick women off.

Why do guys ask such boring, unimportant and uninteresting questions?

1.) It’s what everybody else does so it must be normal and workable

2.) Nothing else to talk about [conversational fillers]

3.) They actually believe that girls give a shit

Whenever guys run out of things to say (which always occurs within seconds of the interaction), their “supposed” lifelines are those boring interview-type questions which turn women off.

They utilize them as conversational fillers in order to fill the void of nothingness as far as conversational value is concerned.

Here is little advice from Kenny to you: whenever you run out of things to say; say anything!

“Anything” meaning anything besides some lame-boring shit like, “So…do you have sisters and brothers”?

That is when and where you go erratic, unpredictable, contradictive and polarizing!

However, you don’t necessarily have to wait until you run out of things to say to get unpredictable and ballsy.

Here are some of my personal-favorite crazy shit that I enjoy texting off to girls I just meet at random moments (in order to get/keep them interested).

“Let’s do some crazy random shit like get married tomorrow”

“I wanna impregnate you”

“I would love for you to have my baby”

“I fucking love you”

“Let’s be cuddle-buddies”

“Let’s have sex on my hotel balcony”

“I wanna go down on you in a crowded restaurant”

“You’re my future lover”

“We would make cute babies together”

“I wish you were married so we can have an affair”

“You deserved to be punished like a little girl”

You get the point guys.

Every now and then you have to pepper into your conversations those polarizing and shocking statements that make the girl have a strong emotional reaction: negative or positive!

If she reacts negatively; you neutralize it by pulling back with an apology.

If she reacts positively by saying, “you’re crazy”, or she laughs and LOL’s about it, then it is just as good.

You also want to neg her.

Yes: the old neg-theory tactic.

This is, you somewhat make fun of her or tease her about something she said or did. But not so hard that it makes her feel genuinely offended (this requires calibration).

If she says she’s a nurse, tell her that she’s such a pervert for working in a field where she has to tend to naked people.

If she’s a teacher, tease her about being perverted for working in a field where little boys would hit on her.

You get the picture.

Your current idea of what ‘interesting’ is, isn’t interesting to women at all!

I’m not saying you have to be a dick to be interesting. You just have to be different and harbor an uncanny streak about yourself to where no girl can dare think that she has your number!

Re-read my other posts!

Check out the previous article!

What a girl sees as an “interesting guy”, is someone who can take her left, right, back left in a heartbeat, then zigzag a bit with her emotions!

Someone she deems as interesting is a guy who can shock her with the things he says.

This is no different than ‘attractive’. Most guys are still under the delusion that what a girl deems as attractive is solely or heavily based on a guy’s looks and outer appearances.

That is so far from the truth, you begin to wonder why guys have complications getting laid.

What a woman deems attractive is largely based on a guy’s personality and his vibe…not his outer appearance!

For Heaven’s sake, I’ve been picking up girls left and right on the internet! Girls whom you would deem are out of my league.

They clearly see my photos and profile pic, and they clearly see that I am no drop-dead gorgeous guy.

Be as it may, when it comes to keeping a girl interested, always bear in mind that instead of a straight smooth path, think disorderly, chaotic, whimsical and maze-like.

Make the girl emotional!

Emotional doesn’t necessarily mean sentimental.

Get the girl to experience and feel a variety of emotions within the interaction and she will be hooked.

Here’s an older video from the infamous, Julien Blanc (before the media scandal), speaking on this concept.

Another Routine Pick-Up Of A Hottie On Facebook: Getting A Girl Interested Out Of Thin Air

I really like this pick-up, for various reasons, of a young single-mom hottie over Facebook this Sunday morning into the evening.

I will also break down (per screenshot collage) exactly what is going on, why I did what I did and the purpose for doing so.

Before I get to the screenshots, I want to share the brief non-elaborate back-story of how I met this girl yesterday morning [Sunday].

I simply spotted her profile, liked what I seen (she passed my boner-test) and I messaged her [girl pictured below]!


That’s it!

Nothing elaborate, right?


The only 2 things I ensure before I contact a random stranger on Facebook are:

1.) She’s fuckable

2.) She lives near…as in the same city/town, same island or a neighboring one.

With this girl, as you will have noticed from the conversation, she lives in a neighboring island which I frequent, and to which I travel every other weekend for business…primarily.

