Field Report- Risky Rendezvous At HOT MILF’s Place While Her Boyfriend Was Tricked Into Not Coming Over

I posted the following status to Facebook yesterday afternoon.


That little bit sums up last night in a nutshell.

I met a sexy MILF last week on cold approach and I ran my usual pick-up script as expected.

The fact that she’s in a relationship didn’t matter to me, especially since it doesn’t matter to women themselves.

I set up the rendezvous as usual.

Here is a screenshot from a chat we had yesterday noon, prior to confirming our meet-up at her place [her texts in white. Mines in green].


From her messages, you can see that she wanted me to come by the Wednesday night I had other occupations].

She rang me but I had my phone on silent mode since I was meeting up with another girl and didn’t want the bother. She took this to mean that I didn’t want to talk to her the Wednesday night.

Be as it may, Thursday night was ideal since I was able to squeeze her into my tight schedule.

The following screenshots were from yesterday evening into the night as I headed to her place [her texts in white. Mines in green].




The following 2 screenshots are from when the risky rendezvous concluded and I left her place [my texts in green].



Did I manage to sleep with her.

Apparently not.

That wasn’t the purpose [sex] and I’ll explain this in detail in a subsequent article that you’ll find very intriguing.

Anyway, so that was last night.

The bulk of our meet-up @ her place consisted of conversation [quite naturally] about her profession, failed attempts at marriage back in 2003, how she had her alleged first and only One-Night Stand from a nightclub a few years ago after a stressful workweek and week of exams, since she was enrolled in college at an older age some years ago. So she decided to go out alone and allow for anything to happen [her choice of words].

During the entire in-house rendezvous, as expected, I was physical, romantic and always escalating.

The moment I hit the couch in her living room, within 2 minutes tops, I was already stroking her fingers and running my hand and fingers up and down her arm in a light and sensual fashion.

She gave no resistance to this whatsoever.

Just as I didn’t, you have absolutely nothing to fear in getting sexual and touchy-feely with your date or any girl in your presence for that matter.

The longer you wait to touch the girl, the more awkward it becomes for both parties. Sooner you attempt to touch, the girl will have surmised that being touchy-feely is a natural part of your being…hence she won’t get freaked-out.

Minutes later, I alternated my touches by running my hand down her back, across her shoulders and neck.

I did this for literally over an hour straight.

Alternately, I caressed her thighs also, which were fully exposed as she wore the shortest denim shorts I’ve seen in ages.

This was surely a deliberate attempt to temp me.

Eventually, I wrapped up the session and left sans [without] sex.

You always want to end the date, meet-up, phone call or texting before she does.

Ending things first should apply straight across the board.

When I ended it last night she was shocked in every conceivable way since 99.9% of girls on the globe have never gotten a date or meet-up ended on them, rather than they ending things on the guy to his dismay.

On a more important note, I want to touch on girls having boyfriend.

Do you remember just weeks ago I posted a post about women with boyfriends being easily seduced, and that 96% of the girls I pick up happen to be in relationships [by no coincidence at all]?

Well- since publishing that post about 3 weeks ago, every single girl whom I’d picked up from cold approach, has a boyfriend.

Over the last 3 weeks, I picked up about 10 new and random girls; about 5 via Facebook and the remaining 5 on street approaches.

All 10 of them have a boyfriend.

Again; this confirms a point which I’ve been hammering for years, that every woman have a boyfriend and there is no such thing as a girl being single!

Single girls do NOT exist!

You either fuck girls with boyfriends or you get no sex at all.

Most note-worthy though is how easily a girl is to dismiss her boyfriend, and to even go to the extent to deceive him for new-cock opportunities.

This shouldn’t be news flash since I’ve always taught you guys that relationships mean squat to most women.

Women are well-aware of the non-importance of relationships, even the 1 that they are tied into, which is why they can and will often cheat without a tad bit of remorse.

Men on the other hand, are the only ones who seem to believe that relationship are binding contracts [though they are] and that fidelity/faithfulness should be expected.

Entering a monogamous relationship is a huge gamble for men in particular, because men tend to put more stock into it as a serious endeavor, while for women, a relationship is taken with a grain of salt.

I’ll speak about why this is in a subsequent post.

2 thoughts on “Field Report- Risky Rendezvous At HOT MILF’s Place While Her Boyfriend Was Tricked Into Not Coming Over

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    1. Good question. Well…it took years since I’ve been doing this for years now. But that’s because I took the hardest route. Nowadays, someone can get good within 9 months. How did I become so good? Practice, reading and putting what I read into practice. Constantly going out and trying and field testing stuff. Failing many times.

      As for coming to the US. One of the reasons why I haven’t been back in a while is VISA issues. I’ll have to get that sorted out first since I’m not an American citizen, so I can give a date on that bro


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