Examples Of Dominant-Text Game Over Tinder + Race And Getting Laid Outside Of Your Race

Some Tinder game for you guys.

Personally, I’ve never used Tinder, I am NOT interested, therefore I cannot tell you how it works, how it looks, nor how to pull ass on there.

However, since it is a text-based application: the correct text-game mindset applies.

Here’s an interest interaction posted the other day to Facebook from an infamous bad-boy PUA [friend of mines], who was banned from the Ohio State University campus for sleeping with so many girls there that it turned the campus upside-down! 😯

I will refrain from naming him since lots of angry boyfriends are seeking to hang him [literally] 😆 . But he’s an Indian guy who sleeps with more white girls than any non-white guy I’ve come across in my life.

He has since relocated to NYC about a year ago since he was ran out of the Mid-West.

This also goes to further squash the myth that Indian men cannot pick up and bed white girls.

Anyway, here’s the “Dominant” and straight-to-the-point text sequence.





From what I’ve heard [from other PUA’s], Tinder game is very simple in that getting to the point is all you have to do.

With that being said, why are lots of guys still having probs getting laid on Tinder?

I would surmise that it comes down to the mindset as always: most guys still believe that being “nice” and “cordial” is the way to approach women online.

Race and getting laid as an Indian guy living in America

My friend, “Rameet”- let’s just call him “Rameet” for the sake of anonymity- is an East-Indian guy.

He has the annoying and weird Indian accent and all [no disrespect to my Indian bros 😉 ]!

However, since learning pickup and seduction some years ago, to where he’s now a master PUA, he has since banged more random girls than any other PUA I’ve come across within the last 2 years…myself included! 😦

What gives him that major edge that other East-Indian guys don’t have in general, is the fact that he doesn’t believe that his accent, skin or ethnicity are setbacks when it comes to attracting, seducing and bedding girls throughout America!

His reality/frame/belief is that race means NOTHING…just as I’ve been preaching to you guys constantly around these parts!

For the record, this guy “Rameet” isn’t fucking handsome!

When I say that, I mean as far as what Hollywood and society consider handsome; he is far from it!

What gets him by, aside from his game and belief system [race and looks don’t matter], is his bad-boy appeal and bad-boy persona which hot girls are attracted to.

He cultivates the bad-boy appeal in order to attract hotties.

Not only does he dress the part but he acts the part!

He smokes, drinks a ton, always either drunk or high, and he walks around with a cigarette toted behind his ear. So he plays the badboy and rebel card pretty well!

He isn’t doing this just to get laid. This is just him. So it makes it much more digestible that this is all natural.

to add to that, if you think he’s only picking up club sluts and girls on Tinder: you are wrong! This guy is a cold approach master also…meaning he approaches random girls on the streets and make it happen!

All in all guys; quit thinking that your race is a handicap in the game.

If you aren’t getting laid, it has nothing to do with your race or looks, but the more fundamental aspects to overall attraction: your vibe, game, approach and a lack of confidence.

I leave you with my favorite photos of “Rameet” being himself.















Not only is he not handsome according to western standards, but he is very short in stature, which also helps to squash the myth that short men cannot get laid regularly.

If after this you still harbor the mindset that you can’t get laid because of how you look, your height, race or ethnicity, then please do yourself a favor and quit reading this blog and stick to comic books!

Stay tuned for some more Tinder and text-game post from my boy “Rameet”, the Indian bad boy.

5 thoughts on “Examples Of Dominant-Text Game Over Tinder + Race And Getting Laid Outside Of Your Race

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    1. His mindset it seems. He truly believes he’s the prize and that girls are lucky if they’re approached by him. If women don’t realize he’s the prize…he berates them. He pretty much adopted the mentality of an entitled hot girl. Best mindset to have when picking up women IMO.


    2. Hey Nadeem. I got your e-mail about this. I actually didn’t coach “Rameet”. We exchanged some pointers here and there, but he pretty much learned on his own. Never actually been by him that he took any bootcamps from any of the known companies. But he isn’t a former pupil of mines.


  1. Socialkenny my man. It’s sean larson. Lol. Why didn’t you mention my real name in this article? And why not link to hookupsonautopilot.com ? That’s the Tinder focused site I was talking about…


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