In any case, once the girl meets those 2 criteria of mines: I inbox her.

Now, if you purchased or somehow read my Facebook bang product, you would have come across a few prerequisites of which I advise you before actually taking that step towards inboxing the random girl.

However, as you advance in the game and become adroit at pulling ass on Facebook, guidelines and rules will have become less necessary as they are in my case.

Okay; so let’s crack into it!

A few Commentaries are below the screenshot collage. Screenshots read from left to right; top then bottom row.
[my messages in blue].

I open her with an assumption opener-question by assuming she was married, but by asking her without inserting the question mark [read more about this at the end of the article].


Above: I always prefer to make a sexual statement early as possible so that the girl gets a clear sense that I am a sexual being, and that this pending pickup is based on sex and not some platonic bullshit. So, whenever I mention “sex” to a random girl this early, I expect her to object/reject my sexual proposition. Her objection doesn’t deter me 1 bit because that is what I look for and that is what I wished to have happened (her objection). “Apologizing” is a powerful technique here. Whenever you say something to a girl that ruffles her feathers a bit, you can always apologize and it doesn’t make you look like a pussy. What is key is that you get your sexual intention out there and you take it back (apologize) but with humor.

Another key point I want you to zoom in on (above) is when she said “yes…it’s just u”, in reply to me saying that it can’t just be me who gets sexual and dirty with her so randomly. She admits that I am the only stranger who ever came out so boldly about wanting to have sex wih her. She’s being partially truthful in that hot girls are always being messaged by random guys on Facebook wanting to have sex with them. But those guys are always rejected! Why didn’t she reject me like the rest? Psychology/game…and my understanding of women.


Above: I injected some more playful and sexual humor by saying,…”us to meet up for drinks and sex”, as if it were a slip of the tongue. 😉 She then assumed that what I really meant is that we should meet up for drinks and hope she would get intoxicated enough in hopes that it would lead to sex. Always learn the art of humor. When she assumed I wanted alcoholic drinks then sex, I said to her we will have nonalcoholic beverages instead.


Above: I call this “deep-desire game” where I declare to the girl that I want her real bad and that I’m besides myself about her. Communicating such desires in the right way will have a positive effect in injecting the girl with a perfect dose of your passion! Remember I spoke about “Curiosity Loop” recently? When I said to her, “I was curious about something”, it raises her interest level in making her want to know more.

I also use some cold reading by saying, “somehow I think you love a guy who can be straight up”…to which she gives a thumb up. Cold-reading technique is when you assume something about a girl in hopes that she agrees.


Above: I use 1 of my favorite hooking techniques by getting vague on her about what made me delve into her profile. Also, whenever a girl asks you “what are you like”, please stay away from the fucking cliche bullshit that would make the girl see you as some risk-adverse wimp! You want to always present yourself as a free-spirited individual: untamed, rude, forward, crazy, esoteric, erratic, spontaneous, etc. Never give her the answers she expects to hear whenever she asks “what kind of guy are you”: I’m fun, cool, nice, outgoing, love to read, play sports, sing, go to the gym, etc. Those things are all nice; but they don’t help to build the attraction!

I also hope that you took notice of how I established the frame that she is the one trying to meet my criteria, especially when I said to her, “…I love to travel, meet new ppl and have drinks with girls who can take my shit. So far you qualify”. By phrasing things that way, the girl realizes that she’s the one auditioning to meet my standards in order to be in my company; hence she sends a smiley face in reply.

Lastly (on the above screenshot), I do a bit of cold-read routine and also present her with some super-strong yet negative declarations about breaking her heart. It never ceases to amaze me how I can say to a girl upfront that I will break her heart and that I’m no good for her, and she will still proceed and allow herself to get picked up, seduced and fucked by me. Note: once a girl is attracted to you (your vibe; not your looks), you can say the most ridiculous shit and she will become even more attracted.


Above: Saying to a stranger, “I love you”, is 1 of the worse things you can possibly do/say that will instantly kill every chance of you getting the girl! Why doesn’t this ever kill my chances? Because the girl knows that I am fucking around and being playful whenever I say “I love you”! Humor is key! It is when you say “I love you” and you come off as though you actually mean it, that the girl gets weirded out and bails! She also assumes that I treat girls like shit. Notwithstanding that; she still likes me!

