Pampering Women Will Never Profit You

A personal friend of mine wanted my opinion of marrying little over a year ago.

I warned him NOT to get married…plus he was only about 25.

Presently, he has been dumped, his wife is screwing all over town [even I had shagged her before they married] and a divorce is now pending.

I knew the girl before him and better than him, and I also knew that along with myself, she was still fucking other guys while she was engaged to

Hence when I warned him not to get
married: I had good reasons.

Anyway, so his wife was exposed as a grand harlot only a year after marrying.

What this guy doesn’t get though is that the “perfect man shit” that he professes to be, is exactly the reason why his wife cheated and dumped him.

This guy tries to be women’s idea
type, but he doesn’t quite realize that women are very ungrateful beings by nature, and they do NOT reward men for fitting their ideal type [cook, clean, wash, pamper her, etc].

Figuring he had learned a lesson since his wife kicked him out 3 weeks ago [after knowingly cheating on him], and with the fact that I advised
him in the past, but he still doesn’t get it, that being a “nice guy” with women, pampering and spoiling them rotten, is the quickest way to get dismissed.

Here is his most recent Facebook post…his mindset of being the “perfect man for women”, still dominates his perception of what he should be with women…not realizing that he cannot keep a girlfriend, largely because of his pampering ways [I’ve known this guy personally for over 10 years].

He also thinks that good sex keeps a woman from cheating [his wife sure showed him differently].

He’s also an intellectual type…which turns women off. I know this personally since I am also an
intellectual but learned to tone it down whenever dealing with women.

Hopefully this guy will begin to take my advice and become somewhat rebellious and quit trying to mold himself into a woman’s ideal.

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  1. I agree with you about toning down the intellectualism (you should be gregarious and a smart alec around women), but I wonder why they hate intellectual men. Is it because they are too smart to be controlled? Hmmmmm.


    1. Good point…and an interesting 1. And food for thought also as to why women are turned off by the intellectual types. Could very well be that women may think they cannot control them or have much influence…which is quite wrong because I find that most intellectual guys are Beta Males and providers anyway, so they should be easier to control. But I guess women see it differently.
      This reminds me as to why it is best to tone down the intellectualism. A few months ago, I picked up a chick, got invited to her house the following day, started to chat on various topics. Because of this, I went full-on intellectual and by the time the meet-up was over, the girl told me that I come off as though I’m better than people. I was shocked! I really wasn’t expecting that my ideals on certain topics would give off this impression. Lesson learned from that situation. But I almost always keep my stuff in check when trying to lay women.




  2. I maybe late but your friend could pretty much read what he wrote and see where he’s going wrong. He doesn’t workout meaning he doesn’t take care of himself. The hot Chicks wants the guy that every girl wants(social proffing) and not taking care of yourself won’t make a women chase you. He’s also building himself in order to please women, rather than putting himself first. Also, perfect is boring and predictable, a true turn off for women. Lastly, women are emotional creatures, intellect is deprived of emotion. Filling a woman with fantasy and emotion is the way to go.


    1. Perfect Shin! Your comment deserves 10 thumbs up! Everything you said was spot on…from the guy putting women first, not realizing the potency of social proof, not realizing that perfection is boring on an emotional level and so forth.

      Solid comment Shin! You know your stuff!


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