I then go vague on her again and drop another curiosity loop in there by saying, “I learned a few key things about u so far”. You always want to captivate a girl’s mind in such a way by making her super curious about a piece of information (which could be fictitious or otherwise real).


Above: Always assume that the girl either has a quality that you like, or she lacks it. I assumed that she has an adventurous vibe and she agrees. Whenever a girl likes you, she will tend to agree with your assumptions about her. Hence, that is 1 way in which you can feel out her affectation and liking for you. I can guarantee if I were a lame guy whom she didn’t like, she would never agree to the fact that she’s adventurous…even if she was hard-core! And the fact that she admits to being adventurous, she’s essentially giving me the green light to do some adventurous stuff whenever we meet up: like fucking her in the restroom of a restaurant, on the balcony, at a bust stop, anywhere in public! You get the point!

Again I get ridiculous and suggest we get married and that I love her. She laughs about it because she gets the humor and she knows I’m only BS-ing around, hence she said “u kill me”.


Above: As expected; she likes my humor as all girls do…and also the fact that I keep the convo interesting. I then take a wise crack at the average guy by pretending as though I didn’t know that most guys were uninteresting and non-humorous lames; “isn’t ever guy interesting and humorous”, to which she replies, “Noooo”. Why aren’t most guys interesting and humorous? Because the average guy is stuck inside of his head, filters himself, aims to please and he equates humor with childishness.


Above: More self-deprecating humor about having a 2 inch dick.

I then told her I am a womanizer, have a girlfriend and 2 kids…yet she allows herself to be picked up…knowing I am a womanizer who will not stick around as I clearly stated. Again; once a girl is attracted to your rhythm and vibe, she will excuse all liabilities and baggages you may have. Her otherwise deal-breakers won’t matter to her.


Above: at some point; you must end the conversation before it ends on you, hence I wined things down. However, I made sure that she well understood the purpose of all this blabbering. It is NOT friendship, it is NOT marriage, it is NOT relationship, it is FUCKING…but under the guise of meeting new people and meeting up. This is why I said to her as I wined down, “I contacted u because I think you’re sexy and you make my cock hard”, in which she responds with, “Kk, nice”, to indicate that she’s on board!


Above: It is never a good idea to give a girl your #, but I do here because I knew she would’ve contacted me on Whatsapp right away…as she did. 😉

Over time guys, you will also learn how to read women like a book.

In a recent article, I made the declaration that all women are predictable.

I stand by that declaration totally!

Women are predictable (just as men are)! And that is why I can predict their reactions, when they’ll object, why they’ll object, how and when to get over their objections, when to go for the number successfully, etc.

It’s all the same script no matter the girl!

As for picking up total strangers over Facebook, I’ve picked up about 5 such girls over the last 3-4 days without the slightest hiccup.

With this girl, since logistically I’m not able to see her before the next 2 weeks, during those next 2 weeks, I will briefly chitchat with her for about a minute or 2 per session, just to keep her on the radar.

After picking up a girl whom you won’t likely see within a week or less, you have to keep the firing burning or else it burns out, and you either have to start the seduction from scratch again or the girl moves on.

In order to maintain this proverbial flame ablaze, you simply touch base every other day until you will have eventually met up.

Since this girl and I are now FB friends, we’ll indirectly stay in touch by virtue of the fact that we’ll see each other’s postings, of which I would leave a witty comment or 2 every other day just so that I stay on her mind.

On another note, every girl I pick up on Facebook makes the distinction between me and other guys by saying that she likes me because I’m interesting.

This revelation comes as no shocker to me since I know that most guys are lame and boring, and cannot keep the interest of a woman if they had a box of fireworks and magician setup in their hands to work with.

By the way, it is not fucking magic! If you want to get or keep a girl interested, you simply have to give her a range of emotions by taking her left, right, North and South like a crazy man!

Be contradictive! Be shocking! Say some crazy shit…like “lets run away to Vegas and get married without anyone knowing”!

That is how you keep a girl interested…at least 1 way.

Lastly, I want to touch on “Assumption Openers” and how powerful they are.

With this girl, I opened her (broke the ice) by assuming in a way that she was/is married.

Here’s the beauty: whenever you assume something wrongly about a person (even if a stranger), he or she will feel a compulsion to correct that misinformation about him or herself.

This is actually a staple in my pick-up method as far as openers go. I would message a random girl on saying:

“Congrats on the big move”!

Quite naturally, since there were no “big moves” to which the girl deserves congratulation, she would reply to my message with either:

A.) “Huh? What are you referring to”?

B.) “Congrats? For what”?

C.) “I’m lost”

Or, I would message a random girl saying, “You had a baby last month and you couldn’t tell me”.

I (or anyone) assuming that the girl just had a baby last month when she actually didn’t, would compel any sane girl to want to correct this misinformation about herself…before word gets it or spreads.

You see; that is to key to why assumption openers work so powerfully. No one likes (negative) rumors and perceptions out there about themselves. So they will always look to correct that, thinking that it has spread…even if this assumption/mistake is made by a random stranger who lives across the globe.

Be as it may: if you’re still at a loss as to how to pull random-hot ass on Facebook, I urge you to grab yourself a copy of “Facebook bang…the bonus product”.


Freezing Her Out…

Have you ever ask yourself, “do freezeouts really work”?

Depended on how much attraction you would’ve created: freezing a girl out will beat her into submission.

Freezing a girl out however, won’t work if she isn’t attracted to you (your overall vibe).

Few days ago [Wednesday], a girl whom I met on FB was supposed to meet up with me but she flaked at the last second- literally- by not showing up at the designated location.

Since that had happened, I totally ignored her [freeze-out tactic] please and attempts to communicate with me on Facebook.

Here are some of her attempts.


She “claimed” that her phone was fucking up which is why she didn’t get to see me that night.

However, how convenient is such an excuse when her phone was working just fine the entire day…until she was to meet up with me.

I mean- what are the chances of this not being a crock of shit!?

I totally froze her out while she continued to inbox me (below).
[Her messages in gray]


[Above] I made it abundantly clear about my expectations yesterday afternoon.

On a further note, she seemed to think that I was vexed at her because she flaked on Wednesday. Freezing a girl out, or ignoring her messages, will give her the impression that you’re upset with her, but it won’t come off in such a negative way that the girl loses interest because she thinks you’re being a big baby.



Apparently, she came over last night and we shagged down. She also squirted on the bed which left a dampened spot just for good measures (below).


All in all guys; freezing out a girl will either make her conform/comply or move on.

She will chase you and comply with your demands only if she was interested in you to begin with.

Trying to successfully ignore a girl who isn’t into you will only make her laugh at you.

Hence, a successful freezeout campaign still requires the basics of attraction and pickup.

How long does freezing a girl out take in order to get the firm to chase?

It all depends.

With this girl, it’s clear to see that she began chasing me (by texting) in less than 24 hours since she flaked.

With other girls, and other situations, it may take weeks and even months before the they chase and comply.

Lastly, often times in situations where girls flake or attempt to flake, it is primarily to push in order to see how much they are allowed to get away with.

It is only when the girl realizes that she won’t get away with the shenanigans that she comply.

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Give A Little Until Next Time [How To Gain Value While Facebooking A Girl]

A little Facebook game tip for you.

When it comes to gaming and grabbing a girl’s number over Facebook, it should rarely ever been seen and managed as a sprint to some virtual finish line.

Lots of guys are in the habit of rushing a pickup because they lack confidence in their ability to sustain attraction and interest. Hence, they feel an urgency to rush the pickup, also in order to not risk messing things up.

Whenever you operate from such a low-valued frame, the girl will also sense this lack of confidence being sub-communicated throughout your texting.

At times, you want to intentionally prolong and stall a potential pickup in order to gain or preserve value.

Even if you believe to yourself that you have the cat in the bag (as is the case with this girl), it never hurts your chances to make the girl believe that you’re worth more than she current suspects.

The following interaction comes from yesterday- to no surprise- with a random hottie I friend-requested a few days back.

The game I employ with this girls isn’t my usual rash and hard-core style, nor the romantic style, but a more neutral game yet being sexual.
[My messages in blue]





Ok, so that was it. Nothing too magical…at least not in my eyes.

Could I’ve gone for her number?


What are the chances that I would’ve gotten it?

Very likely.

However, I intentionally ended the conversation knowing that I’d made a very good impression. And by “good”, I don’t mean a “nice-guy” impression but a good impression in that I attracted her by being ballsy, humorous and enigmatic to a degree.

Those are all 3 great attraction qualities to espouse whenever building attraction and attempting to pick up a new girl via getting her phone number.

Three key reasons why it is a potent strategy to delay a pickup over Facebook is that they communicate to the girl that you must be pre-selected, high value and somebody.

In a nutshell; you come off as the opposite from desperate.

The fact that you don’t go for the number when you had it in the bag (over the internet that is) will say a ton!

You spike the girl’s interest level high then you pull back by electing to continue the chat at another time.

That aspect is key to my game! Whenever things get real good (conversation) I purposely tell the girl bye…”we’ll catch up later”!

Doing so will have shocked her reality and expectations since most girls are accustomed to being the ones who end the conversation first.

Thus, at the moment where she thinks that you would do the oft-predictable (beg for her #), you say bye instead.


Very simple concept!

In light of pulling such an unpredictable move, in the girl’s mind, you will have set yourself apart from 99.9% of guys out there who don’t have a clue!

Hence, not only will she see you differently, but she will act differently towards you by complying a lot more, realizing that you are a prize-worthy and non-desperate guy with value.

Whenever you exhibit a lack of urgency over Facebook to get the girl’s number (by putting it off for a later time), it’ll make her wonder, question her viability and value, and in the same breath will raise your value and stock in her eyes.

In all fairness: there is absolutely nothing wrong with going for her number during the initial interaction on Facebook, albeit you had attracted her sufficiently.

However, if you aren’t able to see/meet up with the girl any time soon [within a week or less], then it isn’t practical to go for her number (over FB) until you can realistically see her within the next few days.

That is essentially what I will do with this girl.

Being that I cannot possibly see her within the next week (since I won’t be on her side of the island until another 2 weeks or so from now), I elected to NOT go for her number until that time will have drawn nearer.

Therefore, I will delay the inevitable [phone # exchange] while spacing out my interactions with her to about once every 4-5 days over the next 2 weeks.

Picking Up Engaged MILF Over FB By Building Intrigue & Curiosity [Curiosity-Loop Game]

Hey guys, I’m back at it as usual since taking a 3 day break from gaming girls over Facebook since the “4 lays in 4 days” mission of mines had been exhausted.

Ok, so this interaction and pull took place yesterday since adding this girl as friends about 3 days ago.

What I want you to particularly take note of is how I building intrigue by making her curious about some thing(s) I “claimed” I had to say…or an observation I make.

On an additional note; always learn how to garner the skill to make women laugh, and to also shock their little realities by saying some outlandish shit, or proposing something just as outlandish.

With this girl, before in-boxing her, I’d left a comment on her status about her Zodiac sign. However, it was framed in such a way that it would spark her interest and curiosity, so much so that she would’ve kept it on her mind as I inboxed her.

[My texts in blue]
It continues.








Again; I hope you took note of the strategy of making a girl curious by putting something out there that she would latch onto.

Humans are curious by nature. By this is tripled when it comes to the females.

As for humor and being sexual, those are obvious keys to hooking a girl instantly!

4 Lays In 4 Days: The Forfeited Sunday + Mission Conclusion

Hey guys, it’s been a wonderful run since Thursday to Sunday, but time was just kicking me in the ass to where I had to forfeit Sunday due to no real fault of my own.

What do I mean?

I woke up late the Sunday morning.

The thing is, my little voyage across island was to last from the Thursday afternoon to Sunday morning at 12 noon when I was to take the ferry and head back to the other side of the island.

Be as it may, I had something set up with a girl for the Sunday morning but because I overslept (having a grueling Saturday evening), I wasn’t able to follow through on pursuit of a 4th day lay (which would’ve been my 3rd if successful).

Hence, the 4th day (Sunday) of the mission was inadvertently scrapped.

These little personal missions and personal tests are always great ways to push one’s limits.

Set goals and deadlines in the game for yourself!

Challenge yourself…often!

Try your hardest to see how many lays you can pull within a designated time span just as I’d done.

Sure it’s exhausting! But what’s there to lose by challenging yourself besides ridding yourself of your comfort zone?

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